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Couple more:

1. Getting this error under “reviews” of products:


2. How do I get rid of this empty space below my banner?



Also, doing what you said still doesn’t work. It kicks anything after 6 categories into the next row, taking it off the line where I want it to be with all other categories.

Hi Miissmelanie,

Please Open your ticket on out support forum for fast reply

Ticket submitted, please help as soon as you can.

Hi, I wonder how to make the search form work with the key Enter? The html code is the same as that in the default theme yet if I hit Enter nothing happens.

Hi adidaphat,

I will check it and back to you.

thank you

I have solved the problem. Those who want the search form work with the Enter key and do not want to mess with common.js file should rename #search into #header.

Thank you very much adidaphat for help, really appreciate that

just bought this theme and installed as suggested but was very disapointed:

1st issue – this theme does not support ie9 as suggested even rounded corner options do not show up in ie9. So any html 5 effects seem to not work – most do work on ie 9 because I use rounded corners on my sites and they work fine (without MS code)

2nd issue – the theme selector on the left does not work in ie9 and you must add the option to switch this off – most people don’t want it when dealing with clients corporate colours

3rd issue – your theme causes a fault with the search box on opencart Undefined variable: filter_name in /home5/servoplc/public_html/store/catalog/view/theme/resto/template/common/header.tpl on line 327

4th issue – background controls options in the theme editor for the backend do nothing – adding a new image just makes the original image centre up. You cannot add your own background or pattern. Adding google fonts causes all fonts to look too small in chrome (unreadable) and with no option to set a default em size this is pointless option also – recommend everyone disables the theme settings and does this manually

5th issue – you need to keep your googlefonts up to date – there are a lot of new fonts you do not have, and there are some no longer supported (i.e. removed from the googlefonts list due to copyright issues) An easier solution would be to let the user add the googlefonts script embedded in the header – again only useful if you allow font size control because google fonts are rubbish at 12pt.

6th issue – on switching the theme off – the image sizes are screwed for all other themes including default – do you know the default sizes because I cannot get them back now !

Hi sykoste,

First thank you for purchasing resto theme, so about errors :

1st – Resto theme support ie9 and work perfect on it but about radius corners it doesn’t radius on ie as it takes a gradient color and on ie if it have gradient so it cancel the radius.

2nd – The selector colors box work perfect on ie9 and i disappear it by request if any customer need it.

3rd – My theme doesn’t support 1.5.5.x versions yet so till now it works with 1.5.4.x.

4th – background controls options in the theme editor works perfect and tested many times for saved patterns, custom patterns, custom image background and for color background.

5th – About google fonts you are right i will make it up to date.

6th – The default sizes you can back it from documentation i set all dimensions.

Finally you can send to me your ftp account info and give me a permission to go to your admin area to check your issues.

thank you

with regards to 1st issue – it seems ie 9’s lack of support for the theme switcher is what causes the issue with the styles not working (if I remove the switcher java and styles from the header.tpl the styles work. This also covers 2nd issue if anyone wants to remove the theme selector just remove the switcher script and styles from the header.tpl file in common folder.

with regards to 3rd issue – it would appear that opencart post version .4 has changed the way the search works (the precursor filter_ is no longer used in both the variable names in search.tpl and in header.tpl

I added the google font i required to the standard style sheet once the switcher was removed – and I was able to use it normally – what controls the google fonts and how does it know to use them? I could not see a google font call in the header.tpl?

ASTeam, checkout isn’t working on the site (guest or register, both options don’t work):

I’ve emailed you my FTP Info before, can you inspect the issue?


Working on customizing the theme to suit my needs. But I have one issue. Please check http://zwembadwebshop.nl/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=40. I want to align number (aantal), the add to cart button (Bestellen) and the compare and wishlist icons in one line. At the moment the Add to cart button (Bestellen) is situated on the next line).

Any tips? Thanks!

Hi thecapguy,

thank you for purchasing out resto theme,

to make them on the same line just follow steps :

Open this directory :

search for :
.product-info .cart .button {

Add this line with bold on the same position :
.product-info .cart .button {
float: left;

Ctrl+ s to save changes.


Thanks for the quick response, did the trick!

HI, where to find the validation messages , so can translate to Arabic ? like at login form “This field is required”


Hi totals,

Any Translation you need on admin area you will see it on this path:

admin/language/[your language]/...

thank you

Also if you need translation files of the front-end site you will see it on this path :

catalog/language/[your language]/...

thank you


There is no Column Switcher under Style Switcher as it is on demo. I can only change colours. How can I change the theme into two column layout? Thank you.

Hi 4j4b001,

No we just notes that our resto theme works on 1 or 2 or 3 columns and linked to 3 demos.

If you need to switch to 2 columns od 3 columns just from admin panel for every page on opencart.

thank you


Thank you for you reply. However, I think I did not understand you. Can you explain step by step what ans how it needs to be done?


Please just open your ticket here in our support forum

thank you


jzm Purchased

What are the correct image sizes for this theme?

Hi jzm,

Thank you for purchasing our theme resto and all image sizes shown in documentation on image settings section.

Thank you

Hi Venza Studio,

On the registration page I am forced to filll in company ID and Tax Id even though I have disabled this optionm in the customer group settings. Any ideas?



Just sent you details . Cheers Dan

Hi Sent mail to you


Hi Venza I’ve replied to your email cheers

Hi !

How do I install on the pop-up menu category ?

Hi denfolio,

Thank you for purchasing Resto theme,

To add sub categories just add a new category and from Data tab inside this category You will find this line on the top Parent Category: select from it the parent that drop down from.

Thank you

hi sorry, left block of the categories at the demo, closed the opening with Clicking on accordion effect. Without effect opens after clicking on the categories open to me. Can you please check? Thank you in advance http://www.tomcorbie.com/index.php

Hi denfolio,

There is errors appears on js appear on your page while inspect it, so please try to upload all js files again also header.tpl so you need to upload all files again on this paths :


If still the problem found send to us your ftp info accounts with discussing your problem through our profile page message form.

Thank you

hello I want to disappear the colors selector box. How can i do this ? Thanks

Hi mantolis,

Please open your ticket through our support forum.

Thank you

alslam alikom when are you make it rtl?

should i wait for you or can u help me in special beta version of rtl?

cause i need in rtl!

Hi sanapix,

So sorry we don’t have a time to make it rtl.

thank you

salam alikom how can i remove color switcher and choose red color as default?

hello please help me

also another problem in search it says no filter

” ??? Notice: Undefined variable: filter_name in /home/guzel/public_html/shop/catalog/view/theme/resto/template/common/header.tpl on line 349 “

Hi sanapix,

The search problem because you installed a wrong version of opencart theme not compatible with our theme, please send to me your ftp info with all your requests sort.

thank you

found the solution!

Hi, you definitely need to spend some more time on seo optimization. Your own demo gives 47/100 in google page speed. http://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fthemes.venzastudio.com%2Fresto%2Fresto1%2Findex.php%3Froute%3Dcommon%2Fhome

Especially render-blocking, css optimizing, minifying css and js shpuld be done at your side.Sadly we don’t have good results with this theme in terms of seo.

Hi orkinoks,

I will look at this errors appearing and try to improve it.

Thank you

Any plans to make it compatible with oc 1.5.6?

Hi adidaphat,

We will work in updating all our themes to the latest versions very soon and will noticed you be email.

Thank you

good day how to remove the latest module from appearing on the product page. This theme has alot of errors and most of it can’t be controlled by the admin panel.

Hi cooltrini,

You can remove it from latest module in admin panel, please if you faced any errors or problems don’t hesitate to post in http://support.venzastudio.com

Thank you