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Awesome work! Good Luck With Sales!

Peter Zickler..

Thank you Peter!

Good work ! but the slider is dead on safari..

What version do you use? It works well on my Safari.

Safari 5.0.5

I have the version 5 too and it works..


Marvellous theme! As your first buyer can I get a custom logo?

I can do the same logo as Response with your website name. Please, contact me via email on my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/WebDevDesigner.

This is not a wordpress theme, correct? How do you create blog posts with this theme? Is it as simple as using wordpress?

No it is not a Wordpress theme. The blog posts are created manually with HTML . A Wordpress version will probably be released!

OH GOD . I thought it was a wordpress theme. Could you developers make it into a wordpress theme? Or could you tell me how to use the blog feature?

A Wordpress version will be released soon. The blog posts have to be created manually (HTML). Thank you for your purchase!

All right. When the wordpress version is released, could you please info me? My email is kumuking@gmail.com. Thank you very much.

I’ll definitely be the first one to buy it!

I will for sure :) Thank you!

But, would you say that very little formatting is necessary to make the blog posts? That is, is the “blog page” pretty well formatted as it is with a particular “area” where blog posts should be banged out? Like the kind of thing I could have a “no-programming-experience” coworker do a blog post from time to time in a WYSWYG interface in Dreamweaver or something?

I would say that you have to know a little bit about html to create blog posts. It is possible to do it with Dreamweaver using HTML . If you keep the existing code as an example it should be easy.

Thanks! Now, will the “latest blog posts” on the home page auto update against the “blog” page? Or will those need to be swapped out manually?

Everything has to be done manually. It is not a Wordpress theme :)

I’d also love a WordPress version. I was just about to purchase but saw it was HTML5 no WP. Please reply to this comment when a WP version is available. Do you have an estimated release date for a WordPress version?

Thanks Pete

The Wordpress version will be available in less than one month. Thank you!

Very cutting edge, will likely purchase. Thanks for such excellent work, it’s quite inspiring.

One question, has one designer to another, would it be too difficult to make most of the site functional on IE7 ? I still have clients who keep barking up that dead tree, lol.

It already “degrades” nicely in IE7 (round corners, css3 transitions…). I don’t think that there is a lot of work to make it really functional on IE7 :)

is there a way to embed video inside the website? or insert video on the website?

Yes. You can embed all types of videos (from youtube, video, flash…).

How’s the WordPress version coming :) ?

The WordPress version will be released pretty soon. In one week or two.. Thank you for the purchase! :)

i want to know how can i change the velocity of the sliders? its running to fast, please.

You can change the velocity of the slider in the style.css file ( CSS3 transitions). You need to go to ”.da-slide-fromright”, ”.da-slide-fromleft”, ”.da-slide-toright”, ”.da-slide-toleft” and change the animation attribute (which is 0.6s now) to yours. If I am not clear enough, don’t hesitate to email me: http://themeforest.net/user/WebDevDesigner

This is a great design with a clean full html5 css3 enconding. Thanks very much. The support is great and very helpful. I want to rate this but i can not find where. It just says Buyer Rating but nothing appears so i can Rate. Im logged in.

I want more from WebDevDesigner. This work really worth it. Thanks again.

Thank you :) It was a pleasure to help you. I think you can rate the product in the “Downloads” tab.

Hi, thank you for your theme, I’ts possible to have an alternative image for slider when resizing to mobile resolution?

thank you Alessio

Thank you for the purchase. Yes it is possible.

Hi, i’ve found many errors in your template. if you can contact me via mail thank you Alessio

Sorry for the inconvenience. You just need to change that: <script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1/jquery.min.js”></script> by: <script src=”//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.1/jquery.min.js”></script> I will make the changes on all the files.

thank you, still work!

I’m interested in this template, but need to know if: Check, Option and Dropdown boxes works and are styled also?

Yes, they should be. If not, I can style them for you!

Hi, I bought this template with the incorrect assumption that it was a Wordpress template. I see you replied to others with the same issue 9 months ago and mentioned a Wordpress version is likely going to be released. Is that going to happen within the next 30 days? If not I will have to buy another template. Please advise. Thanks, Bob.

Hi bneudecker, First of all Thank you for purchasing my template. Unfortunately, the Wordpress version will not be done. The number of purchases is too low. Cheers

Hi, Thanx for the great work. I do have an issue with the slider on tablets, the text doesn’t fit nicely with the read more button. Seems a problem with the responsive function. Do you have a sollution or, where can I hide the slider, or rather just the button, in the tablet size? Thanks, Nathalie

Hi Thank you for buying the template. you just have to add a class hidden-tablet on the div that you want to hide. Like so: , it should be hidden when you will be on a tablet.

Nice one good luck with sales;

Thank you GrafAS