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Damn, just beat me too it. I’m right behind you though Bedros, to give you some competition.

Beautifully crafted template, really well done. I know how long it takes to test these templates, I’ve been doing it for the past 2 weeks. :D

Thanks a lot for your comment Jin :)

Ya, you just receded me man! :crying:

Very nice item btw, good luck with the sales ;-)


Hi, My malwarebytes blocks I tried many times and finally saw the mwb warning. I thought you were offline. J

Interesting, everything seems fine here.
Web is full of forums about malwarebytes blocking websites without any logical reason.
Anyway, thanks a lot for getting in touch and letting me know.

I assure you that my website is full of only with quality ;)

Wish you the very Best,

Hi, Thanks for your prompt responsive. Nonetheless, I can’t view your product. Alternate location? J

Hi Jackola, Thanks a lot for your interest.
You can see some screenshots of the file from my..:
Pinterest Account
TUMBLR Account (You can check a sample screenshot of one of the responsive layouts with various screen sizes)

I like this. Can you add support and reference for my mail marketing solution? it’s

I want purchase extended license but i can paid this price now :) I start open public beta tomorrow.

Thanks a lot for your interest on RespoSensive email templates.
I’ve just sent you a message from your profile page. :)

Love this template – it was very easy to use, and your design and layout is tasteful and clean! I wondered if you had social media icons handy for Pinterest and Youtube that coordinate with the ones you’ve provided for FB, Twitter etc. I can search for some, but thought you might have them handy and others might like them as well. Thank you!

Hi smcd, thanks a lot for your interest and kind words.
Please get in contact with me via FORM ON MY PROFILE, I can post the icons you wish to your mail address.

Please let me know if I can help you further… :)
Best regards,

Thank you for creating such a beautiful template and providing great support for it!!

Thank you Misty ! :)

After struggling with another (no-name) template, I was the first to purchase this one, graphics and text were ready to go and our went out newsletter the next day. Because it was so easy to work with I was able to meet my deadline. Absolutely beautiful, clean, professional I can’t say enough about this wonderful template.

Thanks a lot for your kind words and taking your precious time to write a comment ! :)

I guess that those who often deal with email-templates know how hard and time-consuming it can sometimes be to make sure that Your email is looking absolutely identical in all the major email-clients. Luckily, Bedros and his “Resposensive template” provide a solution from all this pain. This template is ready to be sent straight away, without any need to do manual changes on Your own. The html files are extremely well coded and provided with perfect documentation (really helpful for those, who is not really familiar with the HTML). All that is really required, is to change the text and images.

And in case You still need support, Bedros provides it straight away. I’ve been thankful to many developers on themeforest who provide professional support in a timely manner, but nobody before was ready to help me 5 minutes after I ask my question. And Bedros did it for 2 days in a row.. I even started wondering if Bedros sleeps at all :)

Overall, highly recommended product!

Kind regards, Konstantin.

Thank you Konstantin, I really Appreciate taking your very precious time to write down those kind words. :)

Wish you the very best,

High-quality design and very clean work. “No Pain No Gain” B-)

And you know what the most wonderful part is..?
-Those kind comments from users.

Thank you Celine ! :)

You have moved in tf, good lock :)

Thanks a lot Junus, I have some Actionscript 3.0 projects in mind, as you know it still goes strong in some areas. :)

I have just uploaded into campaign monitor and there are 2 errors; 1. No editable region in template 2. No unsubscribe link Please advise

Hi and thanks a lot for your interest and purchase. :)

RespoSensive works perfectly with every email marketing service which enables you to upload html emails.
Current version doesn’t have the “special” tags that allow you to update your templates within Campaign Monitor IDE (and this goes the same with 90% of email templates sold here). The HTML files are really deeply commented, every updatable image and text section stated in crystal clarity with comments. So believe me opening any RespoSensive html layout in your favorite text editor and updating it from there and then uploading it to Campaign Monitor would be even easier.

Adding an Unsubscribe Link: This is very easy. Insert the tags ’<unsubscribe>’ and ’</unsubscribe>’ around the words you would like to become an unsubscribe link in the HTML source of your campaign and this will automatically convert the tags into a personalized unsubscribe link.

For example:

Not interested anymore? <unsubscribe>click here to unsubscribe</unsubscribe>

If you wish please contact me from apkarbedo[at]yahoo[dot]com for more questions, I’m here to help you with my best. If you give me your Campaign Monitor details I can even add the special tags for you if you wish :)


I am going to purchase this today and have a couple questions since I have not worked with email templates before. What is the easiest way to take one of the templates and customize it with my own information? Is it a matter of opening up the HTML file in Notepad++ and customizing the text and then replacing the image files with my own images I made in Photoshop CS6?

Finally, how do you send out the template you make to your email recipents if I am using Outlook or Google Apps Gmail. Is it a matter of opening a new email and inserting the template?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Hi and thanks a lot for your interest.

Changing the content is really easy , even by just following the comments in the HTML file you can very easily update the content. HTML Files of the layouts are really very well commented. You can use any text editor (even notepad) to change the content.Just read comments in the HTML file carefully and it should be ok.

Can be used in any email program or online service which supports importing / editing HTML files (Aweber, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp -I personally prefer Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Vertical Response, etc. etc… ). You should use one of these services to send your email campaigns. Although RespoSensive email templates render perfectly in all Versions of Outlook and Gmail, it’s not recommended to send your email campaigns from Outlook or Gmail.

I can even provide you a template which completely updatable via Mailchimp’s template builder, that means you don’t need to touch any html code.

RespoSensive comes with a very descriptive help file which also includes the section “How to send html campaigns using Mailchimp”.

You can always contact me from apkarbedo[at]yahoo[dot]com for further questions, I’m here to help. :)


Thanks! Bought the template. Could you let me know how to take the subscribe/unsubscribe section? Is it a matter of just deleting that section?l

Thank you for your purchase :)
Please contact me from apkarbedo[at]yahoo[dot]com , I’m here to help you.

Wish you the best,

Nice email template, Bedros.. Deserved to be included in the bundle


Thanks a lot Candeed. :)

I’m using MailChimp and I tried uploading the email template (specifically ylwGreen 01 template) // I wasn’t sure which to use either inline or embedded so I tried both…

Neither template will allow me to edit it in the MailChimp Edit dashboard… it shows everything, but clicking on anything does nothing… Tried it in both FF and in IE now same result for both versions of the template… What am I doing wrong? I followed the PDF on how to import it (didn’t need it, but followed it anyways) and then edit it…

I have experience with MailChimp templates and never had this problem before.

EDIT: Ok… missed the MAilChimp Ready folder – forget my question… haha!

Thanks a lot for your interest CASagency…

And please also keep an eye on the documentation (There are seperate help files for both “Mailchimp Ready” and “Plain Html” files, with step by step instructions), they are timeSavers and they’re full of very useful information.

Wish you the very best,

I bought the bundle that includes this amazing template and I am very satisfied with this product and the great support offered by the author. Fast and helpful. Great job.

Thanks a lot Adrian, wish you the very best :)

hey buddy your website (for the preview) has been down for more than 24 hrs…please let me know when its back up so I can check it out… thanks

no good for me… Unable to connect Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

Did you ever tried with an another browser like Chrome?
Really weird.
Anyway, please get in contact with me from apkarbedo[at]yahoo[dot]com :)

It must be at your side, I just took a message from a fellow Australian Resident, cmsGods (thank you cmsGods), stating that preview is fine at Australian front too. :)


any plans to make this “interspire email marketer” friendly like you have with the other online email marketing platforms?

Hi Breezn,

RespoSensive works perfectly where importing / editing HTML Files are supported.

So although I’m sure RespoSensive will work like a charm with Inteerspire, if you want to be sure just get in contact with me from my email address apkarbedo[at]yahoo[dot]com, I can send you an example , you can test it with interspire and that way you can be 100% sure, everybody wins :)


It’s not the AV necessarily that’s blocking it. I was automatically upgraded to IE10 and had the same problem with pictures, pictures in email and FB not showing. When it got ridiculous, I tried another browser (Firefox) and things worked fine. So I uninstalled the IE10 update and everything worked great again – until they reloaded again, but at least I knew what the problem was.

Thanks a lot for taking your precious time to write this message about the Live Preview, I really appreciate it. It should be all about Encrypted Html in the Live Preview.

You can be rest assure that my templates are bulletproof, I test them really hard.

Wish you the very best :)

A lot easier product. I have bought with envato corporate bundle and tried with my newsletter. It was little difficult at first glance but then I discovered that I only need to replace url with my site’s content url to load images and other stuff.

Awesome job. Best of luck.

Thank you very much for taking your precious time to write a comment regarding your recent experience about my product.

Kind Regards, :)


Is it possible to move a section within the template in Mailchimp edit mode?

Hi RoggaHa, and thanks a lot for your interest. :)

Please get in contact with me via

Kind Regards,