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Does this really support mobile? I mean the pictures and text are adjusted to be normal size for browsing in a mobile phone. I can’t see it become mobile-adapted in the demo site here. I would like to see a demo site for mobile. Do you have any such demo site? Thanks!

No problem, thank you for your patience. You will get answered soon.

Thanks a lot for your help! Very good service!

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Dear sir,

I really like your theme but I can’t make the homepage. I would like to know if you have a guide or any instructions to know how it works.



Complete Documentation is provided with theme. If you still need help our support team, please submit a ticket with theme LICENSE CODE and ITEM ID at https://www.templatemela.com/support/

Im interested in this template, but is there any option to add Social media links to product page, I would like buyers to facebook like the item or send it by twitter.

Our theme demo does not have this, but you can add plugins like, http://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-facebook-share-like-button/

Thank you for your quick response, Do you offer any custom setup? we offer a weekly meal package and need customers to select from 14 meals for the weekly package and have it set to the next delivery schedulle.

Sorry but currently we can not schedule and custom jobs. I recommend to check microlancers for cusotmization.


I installed theme with the fresh wordpress installation(version 3.8.1) but when i am trying to add variables nothing working.

in the sample demo page too its not working.

http://webleex.com/wpdemo/WOO/woo1/?product=adipiscing-sem-neque-sed.kindly fix the issue.

thanks for your sooner reply.

regards, Subas

My be any bug from your store because here our theme working fine http://webleex.com/wpdemo/WOO/woo1/?product=adipiscing-sem-neque-sed Please contact to our technical team at http://www.templatemela.com/support/ with all our details, So our technical team will perfectly install your theme on your server.

variable, add to cart function also not working on you link http://webleex.com/wpdemo/WOO/woo1/?product=adipiscing-sem-neque-sed

Follow some admin setting for Variable products (Product Data(Variable Product) -> Attributes -> Add attribute -> CHECK Used for Variations -> Save Attributes). Now check it http://webleex.com/wpdemo/WOO/woo1/?product=adipiscing-sem-neque-sed It’s wooCommerce default functionality.

Same isue, submited a ticket.


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Yah i already did 5 starts;).

One important qeustion. The product prices appears when you hover it over the product and that cool, but the client want to see the price wright away, how i can disable that animation so the price stays.


Thanks for rating, appreciate it.
There are some CSS updates, Better to contact our support team, please submit a ticket with theme LICENSE CODE at our support desk http://templatemela.com/support/ . they will do it


Is it possible to set list view on shop page instead of grid view?

Yes it is possible, but need to do some modifications, it needs customization to make it List View.

Ok, thanks. Do I have to do customization, or you can do that?

You have to do your customization by your self. We are support to our theme related issue only.


There is defently a bug with varibales, its not working. Hopefuly my suport ticket will be accepted soon.


No Bugs at all found the way, my apologies!

OK, If you have any question regarding our please contact to our technical team at http://www.templatemela.com/support/ they will help you all about your issue.

We just purchased and installed this theme on wordpress version 3.8.1 but the widgets in admin backend are not working. Can’t open / close any of the widgets or widget sections, or drag to re-order. Can you help?

May be missing some step for installation process, Please submit your new ticket at http://www.templatemela.com/support/ with all our details, So our technical team will perfectly install your theme on your server withing few minutes.

We have submitted a ticket and hope that the support team can help. Thank you.

You will get reply within 24 hours via your ticket.

Hello, i like your theme so I would like to know if the icons on navigation menu are customable. I want to develop a pet website, and I would like to set my custom icons in the navigation menu. Please inform me as soon as possible!

Yes, You can change that icon it’s editable, Just you need to replace your new icon image on it that’s it. Still any question regarding our theme please feel free to contact to our technical team at http://www.templatemela.com/support/ they will guide you.

http://webleex.com/wpdemo/WOO/woo1/?post_type=product how can I add more than 6 items to display products?

You can upload more products from Admin panel.(Admin > “Products” in left column > Add new. If any more question regarding our theme please contact to our technical team at http://www.templatemela.com/support/

pre-purchase questions -

How flexible is the homepage? Am I able to add any type of content / columns etc.. or is everything set and cannot be changed except with programming?

does the regular pages have a sidebar? (about us, sitemap etc…) I currently see it in the blog and shop…

Also can the featured product section on the homepage slider any other information or does it have to be products only?

You can manage home page slider from Admin panel, In slider include featured product or other products, It’s depend on short code. If you have any more question regarding our theme please contact to our technical team at http://www.templatemela.com/support/

Hi I am interested to buying your template, but I have some questions before purchase it. Is it customizable menu icons? on the preview theme, icons are folks. I am plan on to use for non restaurant. and is it possible to change the icon (plates – when you mouse over to the item of shop, it showing plate looking icons with price)?

I would really appreciate if you help me with this questions before purchase your template. Thanks!

Yes,You can change color of theme from CSS file and need to replace some theme images, So you can use this theme for non restaurant store as well. Still any more question regarding our theme please contact to our technical team at http://www.templatemela.com/support/

Hello, as many others here, I’m trying to make the home page look like the Demo, so I can start modifying from there. When I import the Sample Data, most of the files failed, and the Regenerate Thumbnails is not working either, I need to open a ticket but I can’t find the Order ID or Template Number, help please.

Hello, go to http://themeforest.net/downloads here when you click download button, it will shows license code , and template id is : 6462988 , please submit a ticket with those details at http://www.templatemela.com/support/ Thank you for purchase

Thank you!

How eliminate the “Partner Image Widget” in front page?

I did it. I still answer two days ago.

I’ve added PRIORITY note for your ticket, You will get reply asap.

Thanks very much! They are excellent team!

Where is the word “GO”? I want to translate it.

Currently, It can be translate from file, we will upgrade it in next version via language files. Contact our team they will guide you

I still unanswered

I see your email was replied at Fri, Feb 7, 2014 , have you checked yet? ,

Hello admin,

I would like to replace the sub-banner area with a latest posts area/news widget. I have tried to put the Latest posts widget in the Header Sub-banner widget area but it dosen’t fit exactly. Is there a any simple way to use the sub-banner area, than with pictures?

Kind regards


If you place other contents there, that may does not fit exactly , you will need to update some CSS if you need any customization. Our team can guide you if need any help, contact us with theme LICENSE code at https://www.templatemela.com/support/

Is it possible to have a sidebar on a content page like the About Us?

Yes, about us is content page you can add sidebar to any content page.

Ok, but when I assign the left or right side bar to the About Us page, the sidebar shows up with the Blog posts all together, how can I avoid this? I need a blank content page with a side bar.

Please contact our support team with License Code at https://www.templatemela.com/support/ they can guide you

hi want to puchase and I have 2 issues : does it suports LTR >RTL? i know css but if the theme is not build also for RTL it can take hours. so I need to know if I will need only a few lines to make it RTL?

also about localizitaion?how do I translate the words,does it support localization plugins?or do I have to go file by file to find and translate the words?

thank you,great design:)

This Theme does not include with RTL.It support localization.

ok thank you


I am having problems with importing the Sample Data.

I received a failure and nothing is appearing on my site.

This is an emergency for me :(

I also submitted a support ticket.

Can you please help me?

Please give me Ticket Id, I can mark Priority on it.

Hi, I’m having some issues with your theme that need to be resolve please check support ticket #CTM-653-62610 A.S.A.P.

I’ll have someone check for you as soon as possible. You will get reply soon

Oh I see your ticket CTM-653-62610 get resolved. Thank you for your purchase