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Nice and clean! GLWS

Nice work my friend!!!! ;)

Great work, and footer looks fantastic. Congrats.

Kind Regards,

Hello, I would like to buy it, I wonder whether it is suitable for Open?art Version whether it supports the Russian language and Russian money? and is there a demo admin panel? Thank you for your attention) Yan


Do you mention to Responsive Shopify Theme – ActiveWear theme? This theme is only suitable for Shopify platform, not Opencart. You can refer to our other templates for Opencart version.

Thank you.

Are you able to develop a collection filter to filter by product variant?

Dear sir, we are checking and developing it. we will give you the answer about this soon. Thanks for contacting us.

ok .. thank you.

There was 1 error with this:

Upload Theme does not contain all required files: missing template “layout/theme.liquid”

- How do I fix this?

Hi sir,

You need extract downloaded package, and upload “activewear_rxx.zip” file.

If can not install, please send your issue to support@templatevale.com, we will support to you.


hi- i really like your theme but we need a filter by size option. do you have any idea when you can complete this by? we need it asap…



this is really illogical- i click on large and there isn’t even a large variant for that product…. it is just going off the tags. please READ what i have said. i need a firm resolution on this that actually works.

Variants and tags is independent. That’s just the demo, so it’s not exactly. Actually you can filter by this method.

If you are not satisfied, sorry I can not help it anymore.

Best Regards.

i am grateful for your help but i am trying to understand how it works and that it will definitely work how i need it to. i just wanted to know why a product with no large variant is still showing up?

Hi, beautiful theme!!!

I would like to buy avtivewear theme butI doubts whether pandora is a better theme for my needs.

I would like to know if it’s possible to add to the ‘quick shop’ pop up window 2 additional filters; one by size and the other by color. if not so the quick shop on this theme doesn’t help me at all if the costumer needs to enter the product page in order to filter size & color.

furthermore, is it possible to program the ‘shopping cart’ button so you will able to go to shopping cart page when you press it’s button. now you need to press ‘view cart’ at the bottom of cart list and it’s hidden and not very comfortable.

thank a lot!!!

Hi man,

About “shopping cart” button, we can custom as you say.

About “quick shop”, please review demo(click many different “quick shop” button), maybe you will see that you need.

For other question, please contact to support@templatevale.com.

Best Regards.

After purchasing the template and using it for the last few weeks, here are my thoughts -

1) When I click on the “Shopping Cart” something should happen. I does not make sense that it does not take me to the shopping cart.

2) I would like the option to have the price and the “Add to Cart” button above the item description in both the “Quick Shop” view and the full product view. I believe that this negatively impacts my impulse clicks by customers.

3) The icon for Pinterest in the footer of the page is icon used by RSS feeds. I am not sure why it does not have a custom Pinterest icon like Facebook does.

Hi man,

We can custom your website as you say. You can send your request to support@templatevale.com, we will custom to you.

Best regards,


Great theme. I am trying to change the following. I tried to find it in the code but am having trouble with it..

© 2013 Activewear Clothing Shopify Store. All Rights Reserved.

Hi man,

Please go to admin panel > Themes > Template Editor > edit “theme.liquid” file, line 259.

Or contact to support@designshopify.com, we will change it for you.


I am really interested on buying this theme but I would like to know if it can be translated to spanish…please let me know. Thanks in advance!

Hi man,

You can go to translate by hand in admin panel. OR you give us text in spanish, we will translate it for you.


Hey, I just bought this theme but Im having trouble trying to upload it to shopify. A “A communication error has occured” message appears. But my conection seems working fine. Please Id really appreciate some help here.

Hi man,

You need extract package and upload activewear_r10.zip file to shopify store. If have a error, please send your admin panel accout to support@designshopify.com, we will check it for you.



One question before buying. Is it possible to have the menu ‘always on top’ ? So even when scrolling down, the menu stays on top? e.g. : Lingerie Store Responsive Shopify Theme – Instyle

thx in advance. Christophe

Hi, If you say we can custom it for you, would you mean you’ll do it for free?



Free for customing menu.

But if you have other customize, you need pay some fee.



Does this theme integrate with Paypal when using the Fly To Cart option?

Thank you, Linda

I just sent you a private email. Can you please read and respond to that? THank you.

Hi man,

Sorry, today we have a holiday. We will respond to you on the next Monday.


Hi man,

About the refund, please contact to themeforest, we don’t own authority to make refund on themeforest.


P/S: We can’t send email to Linda@dotcomwp.com, a error has occurred.

Does this template come work in wordpress as well?

Is it possible to get you to create it in wordpress as well? I need a shopify version and a wordpress version. I see there is an HTML version of this template. I am hoping you’ll be able to help me with a wordpress one as well.

We will build wordpress version in the future, but not quickly. If you can wait, please come back on the next month.


OK. I can wait a month. But I would like to buy sooner.

Hi, Purchase has been made. When do you think you can send me a version with the menu that stays on top? thx in advance Christophe

Hi Christophe,

Please send your website admin panel account to support@designshopify.com, we will update it for you as soon as possible.



Just send you the invite via the shopify portal.

thx in advance. Christophe

what a service! already done! thx.

Hi there, I like this theme but I have several questions before buying it. I am a beginner of shopify and I have zero knowledge of html/CSS.

Is it simple to upload and apply the theme to my account? Is there a back-end panel for me to change colors, photos, details…etc. As I don’t know how to write/read any codes/scripts at all…


Hi man,

It is simple to setup this theme. You only create a online store at here http://www.shopify.com/ and install this theme. We will support install and config theme for you after you create a Shopify store.


I purchased and uploaded the “activewear_r14” to shopify. I can publish it as my main theme but strange that some of the dummy photos (featured categories/products) are missing from preview. Is it normal?

Besides, can you simply brief me how to change photo/content? Do I have to update all the things through the “template editor”?


You can read Shopify docs at here http://docs.shopify.com/manual, create a product http://docs.shopify.com/manual/your-store/products, or create collection http://docs.shopify.com/manual/your-store/collections ...

And you need extract activewear-userguide.zip and read docs to config theme through “Theme Settings”.

For other question, please contact to support@designshopify.com, we will support for you.


Dear this is such a lovely theme and i am interested almost buying i just would like to know if the slider can be responsive?.

What is “responsive slider”? This is demo http://cs-activewear.myshopify.com/. You can check by yourself. If you can’t find what you need means that it does not support.

Thank you.

Thank you dear.

I was referring to the following slider as in the link http://themeforest.net/item/ultimate-responsive-shopify-theme/5293977 It’s a beautiful and easy to customize slider.

Any way thanks for the help and if this could help you in answering my question I would appreciate your help.

Good luck.

can i get a refun on my purchese please. this is the worst support ever