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Hi there, great looking theme. Can it be used for other carts or easily be adopted for other carts than shopify? How about a simple paypal cart?

Thank you very much for your feedback — much appreciated!

Right now, the theme has been created exclusively for Shopify, but it should be comparably easy to extract the HTML out of the theme manually again.

I’m currently working on a pure HTML release which should be available in a few days from now as well as an OpenCart implementation based upon it, which might take a bit longer though.

Maybe the HTML version of this theme could be useful for you as you also wouldn’t need to pay for the Shopify overhead you probably won’t require anyway.

I hope I could help you so far and would recommend to keep an eye on my releases every now and then if one of the items mentioned above might be useful for you — at least the HTML version should be available very soon from now.


As per my last reply, the HTML version of the theme has been completed and will be reviewed by the ThemeForest staff soon now.

It’s looking just as good and can be implemented into any other e-commerce solution as well then!


nice work..

Thanks! Your feedback is much appreciated!

I like it!


So is this a theme that can be used on wordpress?

Thank you very much for purchasing “Responsify” — much appreciated!

The theme you can see here has been created for an e-commerce solution called Shopify and so it will just work with that one out of the box as well.

It would be possible though to use the HTML and CSS code in order to make it work with literally any other system accordingly, but it is not a WordPress theme by default and so this will require some additional development work unfortunately.

I hope I could help you by clarifying this and will remain available via the comments or directly using the contact form on the right if there’s anything else I could help you with of course!


Thanks for your great design.

I just bought this theme, but the account login and checkout payment selections are buggy, see screenshots:

Account Page: http://cl.ly/470H292j3G3Q063Y3d23

1) the Guest Login is not well placed and the Customer Login not well formatted.

Shopping Cart: http://cl.ly/3Y340F1H3a303x2v1105

1) the optional payment options and the ‘or’ text is not placed correctly.
2) a price that is not reduced is shown 2 times.

Let me know if this is something from my side or if this is a bug. Best regards

All of the improvements have been applied to the live preview already and I’ll submit the update to ThemeForest in a few minutes so it should be available for you to download within 24 to 48 hours from now.

I’m sorry that this didn’t work initially and hope that the update does the trick.


Thanks for your fast answer and support!

No problem — thank you for pointing me to this issue so I could fix it accordingly! :-)


PS: I just submitted the item and it’s in the review queue now. I’ll update the description as soon as it will be approved.

FYI – Have been previewing this theme and after having left the window open for a few minutes the front page slider starts to scroll erratically (using Firefox 8.0.1 on Mac OSX )

Thanks for your feedback!

I just had a look at that myself and can confirm that some browsers behave like that (Newer versions of Firefox and Opera). In order to solve that, I just searched the web in order to find a solution and it seems to be an issue with the version of jQuery used at the time the template has been created.

Just a few minutes ago, I updated the HTML version of this theme (you can see that within my ThemeForest portfolio) and the issue seems to be gone now using the most recent version of jQuery.

Would you mind having a quick look at that again and let me know if it works for you too? In this case, I’d immediately go ahead and prepare an update in order to solve that of course.

Thanks for your kind help!


It is certainly acting differently, left it open on a different tab & when navigating back to it, it was acting erratically but after a moment calmed down

Thanks! Yes, I noticed that myself but after updating the live preview of the HTML version of this theme (http://themeforest.net/item/responsify-a-responsive-ecommerce-template/830375) using the latest version of jQuery it works properly now.

I’ll submit updated versions of both versions to the marketplace later on so anybody who purchased either version can grab this update accordingly.

is there a plugin for shopify slideshow…?? I bought template with a static image…

I am having such trouble Do you think you could help me?


Thanks a lot for your feedback!

The Responsify theme for Shopify you mentioned doesn’t make use of a Shopify plugin to display slideshow images — instead, it takes product details directly out of the store database and displays them accordingly on the front page so no further customization will be required and it can be easily adjusted through the Shopify settings.

I have to admit that I’m not sure if you meant that or if you’re just seeking for help in general, because I saw that you didn’t purchase the Responsify template yourself.

Either way, you can send me an email to hello@indiqo.eu with further details and I’ll surely see what I can do in order to help.


I just purchased this template and it keeps failing to install the style.css style sheet is missing how can this be fixed??? Thanks

First of all, thanks for purchasing this item!

I installed it a couple of times already and it usually worked just fine. Maybe just send an email to hello@indiqo.eu or directly invite me to the backend of your store and I’ll quickly perform the installation for you accordingly — no problem.


Is there a way to create promotion text / sliders? Such as to advertise a sale you are having as an example?

Do you mean if it would be possible to add pure content slides to the slideshow on top of the page instead of displaying products in there?

Yes – that’s what I’m wondering. Thanks.

Yes, this is possible but this kind of content can’t be added through the theme options panel but just by altering one of the theme files itself.

It’s not necessarily difficult or complex and I’d assist if you should need help, but it still requires theme modifications though.

I hope I could answer to your question so far and remain available in case you should have any further questions of course.

I want to use this theme with Fetch for digital downloads. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.

I didn’t test that myself yet, but the theme includes all features and supports any Shopify function other themes support as well — that said, I’m pretty sure that Fetch will work without any problems as well.

If it shouldn’t for some reason, you can always send me an email using the form on my ThemeForest profile and I’ll assist until it does work the way it should, no problem.


I am sure this is easy, but after poking through the .js I couldn’t find this.

I’d like to change the default view from list to grid on the front page. Is there an easy fix for this?

I’m not in my office right now and can’t check wether this fix will do the trick but it should be possible just by changing the following piece of CSS code within the style.css file

grid { display: none; }


list { display: none; }

which basically hides the list view by default and shows the grid view instead. From here, the JavaScript just switches between both of them on click.

I hope this works and that I could help you — please leave me another comment or send me an email if you should need any further assistance of course.

I think you posted some invisible code! :)

I looked at the source code for this page and then figured it out.

#grid { display: none; }


#list { display: none; }

This does work on the grid/list layout, but it pretty much kills the product pages.

Oh I see — sorry, my fault!

Essentially what you found out was exactly what I proposed as well so I hope this works properly for you! :-)

Hopefully someone knows the answer – In Firefox version 3 the screen shows up differently. Instead of the “Collections” that is listed on the left column showing up in a list, it shows up as boxes. Also the background that is white in all other versions is set as the slider background color.

Is there a way around this?

Thanks for your feedback!

I just downloaded a copy of Firefox 3.6 which has been released back in 2010 and tested it myself but without any problems (Here’s a quick screenshot I took: http://cl.ly/image/1V2y0A261v1V).

I’ll most likely need to know a few more details regarding your operating system, the exact browser version, etc. in order to be able to evaluate this further and to see what went wrong for you. In order to do so I’d recommend that you just send an email to hello@indiqo.eu and I’ll have a look into this immediately then.

Please keep in mind though that Firefox 3.0 seems to be released back in 2008 and the current version is 14 already which means that we’re definitely talking about a browser which is not entirely up to date anymore to say at least. :-)

Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to your email and will see what we can do then.

Could someone help me to sort out the drop down menu for this particular theme?? Thanks

Yes, of course — please send me an email to hello@indiqo.eu and I’ll see what went wrong in your specific case so you don’t have to share any details to the public here. Absolutely no problem. :-)

Can we just use this for mobile theme with our current own regular theme?

Will it interfere/work?

Hi, Do you have a HTML version of the theme. I would like to integrate it into one of my custom eCommerce stores.

Regards, Tushar

Hi! Yes, a pure HTML version is also available — you can see it right over here: http://themeforest.net/item/responsify-a-responsive-ecommerce-template/830375