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Hi there – thanks for this great theme. I am loving it so far. (still under construction). I am trying to put the down arrow at the bottom of the revolution slider but can’t figure out where that setting is. Can you let me know please? Your demo has it but I can’t seem to enable it. Thx

Is this theme compatible with the latest Wordpress update (4.6)? I noticed it’s not listed in the “Software Version” on your theme.

Hi. Love the Theme and I adjusted most of what I want. But. The featured img for blogposts appears to be slightly skewed / stretched in the section-blog.php no matter how I change the original image. Can I override this or is the a certain size that will be left alone

I figured it out. In /css/style.css I added height: 100%; to the .content img

Hello, I’ve tried to install the demo content as per your video here:

The XML file uploads perfectly but I am receiving the following error in the Wordpress importer when importing attachments:

Sorry, there has been an error. File is empty. Please upload something more substantial. This error could also be caused by uploads being disabled in your php.ini or by post_max_size being defined as smaller than upload_max_filesize in php.ini.

I then get redirected to a 404 page here: .../wp-admin/admin.php?import=wordpress&step=2

Any help you can offer would be appreciated. Thank you


vcoco Purchased

Hello, I like the font used in the “Signature” image at the bottom of about me. Can you please tell me what font it is?

Bought a regular license but the zip for the theme won’t upload in wordpress 4.6.1. Keep getting that message Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.

I don’t know what is wrong with the theme . It just keeps loading with showing the landing pageafter i transfered to a subdomain and imported the database to the subdomain database., this is the link. .. I dont know what to do . How do i disable the preloader or what is the solution?

Pls my website with your theme keeps loading on the preloader without showing the front page. what do i do ?

Hello this is max calling for help from Italy

I recently bought Resumex e040c12a-f4e8-4921-8a94-6a6c80ee1032 – 4 Jan 2017 REGULAR LICENSE

I am pretty satisfied with it BUT I have 2 problems I cannot fix

1) The time line (job experiences) is NOT respecting the dates I set (and do not understand what’s wrong with it)

2) same way in the blog (if I modify the dates or articles that I have already published … they do not appear in the grid under the new correct chronology)

what should I do? waiting for your kind reply max

can you send us your URL, User ID and password to our mailing address So that we can check your admin panel. Please mention your Envato ID name and project Name as well

hello, the site is I have created a specific profile for you: user:themebucket psw: Theme_bucket_2017_check

ps: in order to view the site, go to plugins, Intime, deactivate


Hi, Sorry for late reply. Your site allowing access only from Italy and Switzerland. Please disable ip blocker so that we can check.


I am actually very deluded for NOT receiving any feedback from you after 48 hours now…

Hi, Sorry for late reply. Your site allowing access only from Italy and Switzerland. Please disable ip blocker so that we can check.


Hi there, I’m getting an error regarding the contact form. It states the following:

“Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.”

I’m unable to fix this and am needing your support to fix it for me.

Thank you

can you give us your site link please?