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Hi, 1. Can I add a Google embedded map (iframe) to the email template and send it to users and it will be shown as part of the email?

2. Can i host the email in my hosting account so it can be viewed online also

Hi mzorali, thanks a lor for your interest.

1-Google Maps uses JavaScript extensively, so in an html email it’s not recommended because just every single email application out there blocks JavaScript from working as a security measure to prevent viruses.

2-Of course, and if you’re a developer, you can also add your Google Map There. It is already a web page, but built with some email specific techniques.

Kind Regards, Bedros

Hi Bedros, any idea if this template works in StrongMail?

Hi gibumkang, thanks a lot for your interest.

Resposensive works perfectly with any service allows you to upload HTML Files.

Please get in contact with me from my email address


I can send you an example layout and you can test it yourself before the purchase.

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Bedros, I had another question regarding the template. Please check your yahoo email, thanks!

Hi, just sent you an email.
Thanks a lot for your interest once again.

Gmail does not support css in mails. How do we use this templates with or without css correctly?

Hi Preper,

Responsiveness works perfectly where it needed , in mobile devices and any other device which supports media queries.

Kind Regards,

Note: If you wish, I can send a test email to your email account.

Thank you Bedros,

I have already purchased this with the bundle. =) Very good. I have asked you a question from mail.

Thanks a lot. Just sent you an email.

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January 29, 2014

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We’ve just released a very special template..:

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