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Fantastic job, a lot of features… Congrats and good luck ;)

Thank you navigator :)

Lovely piece of work this, really nice. On demo using Chrome some if the lists wont display & all blog pages encounter ‘Internal Server error’. For me too the submit button on newsletter doesnt display in IE or Chrome..

As this is html can you tell me are the blog pages like a news page whereby I could post information/news/blog & visitors could Facebook like / Twitter share?

Again really nice work sure i could use this..

OK, look forward to seeing the widgets on blog single posts [still cant see blog as yet, same issues as yesterday!]. I too would love to see full width template of this.. Can you tell me if the ‘recent work’ panel can be set to autoscroll very slowly?

The updated code is in our QA and will be uploaded shortly and once it passes the tightes Themeforest review on the earth, it will be live :)

Yes, the recent work panel can be programmed to autoscroll on desired speed.

Hey! the updated version is up. It now offers wide layout option as well. Thanks!

Like the timeline, great work overall. Good luck! :)

Thank you! :)

Hi. This theme is amazing. Is it capable of being displayed full screen like it is shown on the iMac on the item details? Thanks

Thank you pyroxvi.

It’s not fluid template. It’s fixed width and responsive. However, I am working on a wide version as well, in that content will remain center aligned and the top dark bar and footer will be stretched to the borders and the middle content background could be stretched to the borders of the browser as well. I will be updating the package in couple of hours.


Great cant wait to see this :) Good luck with sales. I hope everyone else sees the true potential of this template.

I purchased this theme to use with wordpress, but got an error when trying to upload. Does this work with Wordpress and is there a style.css file somewhere? Thanks!

Thank you jeffgswanson for purchasing template. It’s an HTML template not a WordPress theme. We are working on its WordPress version and it will be out soon.



Just purchased this theme and have been playing about with it in Dreamweaver and reckon it will fit my requirements perfectly. Very modern and plenty of useful features, all formatted just as I would wish them.

However, I note template comes with ‘Extensive Documentation’, yet I don’t see this included in the download. Please could you point me in the direction of the documentation. [I can suss out most of it myself, but would like to have a look at documentation, for fullest picture.]


Hi, thank you for purchasing the template and liking it.

Sounds like the template missed the documentation in the most recent update. My apologize for that!

Anyway, please contact me using the form on my profile page and I will send you the documentation.

A good news is: we have completed ‘Bound’ fluid layout as well and I will send you the updated source code (with fluid layout) along with the documentation :)

P.S. I am out somewhere and send you the docs as soon as I reach my machine!

Thank you!

Great looking template but wanted to ask a few questions before making a purchase.

What version of Dreamweaver is required to open the files as I have CS3 and I’m not about to upgrade anytime soon?

I need to include a shopping cart into the site and wanted to know if that was possible?

Also, how easy is it to mix and match the many great features included with the site? For example, I need a single column homepage layout incorporating the expanding menu items you use on the ‘Careers’ page.

Thanks, Alan

Thank you Alan – I am glad you liked Bound.

I have used CS6 and I believe there will be no issue CS3 – If you face any issues I will convert the main template file to CS3.

And you can easily mix up different elements – there should be no issue but a little HTML knowledge is required though.

If you stuck anywhere, we are here to help you! We reply within 12 hours (weekdays) and provide badass support to our clients :)

Regards, Sarfraz

Just purchased this template! How do I sign up to receive updates? Thanks!

Thank you for purchasing Bound. Please send us your email using the contact email in the documentation. We will update you whenever we will update this template.

Additionally, we are working on our own support system, as soon as it’s up, I will send an invite you to join the mail list so you can receive updates.


Where do I change the background image?

And where do I update the Google Map Address to my own?

Hi, would really appreciate a response to my questions giving I’ve been waiting for over 20 hours. Thanks

Hey Metanosis, can you please send your question through the contact email listed in the documentation. Thanks!

Ok, shall do.

Hi, is there any progress on this as a wordpress theme? I’d love to get moving with this one right away.

Thank you for your interest. We are working on this, it will be live very soon. thanks!

do you have a link for a forum to discuss further questions towards your template? Thx in advance

Hey DRhyme, thank you for purchasing the template. No forum for now, you can send your questions to the email address in the documentation.


Hi, I like your Dreamweaver template and I would like to buy it. I have an old Frontpage site to convert to dreamwever, any suggestions if this is a good template or a different one of your template will be good. I didn’t want add the website over here, when you reply back I can tell you.

Hello Power, thank you for your interest.

I believe Bound would be a good start, because this comes with Dreamweaver template this will help you edit easily.


Is there any documentation how to get this included html forms functional so that a fulfilled form be send (like a contact form)?

The contact form works – are you having any issues?

There is nothing wrong with Contact form which uses php file. My question is about those html bonus forms (Elements) if there is any documentation how to get this working in html so that’s can be send via mail.

Okay! got it. I guess there is no documentation regarding this – I am gona update the documentation and will send you by tomorrow. Thanks!

Are there any compatibility issues with Adobe Contribute, which my client would be using to make updates?

No issues.

Hello I have just purchased your theme. The documentation is ok but How do I set it up for dreamweaver, I opened the Main.dwt but the files does not preview. Thanks

Hey, thanks for purchasing the template. Please email me on the address in documentation file. And I will reply you in detail.

Very nice. Pre-sale question. Can this be easily customizable using any editor of choice with knowledge of html/css of course.


Hey thank you for your interest. Yes, any editor of your choice.

ok. I wait you finish.

i like this template too. But i need a boxed template and responsive with slider and big search too.