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I cant see on Firebug(FireFox) the exact line on the CSS file . Why is it like this ? How can i fix it ? I need to make a lot of CSS changes there .

There is a custom CSS section in the Theme Settings section. You can write your CSS there – it will always override because the theme appends the custom css at the end after loading all css.

And in firebug, if a css is generated in runtime only then you can’t see the exact line. Otherwise it’s always shown there along with the file name.

Ok thanks .

I am trying to remove the ‘Latest Comments’ and ‘Flickr’ from the footer. I know you mentioned in previous post that it is completely widetized, however when I go to Appearance > Widgets, I do not see anything in the footer. Forgive me if I am making a stupid mistake somewhere. I LOVE this theme so far!

Hi, you can Footer Middle and Footer Right – two containers in widgets section. Just place any widgets in those two containers to replace these comments and flickr elements

Perfect! Thank you!

Hi there,

The theme looks absolutely fantastic on a client’s site.

One quick question – how do I change the words “LIVE DEMO” on the button within an individual portfolio item? We have the portfolio items set to be links to the client’s performances on YouTube so “live demo” just doesn’t fit here.

Hi, Please check latest update now we have added essential grid that fully support youtube video.

I am trying to add custom CSS to change the font for the h3 within the div with the skillsnews class but it keeps rejecting my CSS syntax. Here is the CSS syntax I am trying to use:


.newskills h3 { font-family: ‘Raleway’; } </style>

Please help :)

Please give screenshot and URL.

Hello, I installed resumeX template – and activated it, but in the backend the theme settings while the names of the different admin sections display – there are no options to edit – just a white area.

I run wordpress 3.9 no other plugins except what the theme required and my PHP Version is 5.2.17

I re-installed using wordpress version 3.8.1 and the admin panel displays fine, so I think the theme admin panel is somehow incompatible with wordpress 3.9, please fix that.

please install the latest version of resumex which is compatible with 3.9

Why do I keep getting this message popping up on my site? “Fatal error: Theme CSS could not load after 20 sec. Please download the latest theme at"

And how can I turn it off?

That is not related to our theme. We didn’t use any component from that site – so it must be coming from any of your installed plugins.

Hey mate . the update with the video widget for resume-x is on air alredy ? Let me know plz !

We’ve integrated the new portfolio system. We will submit it tomorrow morning in themeforest and you will get it hopefully by tomorrow night. You will receive an update email from themeforest.

Hello, The template includes the PSD file? Thanks!

Might seem noobish but.. how do I update ?

Deactivate -> Delete -> Upload new theme -> Activate

Your data and settings will remain okay

oh right I thought if I delete I’d lose my settings, thanks!

Hello, Resumex v2.0 is compatible with wordpress 3.9.1 ? or just 3.9 ! Thanks :)

Thanks :)

Hi wowwwwww looks very very good! I think there are a lot of options people were waiting for. I only have one question, could you help us a bit out with (i read the manual but it doesn’t cover it): - do i have to move all my (old) portfolio to the grid portfolio (to use video)? - how does it exactly work? (i am not a nono but it is somewhat complicated… You activate the grid, then you choose one an paste the code in the resumeX-settings. But then what? i lost my own portfolio, but got the grid one….(because of the activation), but i like to move my own to the grid….. Could you please give us some more info how to deal with this?

But further, reallllly great work!! I get a lot of compliments about the site :-) Kind regards, Ivan

Ohhhh and i am not getting alll the portfolio (grid) items it looks like it is limited to 12 (but not in your site), maybe because it is i do not see the ‘movie’ portfolios…

Sorry found the documentation in the zip-file about information about the grid. But leaves me one question only. Do i better transport my ‘portfolio-items’ to the ‘essential grid portfolio’ ?

It’s up to you. There are 30 sample grid types and many grid items when you’re done the importing. Also you can download that sample grid (after full import) which we’ve mentioned in the doc. It won’t be hard to create a new grid with your items.

I’ve checked out the various Youtube videos to try and work out how to implement Essential Grid but haven’t had any luck. Is it possible to use it to have my current Portfolio items displayed in the grid and also add in Youtube videos as well? Could you please provide further details about how to properly setup Essential Grid on my site as it doesn’t seem obvious how to achieve this? Thanks

Hi, Essential grid has a bunch of settings options and missing the proper order can prevent your grid from playing the video. You can set the essential grid and send your site URL, username and password so that we can configure it for you. Email us at

@davidstallard, thats something i am wrestling with too. I tried to have my current portfolio in it but there is something with the categories so it won’t take the settings. Thats why i started a new (essential) grid, but having troubles with the youtube and vimeo additions (watched a lot of video’s but it has too many options to keep it simple :-) If there is any way to ‘take in’ my already existing portfolio please let me know :-)

You can send your blog’s admin username and password to so that we can cutomize the grid properly for you. I will also send you a screenshot of settings which will be changed so that you can do it by yourself in the future.

Hi themebucket, thanks for your reply and offer. I think i figured it out now. Although i think it looks how i wants it to :-)

I can’t seem to delete the old theme. I read you said “Deactivate -> Delete -> Upload new theme -> Activate” but can’t find my way around it. any help is appreciated.

I keep getting the following message “Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.”

Is this issue known to you or am I doing something wrong? I downloaded the Resumex folder. I don’t see a file so I compressed the whole folder. When I try to bring it to WP, that is the message I get. What am I missing?

I do find the file when I “download all files”, but I get the same error.

You will find a folder named “theme” after unzipping. And inside that folder you will find the – upload that one.

I am adding images to my portfolio and trying to set the viewable thumbnail to a certain portion of the image so it displays better. However the thumbnail is not displaying on my site with the set thumbnail. I have edited the image but it is still not working. Please help!

Can you please give your URL or screenshots?

how do I upload my screenshots?

take a screenshot, save it and mail us to

Since updating to version 2.0 I am unable to change the section order in the global management settings. When I move sections or change the name of a section and save it reverts to the default order. Can you please give me some insight as to how I might remedy this situation?

We’re looking at this issue. Shouldn’t happen like that but we’re checking. Which version of wordpress are you using?

I’m running Wordpress 2.9.1, I have another question as well, First of all thank you for adding the support for Ess. Grid, it’s a great addition. I’m using the grid as a portfolio and each tile is a different project. Is it possible to have a gallery attached to each tile so that a guest can cycle through project pictures without going to the blog post for that project? Thanks for your help.

I don’t think that will be possible via Ess Grid at this moment :(

Dear developers,

I was unable to upload the Theme via WP theme uploader. When I uploaded it via FTP, I’m getting this error in Settings -> Global Management:

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, boolean given in /public_html/wp-content/themes/resumex/ReduxFramework/ReduxCore/inc/fields/sortable/field_sortable.php on line 59

My server’s upload limit is set to 512MB.

Please advise. Thanks!

Can you please send your site URL and admin username + password to so that we can have a look?

I was able to resolve the issue by reinstalling the theme, I think it was caused by my server error. Thanks!

I’m trying to install resumex topic and the following message appears: “Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again. “

Unzipped the main theme folder and sent the file that is within the “theme” folder.

Can you help me?

If you cannot install this theme using WordPress’s default theme installation page, then please unzip that and upload the folder to wp-content\themes\ folder via FTP/sFTP

Hi, I’m having an issue where blog posts displayed on my homepage include the number of comments displayed on them, but when I click on the number of comments (from the homepage) it simply takes the user back to the top of the homepage, rather than taking them to the individual blog post and showing them the comments.

Any suggestions?

I’ve e-mailed you on that address several times but not had any response. Any update on resolving this issue?

This issue has already been fixed in the latest update long ago. We suggest that you install the latest update, or just simply replace sections/section-blog.php with the latest’s updates sections/section-blog.php

I updated the section-blog.php with content from the latest update but the issue still remains. (see

Any other ideas?

Hi there, When trying to install this theme or install any of the updates, I keep getting getting an error which displays “Are you sure you want to do this” and the only available option is to click “Please try again”. Repeating the process over and over again has the exact same result. I’ve been able to install the theme (and subsequent updates) via FTP, however this is a major hassle (I won’t go into the details, but trust me, it’s painful). Given all other themes install fine, do you have any idea why this may be happening and what could be done to resolve this? I noticed others posting about experiencing this issue but couldn’t find a solution to this problem.

Hoping to hear from you soon. Thanks

Please mail us your admin access we will install it. Thanks