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Awesome countdown – and welcome to TF mate! GLWS !

Thanks! :)

Great template, good luck with sales mate! ;)


Looks very nice, but only works in Firefox for me, Internet Explorer 9 does not work for me.


I do not know why do not work for you in IE9 . I’ve now looked at IE8 and IE9 and it’s all works. See screenshot

You are right, it works now. :)

Thank you very much! I know that you will be able to see it! :)

Best Regards, Mr. Cherry

I cant get it to open in any of them !!

What do you mean? That you can not open, and where?

I have IE9 , Firefox and Opera and all I get is a white page. Altho I do get the upper themeforest bar though.

This is very strange. Before approved template for sale, his carefully check . And if the scan opened and saw a blank page. I think it would not be approved for sale. I carefully checked template in different browsers and on different computers and everywhere work

This is very nice work! Good luck :)

Thanks! :)

Very nice effect, I love it!

Thank you :)

I don’t know why, but every time I put the launch date to “endTime: new Date(2013, 01, 01)” it shows more days than it should. Right now it shows 18 days but it should be less. It must be something silly I am doing but I can’t figure out what! :P


It’s simple. You enter a date, and the counter calculates the time remaining until the specified date. Contact me on my page and we will help you.

Best Regards, Mr. Cherry

It seems that your countdown clock always displays an additional month, which is incorrect.

For example, if today on Dec 16th 2012 I enter: endTime: new Date(2013, 01, 01) The countdown will display: 1 month / 16 days / xx hours….

If I want to correct this, I need to enter a date in the past! endTime: new Date(2012, 12, 01) this will display correctly: 0 months / 16 days / xx hours….

Please review you code…

Also: it would be nice to have these additions:

1. Keep the counter at 0 when the end date is reached (currently is misbehaves by counting down incorrectly, with just 10 seconds in 1 minute!)

2. Allow us to enter a end date including an end time… (hours + minutes).


If you have not understood something, or something is not happy please, don’t need to write it in the comments, you can contact with me on my page, I’ll try to solve your the problem is and we will provide timely support.

JQerry starts countdown month from 0 therefore 00 – this is January, 01 – Ferbuary. We corrected this mistake, but we was not in time to update the files and unfortunately you bought the package without changes.

We didn’t include possibility to use hours and minutes. In very close future we’ll update the counter and you’ll be able to use more options.

Best regards, Mr. Cherry

Why it can’t work correctly in IE8 :( ? Is there some mistake in file “countdown.js”? Would you fix it?

Hello! In the nearest time we will do for IE8. Best regards, Mr.Cherry

Thanks a lot, expecting your good news


Just configured your theme and I am having difficulty centering the Social Icons (I only have Facebook).

You can view the site here:

As you can see the icon is not in the centre but when I move it to the right it disappears.



Block with Social icons, by means of css, have a position a centered. Maybe you move the element, that does not have to move. All questions, we consider in our support forum.

Best Regards, Mr. Cherry

Hi, i just purchased this theme, but it’s not Worpress??


No, not for WordPress. This html.

Best Regards, Mr. Cherry

For some reason I can’t get a image to show. Please help.

Nevermind, user error.


Read the documentation and follow the instructions. If you have problems, please contact me on my page and describe the problem in detail.

Best Regards, Mr.Cherry

Does not exist anymore, should be removed..