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hi, thanks for theme. there is a problem on table, when resize browser table column title is ‘Room Type” and I cant change it. What can I do?’s a responsive table that change for mobiles…you have to open skeleton.css …under the comment /Label the data/ you will find what you need


Hi Ansonika, I hope all has been well at you’re end these last few months. I recently downloaded V2 of the template and realised that you had intergrated a CAPTCHA onto the form. V1 (which im using) didnt include it and wanted to add the captcha into it. Ive managed to add the HTML code of the captcha

<fieldset> <label> Message</label> <textarea name=”message” class=”required” style=”width:95%; height:75px”></textarea> <label>Are you human? 3 + 1 =</label><input type=”text” class=”verify_contact”> </fieldset> <button type=”submit” class=”button”>Send Message</button>

But im abit confused as to how to add all the java script codes to make the captcha work. Any chance you could assist me? Thanks for youre time and help in advance :) Andrew.

contact me at if you wont a payed migration. send your entire site files…i will do for you for a very low cost. regards

Super speedy feedback, quality and precise answers and dedicated after sales services.. Ansonika you’re a gem man. Thanks alot for always replying to my messages quickly. Ill have a go at youre instructions and hopelly all will be well. Thanks again bro!

thank you for the words. let me know if you succeed…i will help you

Hi! I have buy this template but I need a little help. What can I translate calendar in booking page? I need italian language please. (I have try to register in Ansonika but I receive an errore when I try to login)

I rate it. Thank you. I have try your help in my test page (V2) but doesn’t run. (I have insert FR language for test)

hi…sorry…copying and pasting the code into wp it takes wrong type=”text/javascript” (apicetti)...try copying this

<script  type="text/javascript" >// <![CDATA[
$.tools.dateinput.localize("fr", {
months: 'janvier,février,mars,avril,mai,juin,juillet,' +
shortMonths: 'jan,fév,mar,avr,mai,jun,jul,' +
days: 'dimanche,lundi,mardi,mercredi,jeudi,vendredi,samedi',
shortDays: 'dim,lun,mar,mer,jeu,ven,sam'
// ]]></script>
$(":date").dateinput({ trigger: true, format: 'dd/mm/yy', min: -1, lang: 'fr' })
$(":date:first").data("dateinput").change(function() {
$(":date:last").data("dateinput").setMin(this.getValue(), false);
<script >
jQuery().ready(function() { = function(value, element) {
return this.optional(element) || !/Invalid|NaN/.test(new Date(value)) || /^(\d+)\/(\d+)\/(\d{2,})$/.test(value);

Now it’s perfect! Thank you!

Hey There! Very nice Theme – Congratulations!!! I have just one simple question: Where can I replace the “select a page” in the “mobile”Navigation – I can’t find it – maybe I am blind:(! Thanks a lot!

thank you!!! in js/plugins.js and js/plugins_2.js under the section MOBILE SELECT MENU

please take a moment to rate the item in your downloads page if you like it. have a nice day

Dear Ansonika… for some reason,one of the pages when visited in IExplorer looks with the background color black…(in the page for rooms explanation) it is not actually the main background, but the one where the rooms descriptions are… where and how tohack that ? (only happens in IExplorer)

Thanks in advance…

which page? which version of ie?

And another question is : when I open the calendar in the Mobile format, it does not open the typical calendar, but it opens “low season, mid season, etc” choice… how do I do in order to force it opening the typical calendar ? (as it is displayed in the pc format ?). Thanks,

hello…sorry for the delay…if you don’t use the pricing table like original paradise files simply remove from skeleton.css under the comment /* Force table to not be like tables anymore / these css

table, thead, tbody, th, td, tr { display: block; }

/ Hide table headers (but not display: none;, for accessibility) /
    thead tr { 
        position: absolute;
        top: -9999px;
        left: -9999px;
tr { border: 1px solid #ccc; }
td { 
    / Behave  like a "row" /
    border: none;
    border-bottom: 1px solid #eee; 
    position: relative;
    padding-left: 70%; 
td:before { 
    / Now like a table header /
    position: absolute;
    / Top/left values mimic padding /
    top: 6px;
    left: 6px;
    width: 45%; 
    padding-right: 10px; 
    white-space: nowrap;
Label the data
td:nth-of-type(1):before { content: "Room Type"; }
td:nth-of-type(2):before { content: "Low from 23/03 to 31/05"; }
td:nth-of-type(3):before { content: "Middle from 23/03 to 31/05"; }
td:nth-of-type(4):before { content: "High from 23/03 to 31/05"; }

Hi Ansonika,

Bought your theme, very nice! One question, how do i change the map on the contacts page, I should know this but have looked in all the css and I guess the clue is in the google-maps.js? Tried to add my longitude/latitude but still comes up as somewhere else, advice please?

Thanks again Tony

hello….at the bottom of the contact.html set you lat and long

<script type=”text/javascript”> /* GOOGLE MAP ======================================== */ $(’#map’).gmap3({ marker:{ latLng: [18.33123, -64.97117] }, map:{ options:{ zoom: 15 } } }); </script>


Wow, Briliant, thanks Ansonika, I should have thought more simply. Great work Tony

you’re welcome. please take time to rate the item in your downloads page. thank you

Hello, Great job on this theme.

I have deleted some content from the gallery page. But it seems the footer it doesn’t sticks to the bottom of the window but, it sticks to the bottom of the content instead.

Have you got any hints how to stick the footer on the bottom of the window? Thanks

hello…here is a demo…look the css on the head and the html
<div class="page-wrap">
<div class="footer_wp">

Please take a moment to rate the item in your downloads page.

I am interested in your theme and am interested in how your multiple language support works. Does it use your own system, WPML or another third party plugin?

Hello i would like to buy this theme and i have three questions.

Is it possible to remove the “check availability” function that is located in the right side of the rooms page?

Is it possible the remove the mobile responsiveness?

Does this theme complies with the w3c – WCGA standards

I didn’t knew were to sent this questions so i post it here and i also sent it through the support.

Thanks in advance.

Hello….all support request takes 24/48 hours to be processed. we try to make our best to provide support to ALL buyers. here the term of support

i will reply now by email

the site is w3c validated… WCGA standards no

i will try if easly possible to remove responsive behaviour

Hello, we have bought your template but we have problems with fomulars (Check availability and contact form). We have sent you mail with details. We are kindly asking for urgent help. Regards, Mhryniuk

Great Site and very good and fast support- also sunday! i am impressed. Michael

Thank you michael :)


The services included icons sometimes float over the text when the size of the screen goes smaller and in responsive modes. I can’t work out out how to select these icons in the css and how to make them not float over the text.

Kind regards, Yestin

Hello…did you already purchase the item?

Hello Could you please explain what changes are in the V2.1 ? Thank you

hello…in the documentation is explained and how to update…it’s a small and easy update

OK thank you, I can see now on the Preview page. It wasn’t there when I looked last. Anyway well done for a really classy theme.


Im editing this template on notepad++ and I dont know why in the browser show one table and smart phone show other.. I like how is on browser, tnx for help.

sorry my bad english, Carol

Hello, I installed the theme but it says style sheet missing and installation failed. Please advise

ohhh no , is it not possible to get a refund for this and I order the wordpress theme ?

try to ask to themeforest support.

Will do thanks

i have purchased the wp version and on my page: the rollhover text on the room service is not working very well… please can you have a look at it? thanks a lot…

Hello,....I have a problem with the map, is not displayed. thank you for help

i’ve checked. how to fix:

at the bottom of the page replace this code

<script type="text/javascript"> var map; function initMap() { map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById('map'), { center: {lat: 31.6322071, lng: -7.9934329}, zoom: 8 }); } </script>


<script type="text/javascript"> /* GOOGLE MAP ======================================== */ $('#map').gmap3({ marker:{ latLng: [31.6322071, -7.9934329] }, map:{ options:{ zoom: 15 } } }); </script>


Petit problème… Une erreur s’est produite Google Maps ne s’est pas chargé correctement sur cette page. Pour plus d’informations techniques sur cette erreur, veuillez consulter la console JavaScript.

probably you have incorrectly create a google map api key…try to remove it

<script src=””></script>

Hi… Seems that the updated weather widget is no longer working as of today. Please advice.

Thank you!

could happen that sometimes the results will not be given by yahoo provider. it’ a bit instable today. let’s wait a couple of days. all the best

check the plugin here some times works, some times not. if the problem persist i think i will remove it from the template.