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Love your work, Enabled. Congrats.

Thanks you Bedros!

Great Design , Good luck with Sales Bro :)

Thank mate! Much appreciated! :)

Does the subscribe form or the Blog comment form work with working php scripts? Or some kinda script?

Subscribe and Contact forms are functional! The blog page is just as a demo page!


i might buy this template, but first some quick questions.

1. Have you heard about Adobe PhoneGap, if so, do you think this template will work using Adobe PhoneGap?

2. How do i can about implementing videos hosted on my website (mp4-format) into the the template.

Regards E.F.

There shouldn’t be difficulties but the template has been designed for a small screen! It looks gorgeous on the iPad mini, but might look weird on the iPad! It runs on any platform since it’s built on jQuery, CSS3, and HTML it even works on Desktops! But we optimized the design for smaller screens! :)

Have you guys designed any templates especially for tablets?

Not yet! We’re still waiting for the inevitable screen size reduction! Apparently, the iPad Mini screen size is favorited by many and will become the default! Once the iPad Mini Retina will be released we’ll start building for tablets as well ( not sure yet! )

Hello, I’m new to this type of thing. But do I need any code experience to be able to use this template? Or can any person use it?

Hey there! It is very easy to use but you do require basic understanding of terminology used in the documentation!

Hi There!,

Great theme! I am just playing around and I was wondering how you can get the iPhone Homescreen Icon to work? Thanks!

Are you sure you changed the value for .sidebar-scroll as well? Because I’ve just tested it and it works just fine! Those are the only values controlling the width of the sidebar! Unless something else was added but from what I can see .sidebar and .sidebar-scroll are the only values that need to change, plus the modification to custom.js!

I double checked and you’re right. I did change those values but the custom.js wasn’t uploaded to my server. It works now! Thanks!

There we go! Let me know if you require more help! Please don’t forget to rate 5 stars! It really helps a lot! :)

Is available to connect the other site URL in menu?

Hey there, first of all, sorry for the late reply, had some technical difficulties! Can you please be more specific with your question?