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What would be the easiest way to implement a menu/navigation similar to www.carnival.com? Do you offer custom programming? please let me know as soon as possible. thx

You can use plugin to get menu like that, may be UberMenu or other plugins which is suitable to you.

I love the theme and am considering buying it, however I have a question. Can you change the pastel colors to your own custom colors? I need my main navigation menu to be in my own color options. Or in the “Shop” section the colors changed too?

Is this possible?

Yes it is possible to change colors from theme, background and text links colors can be change from admin, other colors needs to update from css files

Hi. I like your theme very much and purchased yet.

But I`m having problems with symbol count of Div elements: TM – About Me Widget and TM – Special Widget. As you can see from the attached link, the text is cut off and displayed a very small part of whole widgets text.

Site http://krustnikut.bg is on maintenance mode, so I send you screenshot via google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2oPeQPLprceUXJaaGV0bldlQXc/edit?usp=drivesdk

Where can I adjust the number of symbols, which appear in Front-end?

Can you help me, please? Thank`s

Ok, I writed them. Thank you.

Thanks for the proper attitude and quick response and support! Best regards

You welcome, if you like theme please don’t forget to rate and vote , it will help us a lot

i added new a new portfolio category and added portfolio products but they arent displaying in the portfolio section. any ideas?

Please make sure you have selected Portfolio as Page Template, If you still can’t get it , please contact our support team http://www.templatemela.com/help they will do it for you

i think i figured it out, the title of the portfolio category can’t have a space or be multi words?

You can set portfolio title anything you need. It can be multi-word or single word. May be I don’t understand your question properly. Let me know if you still have any questions. Thanks

Nice template, is it suitable for a Jewelry Webshop? Can I change the restaurant icons? Or is it only for restaurant and hotel?

Yes you can change Restautant Icons easily, If you think this design concept suitable for your jewelry need then you can use it as jewelry. If you still have any questions feel free to contact our team at https://www.templatemela.com/support/

Is it easy to add more content to the homepage?

I want to be able to add more products to the homepage, instead of just having the product slider…

It is very easy to to modify home-pge contents, You can easily define ff you have to show product slider or product grid with many products. If you still have any issues our technical team will help you

is there a way i can change the woo commerce pages to full width without a sidebar?

Yes , please contact our support team at https://www.templatemela.com/support/ they will guide you on how to remove sidebar

I would like to purchase this theme. The problem I have is that them products do not have the prices listed under them. The price shows when you hover over the product. Can that be changed easily? Can you tell me how? Thats the only thing keeping me from purchasing this theme.

About product pricing, It can be change to show fix position. If you need help, our technical team will help you. Let us know if you still have any questions

How do I that? Please let me know how I can change it so that price displays under the product name.

Yes please contact our support team at https://www.templatemela.com/support/ they will guide you on this

I have noticed on my installation as well as your demo here on Themeforest. When you add items to the cart the number of items you have in the cart is displayed in the header. But the circle with the item count is not shown inline with the image and text cart. It drops down and it looks out of place. How do I fix that?

I have report this to our technical team, they will look at the issue and will let you know soon. Meanwhile if it is urgent, please contact our technical team t https://www.templatemela.com/support/, they can help you to resolve soon.

I have not gotten a response to this issue. Thanks

Can you please provide Ticket ID, I can quick look in to this.

How to edit the Sitemap template? It displays all the pages I don’t want to show on the front…..

Thanks, You will get reply very soon from your ticket.

Thank you!

You are welcome. If you have any question regarding our theme please feel free to contact our technical team.

Great design! How can I access the demo? The link doesnt work…

You can see directly link for theme demo http://template-demo.org/woo/WCM01/WCM010001/

doesnt work neither…

Yes, Right now not working because of server issue, It will be run within few hours.

WE jsut bouight this template and require the sample data. After installation we noticed the sample data was not included on the links to it were. Ok so we proceeded to install the sample data via the included XML import and it failed to acquire the images due to the IP addressing in the import being improper IP’s such as (a local non routing IP). We are left to use the included PSD to re export all images. In addition the authors website is down as is this demo so we cannot even see what the demo is like anymore. Not happy!

Our server is down of theme demo, It will be run within few hours, But if you want to install our theme with sample data please contact to our technical team with all your details at http://www.templatemela.com/support/ so our team perfectly install your theme on your server, Our theme installation services is FREE.

Ok then, we have a ticket open now at http://www.templatemela.com/support/ requesting full install including images of sample data as seen here on Themeforest. Ready for you to take action.

Ok, You will get reply very soon via your ticket.

I’m interested in this theme, I have one question in the live demo on the mobile view (smallest view) everything looks great until you scroll down to the columns at the bottom of the page and they are all squashed together, should these be stacked for this view.

Ok, After the purchase this theme please contact to our technical team with all your details at http://www.templatemela.com/support/ our team will help you.

Use this space because I haven’t answered my ticket: #YLE-668-97521 size twenty days ago. I need an answer! What happens?

I see ticket, you looking for Free Shipping Configuration, I recommend to check documentation http://docs.woothemes.com/documentation/plugins/woocommerce/ for shipping configuration

The product categories section will not let us upload any pictures, do you know why? I’ve noticed that when the woocommmerce plugin updates, it usually disrupts the theme. Have you solved this?

Please contact to our technical team with all your details http://www.templatemela.com/support/ they will guide you about issue.

The Woo Commerce plugin has updated. We have not updated the plugin yet, and now the site no longer forwards emails. When we have updated the plugin in the past, it disrupts the theme. This has happened 3 times now. What is the permanent solution? Thank You.

Need to contact our technical team at https://www.templatemela.com/support/ so they can guide you about it.

How about language files? has been added?

Languages does not include with this theme, you can buy language packages from other sources. Thank you

Hello, the template seens to fit my needs, but I need the template without the integration with the woo commerce and wordpress, is that possible? Just the theme at HTML and CSS. Thanks.

In our theme package included template files only, Not included HTML file.

Ok thanks, wich of the shopping system is better to code? I know that Magento is difficult to work…

Opencart is easy for work.

I opened a ticket yesterday #HLG-922-65298 and haven’t received a response yet and it is very important. When using this theme I cannot connect to download plugins or update them. It is having an issue resolving to downloads.wordpress or any other wordpress site. When I switch to another theme it works just fine. Thanks.

Ok, You will get reply within few hours via your ticket.

I just created a new support ticket for another issue. Thanks for fixing the first issue.

No problem, you will get reply as soon as our support office opens ! We will help you whenever you need. Thank you.

Hello, before I but this theme I have a few questions:

1. I assume with WooCommerce that USD is supported? 2. Can other icons beside the colored forks be coded in the nav? If this is possible in CSS, please let me know (I can probably figure it out). 3. Is there demo content available? 4. How easy is it to change the color scheme?



1. Yes Woocommerce Supported USD

2. You can change fork icon with image file and css, no need to change code

3. Yes XML demo data is provided, which does not import widgets, so may be you need to follow documentation to install widgets.

4. Some common Colors can be change from Admin Panel Options.

Let us know if you still have any questions, Thank you

Hello, I need to make the rotator main products automatically rotate web without using the arrows, is it possible?.

thank you very much

Please contact our support team at https://www.templatemela.com/support/ they can help you. Thank you for purchase.