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Looks wonderful, wish you the best with sales.
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Thank you!

Great work SINOTE. Congratulations!

:) thanks!


Wow, burzi ste! :) mnogo uspeh pojelavam! :P

Dano. Blagodarya! :)

Cool miniml portfolio! :)

thank you :)

Great experience! Love it!

thanks mate

Awesome Theme! GLWS :)

thank you

Great concept and love the design. However, it kept crashing my browser. I’m using Safari – newest version on iMac. I also tried ‘x’ing the Themeforest frame but no luck.

Will check back…

Thanks. Maybe server overload? I am using same configuration actually and all seems fine. Will check the server logs now.


Good job mate!GLWS :)

Looks great, good luck..

Really Awesome! GLWS! :)

Thank you all, glad you like it :)

Good job! GLWS!

Awesome guys! GLWS!

Thanks man!

Can the image on main page be changed easily? It looks like there is a circle that crops the image. I might want to put my logo there instead.

The image can be easily changed, yes, it’s a setting in the Page Builder Home Intro Section component.

And you can replace a CSS declaration (which I can give to you if needed) to place in the Admin, to disable the roundness.


Very nice and smooth theme SINOTE! I’m building a website in your theme right now and have some Q’s:

- Is it possible to delete the side menu? - The Google fonts don’t seem to work, do you have a solution? - I can’t get the ‘portfolio info’ under the pictures, what am I doing wrong?

Thanx :-)

Hi glad you like it.

You can delete this at line #50:

    <div id="mobile-menu">

            'id' => 'prime-nav-mobile',
            'class' => 'prime-nav-mobile-list',
            'walker' => 'GummResponsiveNavMenuWalker',

and this at line #102

        <a echo="">_constructTagAttributes($mobileMenuButtonAtts); ?> >
            <span class="button" data-effect="st-effect-2">
                <span />

As for the fonts options, these should work fine actually. Please send me an email through the contact form on my profile page with the site you’re working on and a temp admin details so I can check this out.


Thanx, that works very well!

Its rare to see a theme that run so smooth :) Congrats and GLWS!

Thanks mate :)

Will this theme run on mobile devices? I can’t seem to get it to pop up on a Nexus tablet.

Yes, please do send the CSS! On a side note, what font did you use for the logo image? It fits the aesthetic of the theme so well!


The latest version is released already, so you can update, to get these fixes.

As for the logo image I’ve used Lato –



Hi, your theme is awesome!

Is it possible to open a link in a new window? I added _blank in my link but it doesn’t work, please take a look here:

Many thanks!

Ok, I used bitly to shorten my URL and now it works ;-)

Hi I just noticed that while was checking your site :) See, I will add an exception for a class, existing to the link tag. If you’d like send us an email and I can send you the modified file if this is urgent.

Will include this in next release.

Hi Sinote, is it possible to turn off the 5 small dots under the headings? Okay I’ve found it :-)


Glad you’ve found it. I’d say best would be to add this custom CSS:

.bb-section-container .bb-dots-details {
    display: none;

in Admin > Appearance > Theme Options > Theme Skins > Edit > “Additional Inline CSS”