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Why not add a google MAPS plugin to a template and a demo. This is a great shortage and certainly the reason why someone will not buy your perfect template

Hi Mia, thank you for your valued input. You can however add a google maps section by using visual composer. But your input does point out that our demo could use this, we’ll look into it.

Again, thanks!

Is it possible to add a “Impressum” / “Imprint” / “Privacy Policy” which is visible under the whole page?


How to change the days in English in another language? How can i do this without installing PO, in which file can i find these?

Ambiance/Opening Hours

Hi Seandresen, you can install this plugin: https://nl.wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate/ which will also do the trick.

Hello how are you? no online order

no product order / you can not order products in this theme…

Does woocommerce support?

Hi AnatoliaCreative, no there isn’t woocommerce support. Hope this helps.


mdacweb Purchased

I receive this error: Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘InvalidArgumentException’ with message ‘First parameter must be an array or ArrayAccess object.’ on /themes/ambiance/utils/arr.php:11

Any Ideas?

Hi Mdacweb, could you please create a ticket on https://vagebond.ticksy.com and supply us with some more information about your server? Kind regards.

Hi! Pre-sale question: Is it possible to disable the horizontal scroll on the main page?

It doesn’t scroll only if you have few items. It starts scrolling when the page is to narrow to fit the items.

Is this theme easy to set up if I wanted to use it as a splash page only? Can I make each area hyperlink to different URL?

I am updating plugins but WPBakery Visual Composer is requesting a license activation. What should i do?

Hey there. The website is not working on mobile sometimes and stuck on the loader. Please resolve this asap.


talope Purchased

Hello, great theme! We need to add submenus but we just cant figure out how to do this. We followed your instructions in the documentation but it doesn’t seem to work, it lists the submanu as a parent menu.

Hello. Is this theme still being updated/supported? I was interested in purchasing it, but I see questions here from 2 months ago that are unanswered and the last update to the theme was in January ‘18.

Hey, yeah sure it’s being supported. These questions got handled via our ticket system or mail. Best regards, Vagebond

Thank you for your reply. Are there any upcoming updates planned soon? There have been a lot of changes to WordPress since January and I was wondering if the theme is fully compatible with the latest version.

Hi Alfredm99,

We’re continuously monitor WordPress and are updating Ambiance. the theme is compliant and fully compatible with the latest version.

The theme is still being worked on, we’re pushing towards a new release :).

hi, I’m just trying to add the gallery shortocode, but form ome reason is not working : [vagebond-gallery galleryid=”174”] Any advice in order to make it work? Cheers, Bernat

Hi Bernat, it seems that this issue has been resolved from our support page. Thank you for letting us know!


jeshuad Purchased

Getting this error when installing plugins: The remote plugin package consists of more than one file, but the files are not packaged in a folder. Please contact the plugin provider and ask them to package their plugin according to the WordPress guidelines.

hello. after updating to version 2.0 in the homepage its is shown the vertical scrollbar deactivated. is there any way to delete it because doesnt look very good having a white space on a beautiful website.


tettare Purchased

Hello, Is there your a video or pdf tutorial for polylang translation? Is it also possible to use a translation other than polylang? Best.


OOJO Purchased

hi, how can i translate the days on the contact page?

Hi OOJO, you can use this plugin: https://nl.wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate/. If you have more questions please create a ticket on https://vagebond.ticksy.com. Kind regards


fadefa88 Purchased

Hi there, a pre-sale question: it’s possible to loop a youtube video background? Thanks, Luca

Hi Fadefa88, i’m sorry i didn’t see this notice. Yes, Vimeo and Youtube are supported and automatically looped.

Kind regards


i have tryed my site on IE 11 and i discovered one bug. When the preloader has been finished the site don´t load the startsection.

Also your demo site has troubles: https://imgur.com/a/dduOGC9

Could you help me please in this matter?

Additional after purchasing theme, there was no documentation file included.

Hoping for your reply.

Best regards,

Hi Mediastyle, i’ll have to look into this. The documentation is there, just open the documentation.md file for the link. Also if you create a ticket on https://vagebond.ticksy.com we can assist you better.

Kind regards.

Hi thanks for your response. I already have created a ticket.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



OOJO Purchased

hi @mediastyle12 and @studiovagebond can you please share the ticket or info on the IE11 bug – i’ve got the same issue and our site is allready live. It was claimed that it works even up till IE9 but is seems this is not correct.

Please share your thoughts – this is urgent for us


Hi Oojo, please create a ticket on https://vagebond.ticksy.com then i can help you out asap.

Kind regards

hi @studiovagebond, is it possible to add images to the dish/menu ?