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very nice!, any prevision for wp version?

Thank you!!! No, Not at the moment…I’m not very fast like a wp developer.

lovely work! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you!!!

Very clean design, thoughtful layout and it´s eye-candy and responsive, too! Definately bookmarked, good luck for sales!

Thank you!!!

Excellent! Just need to get a hotel client now and I’ll buy the template.

Thanks for the amazing work.

Thank you!!!

Great theme if someone has booked a room does it show on the calender that the room is booked? If I needed to add a calender on a view for people to see what dates are available to book could you give me some support Many Thanks

you need a php developer (i am not) that convert the templates in a php database driven site, so can store and manage which rooms are available

Good work Buddy, nice template! Thanks for sharing… Good luck with the sales.

thank you!!!

Hello. On the Home Page Fullscreen option, is it possible to have the image go full-screen, as you show in the demo, and still have room beneath that to put text?

you can have rooms over the fullscreen image…with some css changes…but in mobile that page could have problems

Hi. I love the PHP /AJAX booking form. Where is it from?

Thank you!

Hi Ansonika, the pages are taking quite long to load what could be the issue could you help me check it out? thanks!

I think the Jquery is taking too long to load… any help on this thanks!

probably there was a problem with my server

When an image thumbnail is clicked and opened with prettyPhoto, its cluttering up the URL bar.

For example: (!prettyPhoto/-1/)

I don’t remember having this problem with previous galleries. Can this be eliminated?


no…i m sorry…it’s prettyphoto plug in that create the link…i suggest to leave it…if you wont to use the share buttons in prettyphoto, it takes the link above. see here fot details

I noticed that the Temp seems to differ on the fullscreen slideshow as compared to the rest of the pages. Mine is stuck on 58 degrees as well. Do you know why this might be? Thanks

thank you for attention…..i set a different location….see the difference in functions_2.js and function.js inside the js folder…..i forgot to use the same location…here where to change and follow instruction on doc file to set the proper code var loc = 'SPXX0015'; // or e.g. SPXX0050 thank you

Hello, very nice template!

One question, is your template compatible with the following plugins?

1. 2.

Thank you!

Hello Ansonika,

I want to by your theme, could you tell me, can I uce the second plugin with your template??

1. 2.

Thank you!

Hi…sorry for the delay. This item is an html5 site template, not a wordpress theme.

Hi Ansonika, have another problem the theme is not working under IE 8 or 9 any idea how to solve this thanks!

hi…my demo works on ie 9/8/7…’ive tested with ie tester on xp and see what’s your problem? please provide an url. thank you

Just had to buy this one! It’s really beautiful, thank you so much Ansonika!

thank you!!

Hello, how to change the background color of the site ? Thank you!

Hello. I have been searching for a theme like this one for quite a long time and I really like the clean design. I have a couple of questions though:

1. From a previous comment it sounds as if it is possible to include a booking engine on this them. Is that correct? Can I add a code that integrates the hotel’s availability so that people can book directly online?

2. Is this template prepared for Wordpress?

It really is a fantastic looking template. Great job!

Hi..thank you 1) you have to use third party booking engine system; let me knwo if you find one…i can do a test before you buy 2) Paradise is an html site template, it has to be converted into wordpress theme

I bought this theme recently. But it has a hack in it and i cannot find where the hell its originating from it loads the following js file from a remote location… which loads other files which can be found here

Please tell me how to fix this immediately or I will have no choice but to report it to themeforest. This is happening straight out of the unpacked zip file.

authors provide free support (at their discretion) on items bugs or malfunctioning somehow without modifications of it.i didn’t recognize any of the code you provide above….it’s not write by me. so it’s not my fault if you ecounter problems.

try to explain better your issue or js error, provide also an url or send your files by email…but i don’t guarantee that i know i can help you. read also here

Hi There,

As an extremely out of date programmer, who has forgotten most but the basics of HTML your theme has allowed me to create a website for my father that he is very happy with. Thank you!

One small issue is that when viewed on iPhone in Safari the menu bar at the top no longer resizes to have a drop down menu.

It seems to work fine on Android however.

Can you help me iron out this bug?


Thanks for your quick reply.

Perhaps it is only an issue on iPhone 4 and 4S with the 640×960 display. I have an iPhone 4 running iOS 5.1.

Strangely enough this site also renders it properly, but i think it may be missing a few pixels due to the scroll bar on the right:

Is there a number I can adjust in the CSS to accomodate up to 640 width?

you’re right…i didn’t know tha 4s has a different screen resolution. try to create a mediaquery in skeleton.css and layout.css that match this width screen resolution @media only screen and (min-width: 640px) and (max-width: 768px) {. i am sorry i m quite busy for two days…but try to fix it asap

Hi…i’ve test on iPhone 4s of my friend…it renders fine. i don’t think it’s necessary, but if you wont to adjust some pixels for the scrollbar, you have to edit top open skeleton.css and find the proper mediaquery