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I would like a budget for you to develop a boxed template of 6 pages: Home (this style:, category (in this style: ) and company page tabs with photos, video, overview, map, reviews and summarizes (in this style: htm), claim your business (, registration form ( and login (

Thanks for your interest in my skills. Unfortunately, I am completely occupied. No time.

Hi. Super template. But I have a problem. Why doesn’t work the 3d slider under Internet Explorer 11? Thanks

Thanks Comm24. We are gona check this and update.

Thank you for an attractive and useful template. There is something I need to change and perhaps you will direct me to the correct place in the site.css where I can do that.

The list item markers (circles, squares, checks, etc.) are fine when the list item is one line. However, when the text goes to two or more lines, the marker gets centered between lines instead of at the top of the first line.

How can I make the marker align with the first line?

Anyone home? Hello.

Hey MontereyDean, Thanks for purchasing the template.

Kindly send an email to the address listed in the document or go to my profile and send message with the question. I will get back asap.


Hi, Can you confirm that the files include a Dreamweaver Template files (.dwt) so I can open the template, edit it and then have any header/footer changes be made site wide?

Hello, yes, it includes .dwt file and it works as you said.