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Very nice! its a great, original and different CV file from all the rest. Good luck

This is what I came up with after taking a good look to whats available. I am very glad you liked the effort!

Looks very nice. Want to buy this. Pre-sale question: How easy is it for me to take the contact form and also make use of it in a widget area in Wordpress blog?

Hi, thanks for a good word! It is not very easy to use InCV’s contact form in a Wordpress blog. You should probably take a look at “Contact Form 7” Wordpress plugin. This would be an easier solution for what you want to achieve.

Cheers, Vilius

Clean work! more sales

Thanks! First sale is a good start!

Great tmp! I had one question tho. My host does not support sending html mail. Can you help me out with what needs to be done so my contact form is working. Or at lest point me to a link where I can find steps to fix the problem like a tutorial. My programing skills are weak.

Thanks :)

Hey! Thanks for your appreciation! If you send me a message (via ThemeForest profile), I’ll send you the modifications you have to make.


Dear Vilius,

This is really nice work! I was so impressed by it that I overlooked the most important thing: its not a Wordpress Theme! I just bought it and wanted to use it for my Wordpress Website. Stupid me!

Is there a chance you can make this a Wordpress Theme?

Hi RoTju,

I’m glad you like it. May I ask what is the main reason you want Wordpress theme? Is it because editing Wordpress theme requires no HTML knowledge?

If you want to integrate it into an existing WP website, you can always have it as additional static HTML .

I am also tempted to make InCV Wordpress Theme, but I must make sure that it can get approved on ThemeForest. Now when you showed interest in having WP version, I’ll take a look at the possibilities.

Regards, Vilius

Dear Vilius,

Its because I already have an existing WP installation. Also because I can do a lot more extra’s and personal preference.

Please do a WP version, I know for sure it will be at your benefits as well. Lots of people using WP.

Really looking forward to it! Keep up the good work, you are awesome!

Kind regards, Ronald

Hello Ronald,

thanks for encouragement! I am working now on some bugfixes for InCV, then I will try to come up with Wordpress version. It should happen this month.

Stay tuned :-)

Warmest regards, Vilius

Hi people, this is a really nice job, I’m new in this thing of CCS3 and HTML5 but the customization looks super easy, so keep rolling man, Great Job!

Thanks a lot! Such comments keeps me motivated! I hope you’ll get along good with html and css!

Have a mint day! Vilius

i have tested each of the very few “responsive resume/cv” templates available, this template looks great full screen, and looks just as good on iphone.

in fact i signed with themeforest just so i could buy it!

so here i am, purchase complete within minutes, download in progress, and ready to get myself a new job with this fantastic template.

before purchase i did send Vilius a message asking about current status of bug fixes, and email setup as described in previous comments, and his response was both prompt and courteous.

this developer is going to go a long way folks!

That’s quite a testimonial here! Thanks a lot Shane!

I’m always curious to see how the template is going to look in real world. I’d be very glad if you showed it to me once you are ready.

Good luck, Vilius

Hey Vilius,

I’ve taken quite a liking to your CV template, but I’ve got a couple of questions before I buy it.

1. How hard would it be to create a menu for easy access to the template’s sections instead of just scrolling around?

2. How about a “Back to top” button/link at the end of each section?

3. The sections can be ordered according to the user’s needs? I’d like the personal info section at the beginning of the CV.

4. Would it be possible to add a text link for a photo and then have it pop up in the screen like the portfolio one? Say you have a languages section and you click on English, a Cambridge CPE cert photo would appear.

I know a bit of HTML , so I can make my way around the code with some help and pointers, and I think all of this would be possible without too much hassle (especially the second and third bits), but I’d like your confirmation.

If more people would ask for some of these features, maybe you could add them in a future theme update :)

Oh, I’ve looked over the PDF version of your CV and I’ve seen that it’s quite large (15 Mb). What options would there be to shrink it a bit? Well, one could always link to a different PDF file if need be.

Best of luck on your future projects and sorry for the long message. Thanks a lot!

Hi Vilius, I’ve emailed you detailed answers to your questions.

For everyone’s information I’d like to explain that the “Personal info” section can be moved to the top and it looks nice this way.

It is also possible to create a link which opens an image in the popup.

Cheers, Vilius

I also bought the template and I have to say that I’m loving it. Will put it to the test next month when I’ll be changing careers.

For those interested in the template, know that Vilius was super helpful and prompt in his replies, as sunzzi previously said. So, even if you don’t have much coding experience, rest assured that help is on the way, provided that the help file didn’t clearly explain how to do what you want with the template

I have high hopes for Vilius and you should support his work! Keep it up and thanks for this stellar template!

Very pleasing to hear! And thanks for taking your time and describing the experience. This is very important for me!

I purchased this theme, and I LOVE it, except it doesn’t work for me in IE8 on Windows 7. All I get is the background. It works perfectly on Chrome and Safari, and the W3C validator says it’s clean. I’m getting the same thing for the untouched version, and for the one I’ve added my info to.

You can see it here: (that’s the untouched one; just use index.html to see the one I’ve edited.

Can you please help me figure out why IE is only showing the background?


Hi under EXPERIENCE the 2 columns does not lineup .

How can I fix that ?

any update on this issue ?

Hi, I’ve just bought this template and I’m very happy with it.

I’ve got just one question : does anybody know an utility to export a CV to a PDF document that looks as nice as on the screen ?


Hi, I have just purchased this theme, thank you, except it doesn’t in IE8 on Windows 7 – all I get is a blank background. It works on Chrome and Safari. It can be viewed here

Have I done something wrong?

Thanks heaps

Any luck? a solution would be great please

Really nice work! .;

Demo does not work. You should do something about it.


thanks for letting me know. I have just fixed it.

Regards, Vilius