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Awesome work. Smart theme! Good luck with your sales :)

Thanks for your compliment!

Straight to the point.
Wish you the best with sales.

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Thanks for your compliment!

Looks hot! Would love to install this over our current store. http://www.colourblocker.com.au/ But not sure if it would work with our products. All the best!

If your site have Magento site, you can use the theme package to install our theme into your site.

This package only change the layout, skin, images, don’t change your products, orders, customer infor,...

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where can i view the full width page? thanks

The Design of Gala Stylixx Fashion have the max width mode is 1200px. So, can not view this theme with full width page. Except, you screen resolution is 1200px or smaller for width.

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Hi, I just wondered, can I put the slide show on this page ?


I want to remove best items area and replace it with slideshow. Also, I want the slideshow slides multiple videos here. Is this possible without any customization?


Hi Ling,

I want to remove best items area and replace it with slideshow. -> it’s possible Also, I want the slideshow slides multiple videos here. -> it’s impossible

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Hey i am going to get this but need small/medium modify on the front page, what is your hourly rate pm me at gilbylu at gmail.com

Hi nzgoner, Please contact with giao.trinh@emthemes.com to get the answer about this question :)

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Nice Theme, is possible to set currency in Thai Baht.

and Demo and community included, or not ?


Responsive Magento Theme – Stylixx Asian Fashion is possible to set currency in Thai Baht.

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Hi, is the gala stylixx theme possible to be used on ebay, including the store page and listing pages?

And if it can be installed on ebay, what would this cost?


This theme is compatible with Magento Community platform. It can’t be used on ebay.

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Hello I am struggling to update the logo. How do I do that. I know it sounds like a novice question.

Also on the side http://loudbrandcreative.com/lucindas/index.php/ those two images on the side…it isn’t one of the blocks. How do I remove them?

Please tell us more detail about where you want to change your logo on your site and two images on the side? However you can refer at http://www.magentocommerce.com/knowledge-base/entry/add-your-logo-to-your-website to change logo for your site.

Ok I figured all that out so you can ignore those questions. I am LOST at adding best seller items. The instructions just are not through. I know it is a widget but how do you load them in.

Also with the menu in the EM menu you need the link names to direct to products, but without seeing the link how do you know what it is? Ugh confusing.


You can send your problem to support@galathemes.com . We will help you check it.

Probably the best Magento template so far. Kudos !

Thanks for your compliment!

Hey! Sorry for stupid question but is this Magento template compatible with Magento Go?


I am sorry. This theme is ompatible with Magento community. If you want theme for magento Go , you can refer in link : http://www.emthemes.com/magento-go-themes.html (label Go top right)

Hi, I am having a problem with the theme. The css always seems to be not working properly.

Please advise. My dev site is located here.



You can mail your information to support@galathemes.com . We will help you check it.

nice work! is it possible to customized this theme and change home page layout the same as http://cherrykoko.com home page ?


If you want custom home page , you can mail your requirement to support@galathemes.com


Do the “Stylixx” have loading endless products on homepage?

Please reply. Thanks.

yup… i see. i need to load up a lot of images ( 50+ images ) inside the homepage, not limit product images. Can the theme do this?


If you need ajax load more products , we can custom this feature for you . You can mail your requirement to support@galathemes.com

Great! Thanks! :)

Is it possible to move the left sidebar to the top and make the full page layout? (index page)


If you want it, you need custom layout home page. If you want custom, you can mail your requirement to contact@galathemes.com

I’ve never had a chance to use magento themes, but is it customizable enough to make it look like http://en.chuu.co.kr/ or zipia.net theme?


If you need customize theme same site http://en.chuu.co.kr/, you can mail your requirement to contact@galathemes.com . We have provider service custom site.

Hello,some questions,1), I found that when the name of product is long,it will come into two lines.. can it fix in one line? 2), The blank between slidershow, banner , best items and new arrivals is too big, can it be a little small? 3),Can I have two arrow at the slidershow? 4), Whats the “like us” on the left top used for? 5) ,is it easy to remove the compare button? 6), can I have a look of the document before purchased?


1. Do you want convert name products display one line ? EX : “30” Flat-Panel TFT-LCD Cinema HD Monitor” > “30” Flat-Panel TFT-LCD…”
2. yes, it can edit it in CSS
3. We can css for it
4. It is button like facebook . When customer click , they will like your site
5. yes, we can use CSS hide it br/> 6. Can you tell me know your email. We will send it for you.


I didn’t know how better to contact U, My essense of reaching you this way is because I want to make a special request of you.

I am a web developer with php, java script, jquery, css $ html. I am @ the basic/intermediate level, I have a web developer outlet in Lagos, Nigeria and I want you to help me in meeting a client’s need on eCommerce application development.

I have concluded that Magento will do it but I knows nothing about it except that I know it is an open source for eCommerce site just as Wordpress is for Blog.

When I surf themeforest, I came across your template and I love it, that is the reason why I’m contacting you. I love to use it but I also want the UI to suite a client needs like these: konga.com & jumia.com.ng. The most important thing is that more than buying your template, I want you to guide me through all the process to setting it up. And I will pay for it.

I want to talk to you through a private channel like email. Maybe you can send your email address to me for broader explanation.

I look up to you.


You can reach me directly through omobaism@yahoo.com.


Thank you. We sent email to omobaism@yahoo.com . You can check your email and contact with our staff for your requirement :)


How I can remove “Themes by galathemes.com” from footer.


Naveed Shahid


You can remove “Themes by galathemes.com” from footer in file app/design/frontend/default/galastylixx/template/page/html/footer.phtml