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diode Purchased

Anyway to get a customizable orderby property? When setting up the experience section it looks like the sort is by post ID. Yes, there is ascending and descending by post ID, but that really doesn’t help when it comes to data that is entered with dates. Either sorting by post date creation, or even better having a field in each of the posts where we can manually set an order number would be much better?

For now, I’ve made a single line change to the functions.php file on line 614.

I changed the line which originally read:

"orderby" => "ID",

to the modified:

"orderby" => date,

this at least changes the sort to post date which is more easily configurable in the admin section, than post ID. You can actually change the post date, but you can’t alter the post ID in order to correct the sort. Having an order by field for these where you could add any desired number would be even more desirable.


My purchase code for essential grid keeps saying invalid code. How do I fix this?


My essential grid plugin is breaking my site. Not sure what to do. I already tried updating the plugin.

It’s a very good theme, I would like to know if have you used LESS or SASS for managing the CSS ?


My theme wont load any content like the demo version. Please help me. I have already emailed you.


Spencer Bratman

Which email address is yours?

Hi there, really satisfied with this theme! See I have one specific question. how is the menu built? How do I add custom menu items?

I hope you can help. I’m not that bad in coding, but maybe there’s a clean solution from within the admin panel? Please help.

Kind regards, Harald

I know, that’s the standard way. But the theme frontpage which has its page template seems to be using it’s own menu. How do I add a custom menu to this? The frontpage has the Resumex menu structure, but a single post page ( has my custom menu, how does this work? I want to manually add menu items tot the Resumex frontpage menu.

is that possible?

yes possible. go to admin panel and see there is a Appearance menu in the side bar. In the appearance menu there is a MENU submenu. click on it and create your own custom menu and assign it to your site.

hi, I want to know before buy your theme. Is there the possibility to add example content to the site? so that I can only modify the existing?

Didn’t understand your question. can you explain it little more


I by-accident deleted a the themebucket user in the admin panel, and my site no longer shows all the content I had in the past. However, all my content is still available inside the admin panel. How do I fix this?



Hello, I would like to change the font size of my ‘Skills’ section, How can I do this?

The demo is not working, could you please activate it?

Thanks for noticing. Demo link is active now.

Hello, I would like to change the font size of my ‘Skills’ section, How can I do this?

Hello, I would like to change the font size of my ‘Skills’ section, How can I do this?

Hello, I would like to change the font size of my ‘Skills’ section, How can I do this?

Hello, I would like to change the font size of my ‘Skills’ section, How can I do this?

Hello, love the theme but my name that appears at the top of the website is not acting responsive. On mobile, my name gets cut off. Any solution for that?

My name is Craig J. Belhumeur, so not too much longer than the name you use in the sample. Not sure why mine isn’t acting responsive. Any help you could provide would be great. Thanks!

Also, have you ever seen an issue around uploading images? Every image I try to upload gets a “HTTP Error”. I even called GoDaddy to have them increase my memory. The images I am trying to upload aren’t even large though, so I am very confused. Please help!!

So much for the support from this Author. I’ve been asking the same question over and over again…. Last time i will buy something from Themebucket No support for their paying customers whatsoever.

Nice theme, but before purchasing i would like to ask if we can add Sections in it like Pricing table section or Services Buy Now Section ?


morcosss Purchased


after reinstall I get error message: The site did not loaded Google Maps, technical information see in JavaScript Console. Same failure in IE and Chrome as well.

Could you help me please?

Thanks in advance, Attila