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A beautiful template. Congratulations!


Awesome template

Thank you!

Stunning as always. Wordpress please!

Thanks, it’s already planned.

Congratulations mate!

Thanks mate!

Awesome , GLWS

Thank you.

Nice one, GLWS :)

Thank you.

Congrats, looks great ! :)


there is no menu navigation when viewed on my iPnone


The navigation appears when the user scrolls the page.

Would there be a Wordpress version coming soon?


Yes, a Wordpress version will be developed soon.

Hi Fantastic theme and I’m looking to buy, but there are a few glitches on the iPad. The sliders are cut off and the text overlay from the intro screen re-appears as you scroll down and the text overflows to the right in portrait mode…are these easily fixable?


You’re right, this is easily fixed with some media queries. I’m working on it.

Thanks, I’m going to buy :)


Wow, looks great!

One question though: I’m considering using it for my photography portfolio. But how does adding portfolio items/customizing it work? Is it like… Waaaay difficult?


It’s easy, only a basic knowledge of html/css is necessary.

I purchased the HTML version but could really use a Wordpress theme instead. Any idea when it will be available? A rough guess?

Great theme!


It will be available somewhere on May.

Great! Thanks!

This theme is nice and clean. I like it. If I were to use it as a landing page, is there a way to just use the colored (ex. grey contact page) pages without the bar design (showing dates, etc) and add big full frame images?


Yes, that is possible with some code editing.

Great theme! When will the Wordpress version be released??


It should be released this month.

If we buy this theme, can we pay the difference for the WP theme?

Sorry no.

Hello, it seems when scrolling slowly the menu flickers a lot at the point of transition after splash screen. Do you recommend any fixes for that? Thank you!

Hi, sorry for my late response.

I’ll look into that, and release a fix in the next update, probably by the end of this month.

no worries. and thank you!

Where is the contact form config file? Help doc says in contactform/inc, however that folder does not exist.

Sorry, that must be an outdated help doc, the correct path is contact-form/process.php

Hi Rod. Great layout. I’m thinking of getting it.

Is it possible to NOT SHOW DATE at top of each post or section?