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Theme looks extremely attractive. Couple pre-purchase questions:

1. Does the theme use TimThumb or WP built-in image management?

2. I noticed the sidebar is completely removed on mobile. Is it possible to force the sidebar back in, but have it display below the main body of the page?

3. Are there any plugins in use with the demo that are additional cost or need to be purchased after the fact?

4. If support is needed on the support forum, what is the average response time? Hours, days?

Thanks in advance!


1. No Timthumb. Uses WP built-in image resizers.

2. Yes. But will require some CSS mods. All styles for responsive devices are located in /css/responsive.css file.

3. JWplayer is in use for HTML & Youtube fullscreen videos. It has a free version. The plugin is not required if you don’t use those two video formats ( for fullscreen only ).

4. It takes a day. A little longer during week-ends.


One other question:

Will RSW work with WP multi-site?


Yes. Theme will work on both multi-site and single WP installations.


Hello, I have problem of the Permalink and an issue of the menu on the mobile version.

The setting of the permalink does not work for my website. I have edited the .htaccess file on the server already. But it still gives the error 404.

Another issue is about the menu of the mobile phone version. Is it possible to make the sub-menus into 3rd level dropdown menu if there are many sub-menus.

I have send a message to you on the support forum. Please check it and look forward to your reply.

Hi, Please post to support forum as it’ll be easier for me to followup and reply.

1. 404 issue – check if this is related to old permalinks cache. You’ll need to visit wp-admin – settings – permalinks.

Visiting permalinks will empty old cache and use newer ones by WordPress. This should resolve 404 issues related to this.

2. Mobile menu for this feature will require additional CSS codes and for any effects – jQuery.

Please post to support forum. I’ll need url to check on this if above recommendation doesn’t solve it.


Hiya, As I said, I have posted my issues with links on the support forum already.

I have a lot of potfolio items on my site. Is there a way to have a ‘previous & next’ button set on each portfolio item to scroll through, instead of going back to the main list? Or is there a workaround solution i could do if not?


Currently this isn’t there. It actually will require a custom function. The standard next , prev function won’t work for custom post types the same.

I’ll note this.


Hello i have several questions

First Does this Great Theme Support plugins such as Watermark , Geographical Redirect , and a plugin that disable Right Click , and membership plugin , does the theme support all wordpress plugin at least especially these plugins ??

SECOND Can i install plugin to support the slideshow with more effects , like 3D SLIDESHOW ?

THIRD Does this theme support MAC & Windows OS ?


1. It supports all standard written plugins. Sometimes there are jQuery conflicts , – rarely. This can be resolved from the plugins side as theme already has jQuery no conflict codes.

If there’s an issue with a plugin you can let me know. I’ll correct it if it’s on theme side. If otherwise you’ll need to contact plugin authors. It’s already tested with bulky plugins so there won’t be any problems.

2. No. Sideshow doesn’t have effects like 3D. However it has other’s slide carousel left, right, up , down and fade.

3. Yes. It support MAC & Windows OS browsers. Tested with IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome.


I just saw this theme! Im so going to buy it right now :)

Thanks :)

Done! Installing… :)

Thank you for purchasing! :)

First Question. How do i add a LINK in the Copyright text ? Thanks!


Simple edit style.css file and add following to end of file.

#fullscr-copyright li {

I’ll be making this addition to update.


I did it but it did not work. I ll wait the future update. Love this theme anyway… Thanks.


I’ve made an update with this to latest theme. Version 2.8.


Last question im almost done. How do i have an “Accordion” without any part of it active on the fisrt load?

Thanks in advance.


Current script in RSW doesn’t have this as an option in script. I’ll keep note of this as a feature request.


What file format does the music player take (mp3?) Also, can the latest news box on home page rotator be replaced with a similarly size music player?


Uses MP3, OGA and M4A formats for audio

The music player takes 3 formats, each with fallback support depending on the browser. Those 3 formats will ensure all browsers play audio without using third party plugins.


Is there a way to increase the portfolio items on a page? Its capped at 20, id like to change this to 24


edit /functions/page-metaboxes.php

Change the last item numerical or add more

'options' => array('list all','1','2','3','4','5','6','7','8','9','10','11','12','13','14','15','16','17','18','19','20')


thank you

Is this theme Wordpress 3.6 ready?



Yes. Demo is running on WP 3.6.

Make sure you have updated RSW theme to version 2.8 , latest version before making the upgrade.

Here’s the last changelog

Version 2.8
2nd August 2013

Fix - WP 3.6
    :- /framwork/admin/js/postmetaboxes.js

Add - Updated Google Webfonts list
    :- framework/options/google-fonts.php

Add - Revivions are on
    :- /functions/custom-post-types.php

Add - Google Maps shortcode
    :- /functions/scripts-styles-register.php
    :- /functions/shortcodegens/gmaps/[all files]
    :- /functions/shortcodes/gmaps.php
    :- /functions/php

Minor Fix to Slideshow captions
    :- /includes/featured/supersized.php

Add - Linked footer text
    :- /style.css


One question how to setup menu to see sub menu items like in demo i builded menu with sub menu structure in apearence>menus at the front end shows only main items no sub like in the demo when you hower ower and sub items show i turned that in options but nothing happens im using WP 3.6 and 2.8 version of template. please help.

Ohhhhh newer mind i figured it out what a moron i am sorry for a stupid question.

Thanks for notifying. I’ve included menu building in Help Guide as well as video tutorials in support forum.


Hello, This theme is really cool but to my understanding it lacks some support for background. Can I use a panotour pro virtual tour as a background? thx.


Currently backgrounds are can be an image , flat color or a slideshow of choice. To get the virtual tour as background you’ll need to customize the theme. It’s possible but will need some familiarity with how WordPress works to implement it.


Trying to set my homepage as full screen page, but I notice a lot of the text in my options panel is over lapping and not in the box to actually select.

Have already turned off all plugins, still having same issue. Will post there

Sure. You can send me a mail via my profile with login info.

After mailing me please post a note to support forum with details on the problem so i can followup.


Done. Sent.

Hi i have an issue on wordpress 3.6 it gives me Js error on supersized.3.2.7.min.js?ver=3.6:13 url not found issue but js file already in there. Thanks for your help.


It’s giving a jQuery error on that file because the page doesn’t have any images supplied , thought the slideshow is requested. The script is trying to run on empty fields. You can resolve this by supplying some images.

Please follow Help Guide on creating fullscreen slideshows. Same process is on video tutorials at support forum.

Please reply to support forum on this as it’s easier for me to reply and followup.


Hallo, I want to use Google Maps in the Background of my template. I want to delete the Background image and want use Google Maps.

Is this possible?

Hi, Sorry this isn’t currently a feature of the theme. It’s possible but will require additional coding.


I would like to purchase this theme. I have one question Is it possible for me to implement my design to your theme? Here is the link for design


Yes. You can customize the theme to any design you prefer. Customizations will require being familiar with CSS and PHP codes depending on the functions you’re adding.



What is the soundtrack you used for Slideshow with Audio please?

It’s tidal circuit by ( credits in items description )

That’s very kind of you. I couldn’t see the credits until you pointed them out to me at all. He has good music huh?

Yes, absolutely. It’s nice music. :)