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BUY A Year ago Templates THIS, WHEN THAT Time I asked for Support because they did not give it to me. Now I just want to know Because the menu menu does not work Disappears, does not let it use: I already instituted to install it, change of version is still the same and wordpress to solve it please.

@guillermofr90 disable WordPress Importer Plugin that should fix the Theme Options not working. Once you have installed the demo data

Damn, I was going to buy this beautiful theme. Till I saw all the awful reviews. :( sad, such a creative and beautifully built website. Sad it wasn’t in the hands of a different designer on Themeforest.

Hi, Good theme, but I have a problem with the menu in responsive mode. In this mode, when I click on the menu, the menu cannot stay opened. It actually displays but then it disappears right away. I have WP 4.7.1, Circles theme version 5.0.1, Visual Composer : 4.12. The Circles addons plugin (v0.9) generates many bugs. I disactivated it. Any clue to solve it ? Thank you, Tony


in3pido Purchased

Hi, we have a problem with theme Circles mounted on a new Wordpress installation. When we save Theme options we are redirected to a 404 not found page, with address /wp-admin/options.php

I have seen that is not the first time it happens with your theme and also other users has had the same problem.

We downloaded it few days ago from Themeforest so should be the updated version.

Can you please suggest me how to solve it? Thanks

any chance of an update for theme please??? we need a new version of visual composer, as this one you ship with the current edition does not work in the current version of WordPress!


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Slow performance. Google gives 42/100 for mobile & 57/100 for desktop. Pingdom gives 64. This is on the demo link . Time to look at the code in this angle. SEO & Performance very important today.

I noticed that the social sharing icons at the bottom of blog posts just link to the local page at ”#” – they do not link up to actually post sharing. How is that fixed, or if it’s not possible to fix, can I disable the built in social sharing bar in favor of a plug in? I have a plug in that works, but then I have 2 social sharing bars and it is confusing.


csysllc Purchased

Hey @atm_Tony I had the same issue with the menu closing. Had to tweak the CSS in order to get it working again. Slightly modified for my specific install. But you get the gist…. height being targeted. Hope this helps.

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) { body:not(.headerstyle8) header .menu.opened { height: auto; } }

LOVE THIS! Your new demo pages have broken and missing images.

I am considering to purchase this theme, but i have a quick question.

On the Circle V 5 the menu at the top is a “hamburger” menu by default. Are there other options for this or no?

since this theme is not supported and since it does not work either so any one who buys that has to fix it to use it. Since there is no support and no further development to make the theme work for users is it possible to use this theme for multiple times on multiple sites? Just asking if someones there to reply?

@csysllc Thanks for sharing this solution! Now all I need is the logo to still show in responsive mode, but already happy that the mobile menu stays open :)

Hi… please i am having trouble changing the address of the google map that displays just above the footer. i tried changing it from theme option, but whenever i click on google, it dose not display, so i cannot edit it there.

wow, i made a very great mistake not going through the review before buying this theme…it so bad that i cant actually work with it, menu isn’t functionally just general option, the demo is entirely different from what i have here….you guys have to do something about it, or i am going for refund…

@MondayFiles Thank you!

need to solved mobile menu & logo for mobile device. thanks


Just before brought this theme, after install my theme option not loading well, how can solve this issue.

Thank you.