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Just bought it, looks like very cool.

Good job :)

PS : Love hi-hi-captain.txt ;)

clean, clear, elegant, simple, relevant… good job MQ :)

Looks GR8 ! Just bought it! thanks!

Hi mq, is the CV able to export to MS words and PDF format??? in your demo it cant work…. will your org file is it working?

Hi Kinhian,

Nope, you’ll need to link to a doc or pdf file on your server.


Hello Mustafa. I have one question. Can i somehow add to this template some sort of “COMMENTS” part like this one here or add new page with comments aka blog? chrs EGGO

You can if you want to..but it does not come as a part of this template.


kk. thanks.


I need the HTML and the CSS file as well because I have to show the code for my assignment. Do we get the code when we buy the theme?

Yep! Ofcourse you get the code when you buy the theme along with the psd file :)

Hi Mustafa,

Amazing theme. I love it! Just a quick question: Is it possible to force the PDF version of the resume to download rather than trying to open in the browser?



I’ve never tried it, since, I believe it interferes with a user’s default settings and hence usability. However, googling gave lots of simple ways to do it.

Thanks :)


I am thinking of buying this theme. Is it easy to convert this to a WP theme? or are you aware of any WP themes that share the same color-scheme and layout?

Thank you

Hi, am not sure why would a cms be needed for a fairly simple theme like this. Using wordpress for it is unnecessary IMHO .

However, due to few requests I’m considering providing a custom CMS for 2 of my themes, however, don’t hold your breath, since, it might take more than a month.

Regards Mustafa

Good work buddy!

I hope I am allowed to make changes to the theme, right? I want to use your work as skeleton of my own website to which I want to make a few visual and programatic changes.

Otherwise, decent theme.


Thanks. Yep, you’re allowed to make changes to the theme as you wish.


Thanks. Yep, you’re allowed to make changes to the theme as you wish.


I’ve just bought it. Really, it’s a piece of really good job!

Excellent work. Very easy to edit and customize. Would highly recommend !!

Hi, can you just clarify whether this is an actual Wordpress theme or a static website made with HTML and CSS ?


It’s a HTML /CSS theme.

Hello, I just downloaded this theme and I’m trying to install, however it says that it is broken. “The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.” “resume-cv-perfecto_all-files Stylesheet is missing.”

I looked through the filed but I cant fins a style.css.

If you could please help I’d be great full.


This is a HTML /CSS theme. Not a Wordpress theme.

I’m already using this excellent template. Just keep the good work! :)

Thanks :) We will…

Hi mq;

I’m wondering what’s the problem with the contact form. I changed the config file with my email. And is online in server with php running. I can’t give you the url in this board… Basically nothing happens when I submit the form.

Can you help me? Thanks

Hey sorry,

Am out on travel. This should be a problem with the hosting. Please send me a message with the url and the problem through the contact form on my author page.

Suppose a potential employer wanted to read the CV offline. Hopefully they would just download the PDF version. But I was curious to see what would happen if they simply saved the web page as a standalone web page. So from firefox I saved as a complete web page to my desktop and opened it. At first glance it all seemed to work. But then I noticed something curious. If I select one of the tabs, for example SKILLS , the text scrolls as expected. If I then drag the content back up to the top the text gets clipped. It looks like the content column is being positioned too high and overlaps the gap between the contents and the header. I have no idea why it does this in the saved page, but not in the original. Not a big issue, but it spoils the look of what is otherwise a nice layout.

You just need to download the original files from your FTP and send the employer the folder on a Disc.

Regards Mustafa

I bought Resume Perfecto – now I need to know how to install it as a theme on WordPress – can I do this? If so…how?


Hey Casserly,

I guess you were the one who emailed me. Anyway, this is a HTML /CSS theme and not wordpress theme.

Regards Mustafa

hi, how to activate, conect word doc. from icon? this line:

  • Download in a .DOC Format
  • by