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Hallo Ansonika Team, I would need to get on the homeslider a youtube video, and in AJAX PHP room availability request form I would have the need to make some changes to use the form as a tables reservation for a restaurant. How can I add in your form 3 new text fields?

I want to buy your theme but I want to be sure I can adapt for my purposes

Sorry for my bad english Thanx…

Hi Ansonika,

I need to change the weather from Fahrenheit to Celsius. I followed your instructions to chance the fuctions.js from “f” to “c”.

It works on every page except the fullscreen gallery page. Can you tell me how to fix this?


try in fuctions_2.js

it did the trick. thank you

Very bad support experience and Very poor customer support. No response after 12 days. I wil not be buying from You again.

you’re right, don’t buy….i try to do my best to support my customers…lost your request between many others…your are the first not satisfied. for other customers, if you doesn’t have a reply here, please contact me also at

Meanwhile you could answer my question. I also the probleme that the used font does not support German accents (ä ö ü) how can I change the font used.

go to , choose a font and test your charachters and accents through the tab TEST DRIVE . then download the ttf, create the font face package from and apply the new fonts to them theme. try to help you with these last steps if you need

Hi Ansonika,

I’m trying to add a simple Iframe link Via PrettyPhoto (which is pre-installed in your template) but can’t get it work… am i missing something ?

normally i should only have to add :

my link

and nothing else, as the script is already included, Do you confirm ?


try with this…here an example: <a href="" data-rel="prettyPhoto[iframe]"> <span class="magnify" /><img src="img/about_1.jpg" alt="picture" class="scale-with-grid" /></a>

tired to post the link but didn’t work… i just should have to insert this on the link :

a href= mylink + ?iframe=true&width=500&height=250 + rel= prettyPhoto[iframes]

i am out of office…i’ll try to fix your issue tomorrow

Thanx a lot, it works now… i guess it was because of the “Rel” instead of “data-rel”...

Do you know how could i load this prettyPhoto Iframe on load of the page… ?

i guess adding a “onload=”javascript something” on the body tag… but how do i call this function ?

Thanx again.

sincerely i don’t know ..give a look here

Hi Anika… I want to change the weather of my site.. I am from Philippines. Can you specify what to edit here. I am not a pro in programing but I can understand a little bit of it.


// Specify the ZIP/location code and units (f or c)
var loc = '10001'; // or e.g. SPXX0050
var u = 'f';
var query = "SELECT item.condition FROM weather.forecast WHERE location='" + loc + "' AND u='" + u + "'";
var cacheBuster = Math.floor((new Date().getTime()) / 1200 / 1000);
var url = '' + encodeURIComponent(query) + '&format=json&_nocache=' + cacheBuster;
window['wxCallback'] = function(data) {
    var info =;
        backgroundPosition: '-' + (61 * info.code) + 'px 0'
        title: info.text
    $('#wxTemp').html(info.temp + '°' + (u.toUpperCase()));
    url: url,
    dataType: 'jsonp',
    cache: true,
    jsonpCallback: 'wxCallback'



See the doc file under the section “Change city weather condition”.

Hi Ansonika, just bought this template. Awesome design, really cool item. Congratulations!

Thank you!!

Hi Ansonika,

congratulations for the template. Fast, nice, very good work and very easy to use. Very good documentation too. Wish you thousands of sales, the template deserves it!

Thank you tzomden !!!!! :)

Hi There, I just purchased and uploaded the theme to WP 3 .42 and I get this message:

themeforest-1735945-responsive-paradise-hotel Stylesheet is missing.

I have double checked and all the files are uploaded. Pls advise, thanks, Jon

Just wondering why the layout says: Fixed ?

thank for mention it….it was because when i created paradise the layout options in the upload panel was only fixed or liquid. now i have update it….layout responsive. thank you

Hi. I have purchased the website for my business and it is fantasic. I am very pleased with it but I want to know how I can change the menu bar. As it stands the menu bar has sub menus. For example the menu has a “home” button, the sub menu is “home slider”. I wish to add a sub, sub menu, for example I want “home slider 1” and “home slider 2” to appear when the visitor scrolls over the “home slider button”. Please can you advise how this can be done. Thanks.

your menu code is wrong in some parts..there are some unclosed tags. here how the 3rd level have to be in code…see home menu label :

Hi Please can you allow access again to the link above. I would like to see how you have done the 3rd level. Thanks

Do you have a simple script available for verifying the email address? So, for instance, the first email address field is normal, but adding a second email address field underneath it which checks and compares itself with the email address above it for accuracy. Would be great for the customer and also to avoid spam, etc. Thanks!

i am sorry but i am very busy with others projects and have no time to implement this function in this period.sorry

Can you please help me setup the email for rooms and contact.php?

please send your files at with your email, subject and object. if you wish als your ftp host details

When clicking ‘check the availability’ button on the home page before the slideshow has fully loaded, the top navigation above is highlighted and the user goes to a page from the top nav instead of the availability page.

My images take longer to load than yours, so you can see it more easily here (but it’s a ‘book now’ button instead):

i’ve looked in the menu.css file to see what may be causing it – do you have any ideas of how I could fix it?

Many thanks for any guidance.


Sorry sorry sorry – please ignore my last comment – it was something that I had added into the menu.css which extended the a:link beyond the navigation and into the main content.

Hi Ansonika,

first of all thanks for a great theme. I really appresiate the easy structure that you have used.

I have been trying to find more of the icons which you have used.. Can you tell me where I can find them?


Brian, Dresden/Germany

write at ....i will reply


nice template. Weather is not working in my location “EZXX5054” but still i can remove it :)

try to find a location near by your city/town….

Just wanted to say thanks. I’ve only just got this template, and despite not being a pro, I’ve found it easy enough to edit.

These comments have helped too, so thanks to all the other people who asked (and had answers for) my quesitons :)

thank you!!

Hi Ansonika,

I would just like to say that this is a BREATHTAKING theme! Though I am having a few issues. can you please visit my client’s website at and look on it on different browsers. On Firefox, the weather shows up, but not on IE and Chrome. This is a new issue. It has always worked! Help?

can you send your files at i can check faster