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Sorry, 1 more issue: Clicking on any of the social icons takes the user away from my website – is there a way to ensure that clicking these links opens them up in a new window?

Please open sections/section-social.php and you will see that there are many anchor tags, (i.e <a>) like the following one with social links

<a href="<?php echo $themebucket_resumi['section_social_facebook']; ?>" class="social-link sprite-facebook "></a>

You can just add a target=’_blank’ attribute in each of these links, like

<a href="<?php echo $themebucket_resumi['section_social_facebook']; ?>" class="social-link sprite-facebook " target="_blank"></a>

that will fix the issue

Yep, that worked beautifully, thanks.

Slow loading of the site. Suddenly with version 2. my site seems to load slower than it used too. It gives “loading assets’ quite a long time. I am not used to see that screen (for so long). Any idea?

Kind regards, Ivan

Hi, Not sure why it is happening. Please mail us your admin access we will check it. Thanks

Hello. I purchased your template today and am excited to begin using it. I uploaded it to my wordpress site, but I am having trouble installing the required and recommended plug-ins: Attachments, Essential Grid, Contact Form 7, and Revolution Slider. Each time I try to install, I receive the error “The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature.” Any ideas?

Please mail us your admin access we will try. Thanks

I tried twice emailing you through ThemeForest with admin access info, but am not getting a response. Are you getting my messages or do I need to send them another way?

Sorry for late reply. We did not get any mail form you. please send mail to

I cannot seem to upload the theme to WordPress 3.9.1 – do you have an update?

Please download the latest update and upload it from wordpress Appearance ->themes section. If you’re having any problem, then it’s because your upload limit is set to lower than the theme size. Ask your system admin to increase the PHP upload limit for your hosting to 16MB at least.

Or upload this theme via FTP

Greetings – nice theme – but bundled with the theme is the ESS plugin and I cannot seem to activate it – can you please clarify?

Just activate from the plugins section. You can also find the ESS plugin inside the theme/plugins directory, from where you can upload and activate manually.

ESS shows an alert telling you that “if you want support, you may want to activate by providing serial” – Which is not required, you got the latest version with this theme. They request you to activate just in case you want support from them

If you cannot activate this ESS from the plugins section, please contact us via with the details and we will get back to you asap

Hi Themebucket! First of all, great looking theme! :bigsmile:

This is just my 2nd time using a custom theme for my personal wordpress website. After installing the theme I got a bit lost. The template of the uploaded theme doesn’t look like the Resumex “live preview”.

I think I did something wrong or I’m missing something but could you guys pls help me getting it like the “live preview”? Next thing for me will be customizing the texts / images etc.

Thanks in advance & keep the good work going!!


I think you didn’t import data. did you? Please import data. If it don’t work please tell us.

Thanks for the quick reply. I don’t think I have.. I only uploaded the theme & installed some required plug-ins. Strangely there are four items that show “red” instead of “white”in the left bar: Experiences, Educations, Portfolio and Testimonials. Or is this how it should be?

What data should I import? And where do I do this? Sorry for all the questions, but it’s all still relatively new to me

You can email your site url, admin username and password to and we can installit exactly like the demo – if you think that helps :)

Once set up, you can take it from there

Not sure if I installed it correctly. Not of the pages are there accept the sample page.

Please Help!

Please send your admin username, url and password to along with your purchase code so that we can have a look at it.

Could you please walk me through setting up my page like the demo, I have installed the theme as well as the .xml file for data. What else am I missing, could you please help Thank you

You can send us your site URL, admin username and password and we can set it up for you. Then you can take it from there.

Pls mail us at

Where you able to look at my site, i believe I sent all the correct login information.

Hi, can you please tell us which email address did you send it from?

Nice Theme. I just have one issue which has been already mentioned but not solved yet. On mobile devices the menu does not disappear once you pressed an menu item. It jumps to the menu item, but the menu itself stays on top, means it is not automatically closed. This causes that part of the content is hidden. You have to manually press the menu button again, to trigger the fade in of the menu. Is there a way to get around it? I am using WP 3.9.1 und the resumex version 1.3.1 Even on the demo version 2 it acts exactly the same (wrong) way.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Sorry for this issue. Please use following code in scripts.js:
$('.nav li a').click(function(){


Great hint, works perfect if the parameter in the trigger function is set in apostrophe. The correct statement would be:

Thanks for the good and fast response.

I like the theme but some images are not Retina ready and look blurred on iPhone / iPad. Examples: Social icons, Logos, Signatures

Is there a workaround or do you plan to optimize this theme for Retina displays?

Hi, yes right now this is not ready for retina. We’ll compatible retina display in next update.


It would be great to sort entries manually like experiences, education, testimonials…

Is this possible?

thanks for the idea, we will keep it in mind and try to do something in the next version

The Blog section doesn’t look right on iPhone and the header section is not supporting longer texts. Where can I change the font-size?

Can you please send us the mobile screenshots. After see screenshot we can exactly understand the problem. Thanks

Hi I can’t seem to get my contact page setup to go to my email account. Could you give me steps?



sometime the outgoing email doesnt reach the destination because of some SMTP restrictions. So please talk to your system administrator and check if that’s a problem.

We suggest that you install a free plugin like MailGun or Mailchimp which works like a charm and ensures the deliverability of the email.

On my android phone when I open the page. The sliders text is not lined up and overlaps. Could you help please

Please mail us your admin access where we can check the problem. Thanks

Hi Guys,

I’m having trouble finding the file location of the logo “my Resume,” in the header field where the tabs are. If you could tell me where you guy have hidden that file it would be great. Its a great theme. Thanks


it is in the ResumeX Settings->Header Section. Please turn on standard header (if it is turned off), you will find the logo uploader over there. Once the logo uploaded, you can turn off the standard header again to display the rev slider.

Hi, I want to purchase this theme, but on the WP-version the portfolio doesn’t work? Right? On the HTML version it does… Can this be fixed?

ResumeX has two very powerful portfolio options. One is it’s builtin profile manager which is pretty simple and you can manage a profile quickly with that. Another one is Essential Grid ( ) which gives you the ultimate control on everything

I am not sure from where did you get the idea that the portfolio in ResumeX WP doesnt work :D

If i go to I don’t see the portfolio-item in the newest Chromes, Safari, Firefox on my Mac Pro. That’s why… I thought it would be in the demo version. I’m sorry. I am the same ‘writer’ as the previous one… twinsense

It is visible now. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the heads up

Can you help me set up my homepage as the preview version?

I assume that I will have to send you an email with my login information.

Best regards, Alexander

Yes sure, please send us your admin username, password and site url to

Also permit us to install any plugins and import dummy data required for this task

Hi ThemeBucket!

Awesome theme I had to buy it! I am having all sorts of trouble setting it up, I would really appreciate if you could help me.

I’ve already sent you an email to with all required information for

Please feel free to update the necessary data and plugins for it to work just like the live demo (Animations, slider, etc.)


It is done.

Hi! Thanks a lot, great work ;)


I really like your template, however I have a problem with it on mobile devices. On my android on the default browser, I only get a white screen with a small blue image on it.

I would appreciate your help.


Thank you for your answer, yes you can check it here:

Allo ?

we have double checked it again. can you shoot us an email with device information that you’re checking with?