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Hi, this might sound a bit thick… but im trying to change the base (Yellow) colour of the buttons… Send Button etc… but cannot find it in the CSS … any help ??


Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks. http://www.pixelwars.org/forums

Thats a bit of a phaff… why you dont answer… crikey… okay… off to your forum… #Jeez

for the portfolio page – does it automatically crop the image for the thumbnail view or are you able to control what it looks like?

Hi, html version doesn’t crop images automatically, it shows the images in the size you have put. wp version supports cropping images or not.

Also – can I use this template for a tumblr account?

This is not a tumblr theme, just plain html template. So you can’t use this template as a thumblr theme without any conversion.

how difficult is it to convert it so it could be?

Well, since this template is coded standart compliant, it should not be so hard to convert this to a thumbler theme for someone who is familiar with thumblr theme creating.


Is this theme ready for RTL (right-to-left) languages? I will need the layout to flip (logo on the right, etc.)

Thanks– paul

Hi, we haven’t tested the theme for RTL , sorry.

Hi there i wanted to ask what should happen as a notification for the contact form errors like if the email is not valid cause i can see that some alerts should pop up using the code in the contact.php file but when i submit the form with wrong details i get nothing except the input field flashes ? there also some hidden messages which set to display none like “this field is required ” but they don’t appear if a field is empty and i clicked send so what’s wrong ? i know it’s not a problem from the version that i have as it’s acting the same in the demo site here.Thanks for the great template and waiting a fix to the contact page.

Please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.


Thank you for this Wonderful theme.

Thanks, glad you liked it.

Hi, wordpress is missing the style.css? What can I do?


Hi, this is the html version, try wp version.

The dark theme has visibility problems for many elements. For instance, on the contact page right sidebar: icon-map-marker, icon-time, icon-print and icon-envelope are visually lost in the background because they are both the same color. This problem exists in various other places throughout the theme.

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

Hi, is it possible to use external plugins and widgets with this theme? thnx, Marije

Hi, this is an html template are you asking for Responsy WP – wordpress version of this template?

Hi, for some reason the twitter feed has stopped working on our site www.herocreative.com.au

Any ideas why?

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.


While browsing in mobile devices(android), we observed that the default selection is going to word menu in the selection list of menu, though we are in the actual selected page. Can you please look in to this issue and give us some solution. We have tried to understand it in the script, but could not see any fix for that.

Thank you in advance.

replied in your topic on support forums.


I love your work, very impressive.

But (there is always the ‘but’ thing…) i have problem with Chrome. the navigation (small square and the arrows) aren’t work at all. tested on IE9 work fine. can U solve this problem?

(i have the last version)



Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

Hey, Thx for the feedback, but i didn’t received email from your system to connect your support forums. i still waiting for the password.

I want to buy your nice template, but I also want to know before buying HOW to change the YELLOW colour.

miguel1810 who bought your template asked that to you, but he has to go to the forum.

But now nobody will hear the anwser and everybody has to ask the same question on the forum.

I like to know the anwser of the question before i buy… :-))

Hi, we don’t provide support via comments. Also our support forums are searchable. Thanks.

I bought your theme and have a question about the isotope. js license.

I have now read there is a license for isotope. I have to buy an extra license for isotope? or is this included in your theme?

Many thanks for your answer

Don’t buy. We purchased.

Note: TF Licenses

thanks for the quick answer

Hi, i bought this theme but isn’t working as I expected it. For example the footer and header are blocked and i can´t edit the contents… i don’t know what i ’ m doing wrong. Do i have to do something before use the template? (sorry my english is not really good)

Please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

i am not receiving an email with a password zo i can login. i tried reset password as mentioned above.

Please send a test message from profile: http://themeforest.net/user/pixelwars

Great template for my portfolio :) Responsive, good looking, easy to customize. Thank you guys!

Hello, Have been using this template for the last two years. Looks great! Works great! However, I am having a image slider problem lately. The slider is stuck sometimes, and spinner never stops spinning. If you refresh the page, it is displayed immediately. It happens occasionally. Is there a fix for that specific problem? Because the rest works perfectly Can I replace only the image slider code? Thank you Gidon

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

Hi, I did post in your forum, it’s under Responsy Html5 forum. Gidon

replied in your topic.