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love the them but it seems load quite some time also on iPad or iPhone. the scroll feature for t irk on iPhone or iPad is bait buggy or jerky not smooth enough once those are fix loading time and buggy scroll feature then perfect theme .

Hi thanks for the comment,

Apologies for the delay, but we are away for a couple of days. Please direct this question to our dedicated support forum, so our colleague will be able to help you.


Hey there!

We’re almost finished with our site using your reset template. We love it! A question: can we make the main background image scalable? Now its not, and I can’t seem to find the code to change that…



Apologies for the delay, but we are away for a couple of days.

This can be done via custom css. Please direct this question to our dedicated support forum, so our colleague will be able to help you.


I cant get in your dedicated support forum, so i’ll wait until you can give me the CSS solution here…

You just need to get your license key, that’s all. But please send an email through the contact form on my profile page, so our colleague Kris, can help with that.

We love your theme! A question: can you give me the CSS codes to make the main background image scalable? Thanks!

Hi glad to read that.

I am not sure I understand though. In what sense you’d like to make it scalable, on mobile devices for example?

Scalable backgrounds. The best way to illustrate what i mean is with 2 examples:

This one has some CSS coding over the image: http://www.fatbellyman.com/webstuff/html_background_scalable_graphics/ This is another good example of what i want: http://www.noonstyle.com

I see. Please try adding:

.bb-hello .bb-section-bg {
    background-size: 100%;

In Admin > Appearance > Theme Options > Theme Skins > Edit > “Additional Inline CSS” (if this is regarding the home intro section, else, just use ”.bb-section-bg {” instead of ”.bb-hello .bb-section-bg {“)


Hey, I really like your theme!

I just have one question: For a complete layman, is it possible to configure the theme so it looks like in the demo? Asking this because I have no experience at all when it comes to HTML, CSS and stuff.

Thanks for your help!

Hi again!

Now that I’ve seen your picture combo in the demo, it seems impossible to like my own pictures as backgrounds, oh my. It’s a bit ashaming. Could you tell me where you’ve got the background for the quotes and the contact section? That would be great!


Sure, that’s the website: http://unsplash.com/ .. quite great website which you can browse around.

Wow, there are really some impressive pictures. Many thanks!

I am trying to make the background scale using:

.bb-hello .bb-section-bg { background-size: cover; }

Which works brilliantly in desktop browsers, but disables the image on the iPhone. Can you recommend a fix so it scales and appears on the iPhone?


The issue with

.bb-hello .bb-section-bg { background-size: 100%; }

on iOS for example, is that the container is scaled in width, but is much taller than it is wide, so the image will never be able to scale and appear on iOS (assuming you’re using landscape images). So the solution I’d suggest is to paste:

.bb-hello .bb-section-bg { background-size: 100%; }
@media (max-width: 979px) {
     .bb-hello .bb-section-bg { background-size: auto !important; }

in Admin > Appearance > Theme Options > Theme Skins > Edit > “Additional Inline CSS”

I have just tried this, it does not solve the problem and introduces a lot of “black space” below the image on a desktop browser. Can you suggest a better fix?

You can take a look at http://cultivatebalance.prvw.me/

Well, that’s the thing with fluid layouts. If you have an image 1900×600px and a container with 1000×600px for example, the image will be scaled in width and height in order to “fit” all of the container (i.e. background-size 100%), but then being scaled in height, means that it will not fill the whole container it’s being placed in – hence introducing a lot of “black space” in the bottom of the container.

You’d need to adjust your image sizes for this to work properly, but then again, this is not recommended in general, as your users will have different screen resolutions and you can never be 100% fault-secure.

Hiya. Love the template, mate. I have a few questions:

1/ how do I get rid of the 5-dot ellipsis between the heading and subheading of each page?

2/ I would like the navigation bar on the right-hand side to be always visible – ie not only when hovering over it. how do I do that?



One final thing: I’d like to set my heading font to Grumpy Black, but I can’t sort it out under the typography options panel. Any advice?



In addition, I’d like to modify the titles of the fields on my contact form. I edited the GummContactForm.php file (see screenshot), but nothing will change.




So to your questions:

1. Please add:

.bb-dots-details {
    display: none !important;

in Admin > Appearance > Theme Options > Theme Skins > Edit > Additional Inline CSS field.

2. Not possible unfortunatley.

The portfolio posts not loading, sounds like a permalink problem with your WordPress installation. Please check your WordPress settings in Admin > Settings > Peramlinks. Try enabling the default setting. Check if all works well. Revert back to your custom choice and check again. If you still get 404s, then please check your plugins, as some plugins use defined url patterns, and cause conflicts.

Please check your theme version as this issue has been resolved in Version 1.0.1, released on Feb 20th 2013.

As for the contact form labels – this is not the needed file. Please do that via the .po and .mo files provided with the theme. Will be most suitable way to do that, without editing core theme files. Here is more on that http://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/translating-your-theme--wp-25014 . You can start from step 3, as we’ve done the rest.


Hi. As we build using this theme we are finding a number of problems on mobile devices.

Menu glitches – on opening the menu it glitches and flashes between black and white. Clicking a menu item does not take the user to that section – it scrolls to that section in the background, but the menu remains open.

Images are not responsive. This theme is marketed as a responsive theme. Without responsive images, it should not be detailed as being responsive.

Horizontal scrolling. Wherever you are on the site the page scrolls horizontally as if a section has been coded to be wider than the device window. This is a critical bug. The whole point of having a responsive site is that content is stacked and horizontal scrolling is not needed.

Given the above, in our opinion, the theme is not viable for commercial projects and should not be on sale.

Please advise when the next update of Reset will be available and whether any of the above bugs will be fixed.


We’ve tested on latest iOS and Android mobile devices, and found no such issues. Can you please let me know what device you’re experiencing this on.

The theme is responsive – as you can see the layout changes on desktop and mobile browsers. Images too (like here: http://antonibotev.com/themes/reset/?page_id=6). If you’re referring to the background images for the section parts of the layout – well, on mobile devices the section increases in height and becomes higher than wider (i.e. portrait), but the images being landscape – there is no physical way to show all of the image on mobile.

Again for the rest – please point us to the device you’ve experienced such an issue so we can test this and fix if this is an issue.

Hi. We have tested the theme on two iPhone5s, two iPhone 4s, an Android and a BB. The issues are there on the demo theme, not just our installation. The issues are all there at http://antonibotev.com/themes/reset. Just go there on an any of the devices above – go to any part of the home page and go to any section where there is not a slider of content. Swipe horizontally and you will see those glitches. Just checked again on iPhone. Very glitchy.

Ah ok, this was a feature we added to make the mobile menu open in a more “native” way. I agree it is quite distracting. Please send me an email through the contact form on my profile page, and I will send you the modified file to get this resolved.

Hello, i have couple questions: - how can I change language of preset words like – scroll down, send, name…. - how can I edit contact form and ad some fields? - and if I rewrite footer in theme options and than save + refresh, than it is still the same..

Thank You Michal

Thank you for quick reply :) the footer is still not changing even if I edit and save the text mode in theme options – footer :( could you take a look at it: http://www.investice-investori.cz

- than I have one more issue: the arrow below the scroll down is not showing – is thaws only one line :/

- is it possible to add any link to each section of the page in to the left menu? something like the boxes on the fight side?

Thank you MM

Could you show me the way how to do this: We don’t have an integrated form builder, so you’d need to manually add the fields, to the template, and to the form sending methods.

thank you

Hmm strange, can you please send me an email through the contact form on my profile page with a temp admin login, so I can check what’s going on, and we can contact you faster.

As for the arrow – please paste:

.scroll-down .bb-arrow-down:after,
.scroll-down .bb-arrow-down:before {
    background-color: black;

in Admin > Appearance > Theme Options > Theme Skins > Edit > Additional Inline CSS. This will be added in next release.

I didn’t quite understand what you mean by adding “any link to each section”. Maybe in the email you could explain me a bit more.


Hey there! I’m trying to make password protected portfolio items work, but after typing in the password the image slider with the added media (pictures) wont show up. Only the featured image is shown. Is there a solution for this problem?


Thanks for pointing an issue out. The problem rather is that the portfolio content will appear, regardless of the password being typed in or not.

I’ve just made a fix for this, so please replace the single.php file contained in the zip here: http://support.antonibotev.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/reset-password-protected-single.php_.zip in your installation using your FTP client, and this should be solved.

Thank you very much! It works now :)

Very nice and creative, but it seems I have a problem. Through the Blog posts, when I look at audio post, keyboards instead of scrolling, increase or decrease audio sound. And after that, even though I close the audio post, keyboards navigation don’t work anymore, I can’t navigate without draging manually scrollbar….

Hi netineti,

Thank you for pointing this out. I’ve made a modification, and now this should be working fine. Will be part of next Reset release.


Hey, i just bought your theme and i love it! i just might have one important question: is it possible to duplicate the section “my work” because i need to make 2 different portfolios… thank you so much in advance!!


Sure, you can do this via the Page Builder. When editing your home page, you will see the Page Builder box below the page content editor. Just drag another Portfolio Section to the content, and set it up with desired settings.


Hiya. I’m loving the template and I’m almost done creating my website. However, I’ve still two aspects left unsolved:

1/ how do I add further social buttons to those you provide automatically? (e.g. I’d like to add fancy.com and pininterest.com)

2/ do you have any suggestions in reference to making my website double-language, ie adding a button on the top-right-hand corner with the second language I’m going to write my website in?

Kind regards and keep up your splendid work!


One more thing: in the CONTACT FORM would it be possible to add a few lines of recap e.g. containing – My full name and last name – My email address – My billing address – My telefphone number – Etc?

Hi Giancarlo, glad you like Reset. To your questions:

You can add pinterest icon, with the shortcode, like:

[social_links facebook="facebook" twitter="twitter" instagram="instagram" pinterest="pinterest" ] [/social_links]

Unfortunately, fancy.com is not present in the icon pack of FontAwesome (http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/).

I’d suggest trying the qTranslate plugin, which should work well with Reset.

Adding fields to the contact form won’t be able out of the box, as we haven’t coded a Form Builder for the contact form. You could try using a plugin for this, such as Gravity Forms or Contact Form 7, but they won’t be styled properly with the theme design. But you can try out, and let me know if you encounter any difficulties, so we’ll see how we can help. Please send me an email through the contact form on my profile page, if you’d need further assistance.


Hi guys, Reset 1.0.3 has just been approved and available to download.


What is the sizes for the logos, I don’t see the the specs in the documentation.


There is no fixed size for the logos, so whatever suits your needs should be fine.


Hi Sinote, we’ve purchased the theme which is great for a site, one small issue. On the portfolio pages, it taking ages to upload. Please see link below…


Is there anyway of making this quicker, or adding lazy loading option as it’s taking about 10-15secs.


Hi mate,

First of all, I really love what you’ve done with our theme. Really neat and minimalistic. It’s great and rewarding to see creative implementations of your themes I must admit.

Then to the loading issue – I see what you mean. My first suggestion would be to optimize the images, as they are quite a lot on the page in question with dimensions of 1080×632, when served at only 740×410. Decreasing image dimensions will decrease file size and hence reduce page load time dramatically.

Second – lazy loading will be the neatest approach for such a large number of images – I agree. I’d like to develop that, the issue is though, that our hands are really full right now. We are just before a launch of our latest theme (which integrates lazy image loading and much more, I’m quite positive you will like it :) ). Anyway, please do send us an email through the contact form on my profile page with this request, so we can see when we can fit it in our schedule (won’t be in the next week I am afraid), but so we can keep track of feature requests.


Hi Sinote,

Thanks. We’ve dramatically reduced the size of the images, which has reduced the time, but they seem to be uploading at 1080×632, when we’ve sized them at 700×440. How do we prevent this from happening.

The uploading is still a bit slow for the client and theres another action which is taking sometime ?X_GUMM_REQUESTED_WITH=XMLHttpRequest. Anyway of reducing this time.

I know we’re only talking about seconds, but any other suggestions you may have to help reduce upload speed would be appreciated.



This request just indicates an ajax call. But how is the upload time from the Admin > Media Library > Add New?


i like this template, but have some problems here.

1. In portfolio slider, i can not see slider. After installation, it was fine, but now i have got only horozintal line. Where is problem?

2. How can i turn on the bullet menu on the right side?

Thank you and have a nice day


Please send us an email through the contact form on my profile page with this query and a url to the site in question with a temp admin login, so we can check this out.

As for the bullet menu you can enable it from the metabox of the desired page, as in here:



Ok, thanks, I wrote you email. Do you receive it?

Hi, yes, just sent you an email.


Hiya. I’ve been using Reset for a year now and I’m still loving it to bits. However, recently I’ve experienced a problem with the scrolling bar of my Portfolio section – that is, the bar isn’t scrolling horizontally any longer as it used to. To browse through my Portfolio items it’s now become difficult – you must kind of drag your mouse from cover pic to cover pic, both on a computer and on mobile devices. To check out what I’m talking about, simply visit www.giancarlotraina.com. Could you help, please? Regards,


Hi Giancarlo,

That’s really strange. The scroll bar is not there at all. Have you modified any of the files? Or have you activated a plugin recently?

Please send us an email through the contact form on my profile page with a temp admin login so we can check it out. And some more info on what has changed on your installation.


Is this theme compatible with the newest Wordpress…or just up to 3.6?


We’ve done an update to the theme on 29th of June, which takes care of WordPress 4.2.2 compatibility as well. If you’d like send us an email through the contact form on my profile page, so you can test the theme before you decide whether you’d like to purchase.


perfect, thank you!

Doesn´t work the live preview!!!! :-(

We are having some very serious trouble with our hosting provider at the moment. Working hard on solving the issue.

Thank you for the interest in Reset. Will let you know as soon as all is cleared.


We are back up. I am sorry for the inconvenience.