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I installed the script of google analytics in the space footer script, but google does not install it, how can I do? My footer.php line 42 is “echo stripslashes_deep( of_get_option ( ‘footer_scripts’ ) );” Thank you

Hi, Please post to support forum with url to check on the issue.


My blogpage (newspage) shows only 1 post. How can I change this? Thanks in advance.


Hi Floris,

Please post to support forum with url to check on the problem.


In order to get vimeo analytics through Google working I had to update your gen_vimeo_video function to accept those on the shortcode. Here is the updated function. I encourage you to add it the next release.Tx!

/*Vimeo Video Shortcode*/
function gen_vimeo_video( $atts ) {
   extract( shortcode_atts( array(
                'id' => null,
                'width' => false,
                'height' => false,
                'title' => '0',
                'byline' => '0',
                'portrait' => '0',
                'border' => '0',
                'api' => '0',
                'dataprogress' => false,
                'dataseek' => false
      ), $atts ) );
        if (!$width) $width = MAX_CONTENT_WIDTH;
        if (!$height && $width) $height=gen_height($width);
        if (!$width && $height) $width=gen_width($height);

   return '<iframe src="' . esc_attr($id) . '?api=' . esc_attr($api) . '&title=' . esc_attr($title) . '&byline=' . esc_attr($byline) . '&portrait=' . esc_attr($portrait) . '" width="' . esc_attr($width) . '" height="' . esc_attr($height) . '" data-progress=" . esc_attr($dataprogress) . " data-seek=" . esc_attr($dataseek) . " frameborder="' . esc_attr($border) . '"></iframe>';

Hi, Thanks for that. I’ve made an update note. :)

Hi There

Purchased your theme through my business partners account but i need the reply to come to me… Wondering how we make the portfolio single page full width without sidebar, when i change the code in the template page from two_column to one_column it messes up the responsive, we just want the single portfolio page to be full width and no sidebar.



Hi Darren,

Please post to support forum. You can ask your business partner to register at the support forum for you. Registering requires purchase code.


Hi There sorted that problem out, can you tell me what file i need to modify to make the portfolio page link through to the portfolio single page when you click on the image. Instead of opening a lightbox, i want it to click through as if you were clicking on the title itself.



Hi, Please post to support forum. Thanks

Hello, If I purchase the theme, can I upload the whole theme as is to go live and then I can edit it as I go with my own images? So meaning if I go to my WP and upload the theme and activate, will it look exactly like your template? Thanks


You’ll need to import the XML demo data provided with the theme which has all posts and pages from the demo. It doesn’t include the images so you’ll need to upload images.



is it possible on toggle section, i need the possibilty to intergrate into shortcode class=”open” function! So i can decide wether 1 toggle is open or 2 or 3! It it possible, or can you help me to solve this issue!?

Thx for your help cominaction

Hi, Yes, but this will require additional jQuery codes. Please post to support forum.



I’d like to know if the background slider that is displayed in every page in the Demo can be simplified to just one image but customized on every page.


Hi, Yes, you can set a background image of your choice per page and post. Archive pages like search page, category listing, tags will list the image set from theme options as background image. All pages other than archive pages can be set with your choice or image or slideshow.


The homepage slidershow isnt displaying, i’ve read the tutorial over and over, change the options main page to full screen page homepage.

i’ve signup for the support form, i dont know how to submit support ticket

username jerzey

Hi, Sorry i missed this question. If you still haven’t posted – all support forms are displayed in the end of support forums.

If you login and check end of this page where you can post new questions.


Will BuddyPress Work On This Theme ?

Hi, Sorry, it’s not built in to it. Thanks

Cannot redeclare has_shortcode() (previously declared in /home/mmmotors/public_html/wp-includes/shortcodes.php:153) /home/mmmotors/public_html/wp-content/themes/rsw/framework/functions/framework-functions.php on line 89 after update!!! Please help me!

Warning: Missing argument 2 for has_shortcode(), called in /home/mmmotors/public_html/wp-content/themes/rsw/functions/conditional_scripts.php on line 61 and defined in /home/mmmotors/public_html/wp-includes/shortcodes.php on line 153

Hi, You’ll need to upgrade the theme, it’s most likely an old version of the theme as the fix based on WP 3.6 and above was made last year April.

Otherwise you can download the latest version of the theme and overwrite the following files from the new one.

Conflicted has_shortcode() function resolved
:- /framework/functions/framework-functions.php
:- /functions/conditional_scripts.php

Please check following url for info on upgrading.


Hi! I’ve just bought the theme and I have a question – how to upload demo xml data files. I would like to get (for start work) your presentation theme (

Hi! I see opportunity to create full width page as demo site but I can’t find how to create it.

hello! maybe someone from support know how to check it?


Please check page 47 of Help Guide on creating fullwidth templates. It uses the ‘Fullwidth’ template. Help Guide includes screenshots and instructions.


I bought your rsw theme and posted on your support forum about the message “you can use wp menu builder to build menus” showed on any version of Explorer or Opera after activating Uber menu (may be is an issue of Uber Meno and not from the theme?). I’m trying here, because nobody answer me there. May be, if you can’t answer here, you can find my topic inside your support forum. Thank you!

Hi, Please post followups to support forum – to the same thread you’ve posted.



I Upgraded to WP 3.8.2 and now my site is gone.

NOTE: I did not upgrade to your latest template version before I upgrade the WP. Please let me know what to do.

I posted in your forum, but haven’t heard back.

Thank you very much.

Hi, You’ll need to upgrade to latest version of theme if you’re using an old version before upgrading to latest WordPress. Please post any followups to support forum question instead of here.


Hello -

I posted a support request in the Imaginem forum for this theme, user name Camerado, but no reponse yet and can’t find a solution.

Here are my questions again, now with a new third one:

1) how do I remove/reduce space between menu and top of page?

2) I created a shortcode slidshow page but didn’t like it, so deleted it; yet the old slideshow is still showing on the main background, * even with the source page deleted *

3) How can I put the social icons on top, and get the swooping titles to come on screen, as seen in the RSW demo?



Hi Camerado,

Could you post me url to the support question. Sorry if i missed it.



Here’s the link to my portfolio page – the descriptions are not showing up under some of the thumbnails …

I checked the manual and I wasn’t able to find anything to help resolve this issue.

Also, is there a way to make the videos that open up when you click on a thumbnail, open up into a bigger lightbox?


Hi, Please post to support forum. Thanks

hi! How to change in contact page template this string – Use form below to contact us.

sorry… I’ve already found how to change it.

Hi! I try to make Fullscreen video type with YouTube content, but it doesn’t work.

1. I made Fullscreen Page with youtube link and select that is Fullscreen-Video 2. I selected in Option – Main Page – Homepage fullscreen page this FullSreen page.

and it doesn’t work… I see only blank window with menu…


Please post to support forum with url to check on the pages with issues.


i want to show posts in blog of specific category in


You can simply navigate the category link which will list all posts in the category. Category links can be grabbed via wp-admin > > Posts > Categories , or via the categories widget.