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As I can see by your reply in my Ticket #4110816175 create the 13/03/2014, the fact is I get no support. Is that right?
I start the treat about asking you 3 questions. You only answer me one – the top menu. All the rest was useless.
I found out by myself how to fix the other issues without any useful support.
My last question was how to fix the Em Features slider in homepage and I attach a file with the description. You ask me about getting access to the admin panel when we both know that you will never fix anything by access the admin panel to a problem of CSS in the page display.
If I have no support, you should change that from you product description because is not right.
If I have support, you can answer me about my template concerns without getting access to my system. Particularly when the system is install in localhost as I explain you in my ticket.
Waiting for your reply.


Because you custom home page , add some block products on home page so you need edit css for it. We is support problem of theme but we need load your site and check css in your site . It difficult check widgets and css that you edited if we can’t view your site .

That is not true. I did not add any block or product in homepage. I asked about the FEATURED PRODUCTS in homepage slider that you set in the homepage template with your demo content.


Featured products on home page is display products with slider . It don’t have effect hover. If you need add hover with slider products , it need change many code and css so we can’t manual you . We provide and support problem theme’s . We need access and review your site if you need custom feature .

I was trying to show you up in live server but the point is, after install the 1.8 version, the template doesn’t show up correctly as you can see at
Do you have any suggestion to fix this, I would like to show you Em Feature products in homepage.
Thanks in advance


It can due to configure server. You try rename file .htaccess on folder magento. EX : .htaccess.bk . Then , you try load site after 15 minutes. If it don’t work , please send us your information access website so that we can check it.

How convenient, I write at 2:02PM and you answer me back at 4:58PM to tell me that your working time: 8:00AM to 5:00PM GMT+8


I am sorry. We have many tickets , we will try reply to you as soon as possible.

Sounds that they are a lot of problems regarding this theme support… a lot of complains here.

I would like to compare this theme but could someone confirm me that the support has been improved (or not) and if there is a support forum?


We have provide support center for themes. Some time , we can reply late in weekend. If you need support , you can mail us to mail or submit ticket in link :


I need to have different sizes and prices for the same product. how can i do that.


HI, Can you please inform what is the best approach to translate the Menu in EM Menu Manager?



If you use multi store view( multi language ) , you can create each mega menu for each store.

i bought this theme and EM Babycare, i sent email 3 days agoo that it gives error.

still not resolved.


We received your email. We will check and reply for you.

Hi I am interested to buy this theme, however want to know if I can customize very long option list (20 options) into two columns or even divide the options to live under tabs. And also does this work with the community version?


I want to remove variation block on the left side button. When I disable this option from admin panel the main banner width gets effect and is reduced blank space appear at the edges. Is there any way to remove them without disturbing the banner width? please reply back soon.


You can mail your information and problem to . We will help you check it.


I am trying to make the responsive navigation bar collapsed.

When checking the website from a cellphone, only I see the menu. Can I make it “MENU” and when I click it expands like any other responsive template?

Thank you.


You can mail your requirement to

Hello, i just bought your theme, upload to my site and follow all the instructions. But it didn’t worked. My site is using vps with nginx and varnish. He told me that the theme is not support Varnish. Any suggestion? Thanks

“The man who setup my server told me that your theme not support Varnish”


This theme make on base magento. If your host can run magento, it will run with theme. Note : if you have use 3rd extensions , we don’t sure theme work with all 3rd extensions . Because we can’t check theme with all extensions.

Hi, How to change the text “Free Shipping & Returns” on the product page?

Ah sorry, I found it on the userguide.

Thank you :)


Is this theme compatible?



yes, this theme work with magento


Is it possible to change image (grid view) when hover mouse image? I cant see this feature in demo.

Thank you


If you want this featured , we can custom it for you. You can mail your requirement to

there is bug now with chrome the homepage banner slider is not going full width – compare on your demo too safari to chrome etc?

I emailed – still waiting on reply….


We replied ticket for you. Please check and reply us. Thank you.

I know already replied and waiting your reply

Is it available in boxed layout ? Can I have the demo link ?


We have provide custom service . If you want, we can custom theme with your requirement . You can mail to

Can you send me a link to 1 column product ?

google font on theme option doesn’t load

Dear Sir Please Open a ticket at ( Remember enter your purchase code, ftp and magento admin info.) And then, tell me what your ticket ID , We will help you asap.