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Hello, does this template have BLOG? Thanks

No, In this theme not included wordpress blog files. Support to cs-cart platform only.

Nice theme, I am about to buy this but can you confirm if this is compatible with CS Cart v 4.1.1 or later and is easy to install using your installation instructions?

Hi, It is still; not tested with v 4.1.1, It was tested in CS-Cart Version 4.0.3

This is the 3rd CS-CART template I have purchased and THANK GOODNESS I found you. It actually installed first time, the instructions are clear and it actually works!

I have wasted weeks and weeks trying to install other themes and get them to work and thought I would give this one a shot because it had the added bonus of rich snippets. I joked about how long it was going to take me to get this one working – 10 minutes later I have it up and running.

Congratulations. You seem to do what others cannot – get a CS-CART template working correctly.

Thank you :) Really Appreciate !

No problem. I really need help with getting some of the issues resolved though. I get one response a day from support and they haven’t started looking at the issues yet. A big issue I am having is with the order complete landing page. Although the order is going through – I get a Error 503 Service Unavailable page instead of the Thanks for your order page. The other stuff won’t stop me from going live, but the 503 is a show stopper.

If you have any issue with our theme only please contact to our technical team at http://www.templatemela.com/support/ with all your details, So then will help you.

In IOS and Android your alignment is out when you adding product to the cart and when clicking on product text is overlapping – also can we change those fork design to something else

About Responsive, we have updated it but may be not on demo store, if still there’s any issue we will solve it for you. About Fork icon you can change it easily replacing that, or remove it.

is it easy to change the colored round icon graphics of the forks in the menu ?

yes round icons are color , and forks is image, you can simply change or remove forks icon without update in colors :)

hi templatemela,

I bought this theme last week, and I have just downloaded your today updates, but this them is simply not working. There are many includes in the tmeplates/index.tpl file which reference to missing tpl files like meta.tpl, common/toolbar.tpl, common/loading_box.tpl common/notification.tpl

So after the installation and activation the site turns into fatal errors..

Please Templatemela, complete the missing files or fix the index.tpl


Please make sure you have installed it properly ?, Which version do you have installed ? IF you need installation help , please contact our support team at https://www.templatemela.com/support/ with all details

Thank you for your reply. I use CS-cart 4.1.2 I dont have problem with the installation. I have opened a ticket at the themeforest support but there is no answer. I have problem with the missing files.

Please check the templates/index.tpl file on the 24. row it is: {include file=”meta.tpl”}

than please try to find the meta.tpl file in the downloadable zip file. There is no meta.tpl in it. This makes a fatal error. And the same with the common/loading_box.tpl and the others. I think the missing files , or the wrong index.tpl is the problem. Please check it.

We does not include the tpl files, which is automatically copied from default when w install. So make sure you put template under var/themes directory and then install from admin panel, which will copy all missing files from default. Please provide Support ticket ID, we can help you on priority. As I said, when you copy theme to var/themes directory, then follow this video steps, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNiqg0_xRhE

Hi the first thing i did after installation (latest cscart version) was to change the favicon and after that site only displays LESS parse error: failed at `

Now what?

Please contact to our technical team with all your details at http://www.templatemela.com/support/ so our team will help you.

Responsive design is not fully functional in all sizes – it also appears to be missing the offset capabilities of the bootstrap grid that it implies it uses as the folder structure shows the bootstrap less files.

The product grid view on tablet portrait mode is broken. And the menu template is missing the $smarty.foreach.item1.count – without it you won’t get coloured menu items. And various other issues appear throughout.

I'll manage to work my way through the issues but this is not the best template I have ever come across :( And at $60 I would have expected better

About responsive issue please contact to our technical team with all your details https://www.templatemela.com/support/ so they can check it all our theme related issue. We provide life time free support to our theme related bug. So please contact to our technical team so they can guide you.

Does this theme offer multi-vendor support?

No, This theme not support to multi-vendor platform.

Are you providing the source files? For instance if I need to use this for something other than a food theme and need to change the price dish to something else.

Yes, You can customize our theme whatever you like. Change color of theme from css and need to replace some theme images.

Did not answer my question so I assume you do not provide source files for images used in the live preview.

Yes, Included all required template files with our theme package and change any template images.

I bought the template on site http://themeforest.net/item/restaurant-responsive-cscart-theme/6513332

1. but I can not change styles. Styles are not saved.

2. Exact same button does not appear Add to cart , Add to wish list and price in categories of goods. Help please.

Please contact to our technical team with all your details so they can perfectly install your theme on your server https://www.templatemela.com/support/

Has anyone checked the carousel link on an IPHONE 5S?

My sites carousel/slider link does not work when clicked on an IPHONE 5S.

Has anyone checked this functionality on your live sites?

The only way to get the link to work is to keep depressing the slider image with the link and the iphone will bring up a screen saying:

Open Open in New Page Add to reading List etc

If you just try to click it it does not do anything.



Please contact our support team at https://www.templatemela.com/support/ they can help you with any issues. Thank you

Is there an upgrade for this yet? It broke my V4.2 site – even though it says compatible with V4.2.x – I had to have their Tech support fix it at my cost.

js/tygh/core.js file was from CS-Cart version 4.1.2, not from 4.2.1, which your store uses, that is why the issue occurred. Also it contained some third-party code under the /Megnor Update/ section (please have a look at the screen shots attached). I replaced the file with the original one and the issue is resolved now

and, Yes – I did contact your support team.

still having massive problems – blank checkout pages, etc. these problems are resolved when I revert to any supplied theme that came with cs-cart v4.

back to square one….

Can please contact to our technical team with bug code and screenshot? So then can give all your update regarding our theme.

Pre-purchase question: Does this work with 4.2.3 version of cscart? Thanks

Yes, This theme fully support to version 4.2.3 as well.

Hi, is this theme support the latest 4.3.1 version? Thanks!

This theme fully support to version 4.2.x only.

Do you plan to upgrade to 4.3.1 in the next future?

Yes, We will upgrade our theme package very soon for support latest version of cs-cart.

when will support version 4.3.1?

Hello, sorry for this, we currently update our all themes of CS-Cart, It may take long time.

check ticket: Ticket ID #MMX-231-22748

Ok, You will get update very soon via your ticket, We have assign on first priority.

Hi, do you offer service to change add RTLto it ? how much would it cost?

This theme already supported to RTL. No need to pay any extra amount.