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Interesting Work! Congratulations :)


Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:


Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

nice work :) good luck…

Congratulations for this awesome template.

Congratulations! Nice Work GLWS :)

Good job well done, Good luck with sale !

Congratulations!! Outstanding work, Good luck with sale

Hi! What is the GUI for creating new ads like in the “Real Estate Agent Personal HTML Template”? Is it some kind of gui or is it necessery to editing HTML? Thank you! Br, dejan

Hello! You can easily customize ads cards and create new ones by manually HTML editing.

Hello! Is there any way I can add SOLD category on the properties? I’m planning to display sold categories too. All looks good in mobile except for the “MY OFFERS”

Hello! Please contact us via product@aspirity.com. We’ll try to help you as soon as possible.

Hello, Thank you! I sent you an email

Hi! Please reply to my email. Thank you!

hey support,

how it possible to add more slider elements? i cant find the slider in the code.

greetings, alex

ohhh okay! so i should download the theme package again. which files do i have to update then?

You should update theme.js and add the php files into your project. If our advice is helpful, please, rate the Restate Theme with stars. Best regards, Aspirity.

THAAANKS A LOT!! thanks for your perfect and quick support!

Nice Theme. I have to questions before I purchase.

1) I believe I will be able to change the yellow color. Just want to confirm with you.

2) I like the way you layout the theme. It that come with a demo, So I can easy change with my content and images?

Hello, greenad!

Thank you for your kind words.

Of cource you can change the deafult yellow color. All you need is to customize CSS files and that’s it.

And of course you can change any content and images. It is really easy.

Don’t forget that you can always ask us a question if you will get in trouble.

Hope it will help you, greenad. Good luck!

DO you have a demo available to load on the site?

What do you mean by “Demo”? Restate is HTML-template, not Wordpress.

hi! Im interested to buy this. And if I bought this, how much will i pay if i want you to re-design but still the same content? Just the color of the theme and a few change format of the page.

Also, how much if you will add a page for admin where in the admin will monitor the website ,add property, monitor the inquiries from contact form on front end.


Sorry, we don’t customize our templates. Also this template is only html without any CMS.

Best regards, Aspirity.

Hi! there I have a question before I purchase these. I want to use bilingual in this website (main in Thai and sub in English ) Can I do like this? Do you have a languange switch button on the page?


We didn’t add translations in our html-templates. If you have an experience with js/jquery we can recommend to use something like this: https://www.npmjs.com/package/jquery-i18next.

Best regards, Aspirity

Hi! Support I already purchased your theme and I wanna know how to install your theme because I got a folder when I download theme It’s not .zip that’s why I can’t install.


It is not a WordPress item. We’ve mentioned several times in the item description that it is the HTML template, not WP.

Best regards, Aspirity

Hi! guys I just purchased your product today and I just found these is not support with Wordpress. I wanna made my website with Wordpress actually because I don’t have any knowledge in coding. How can you help me? It is possible to get a refund It’s seem I bought your theme by mistake. Thanks for your communication again.


Unfortunately, accordingly to Envato rules, the mistaken purchase is not a reason for the refund.

Best regards, Aspirity

Hi Aspirity Team!

I changed the filter rules for my offered projects. Since then, there are no projects shown anymore, although I checked the filter rules and the corresponding projects. Can I send you a snippet of the code via e-mail?

Thanks and best regards, Dennis

Hello adoeniz!

We have inspected your snippet and here are two workarounds for you, but first of all, the problem here is because you have deleted price from your items card.

We have also emailed you the full answer with code because it can’t be displayed at this answer.

Way №1. If you don’t need price filter on your site, you should just delete this line from theme.js ‘(!isBetweenPrice(price, filters[‘priceFrom’], filters[‘priceTo’]))’ Also, you need to delete this operator from prev line ’||’. After that here is what your code block from theme.js should look like ’ (!isMatched(method, filters[‘method’])) || (!isMatched(type, filters[‘type’])) || (!isMatched(beds, filters[‘beds’])) || (!isMatched(baths, filters[‘baths’])) || (!isMatched(square, filters[‘square’])) ‘ Way №2. If you are planning to add your price filter after some time, you shouldn’t use the first way. Here you need to turn back this block of code where it was, from your index.html ’ <label>price</label> ‘ (You should place it in block) And after that you need to add ‘data-price=”100000”’ attribute to all of your card elements. Thats all.

We have also emailed you the full answer with code because it can’t be displayed at this answer.

Hope this was helpful! Best regards!


adoeniz Purchased

Great! Many thanks for your help!! Best regards

You are welcome!