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Hi I ve purchased your theme, it is really cool by the way. However the sort sections function is not working. Everytime i save the configuration it goes back to default.

I ve already sent you an email to your gmail adress (

Thanks in advance.

I don’t really understand your issue? what sort you mean? portfolio sorting? Please say details what problem you are facing.

Resumex Options > Global Management > Sort Sections.

When i want to change the order of the modules and after i save the changes they go back to default. It seems that is not working okay.

Thanks you can have a look by yourself. I sent you an email to your gmail.

I would love to know if I can remove the carousel banner above the nav bar. This theme is exactly what I wanted but just without that huge banner.

Please go to landing-header.php and remove lines 115 to 151. Thanks

Hi !

How i can remove the white rectangle in the skills section ( with the text ” Photography is my great passion …. ” )

Thx :)

Please open sections/section-skill.php and and remove from line number #52 to #62, I mean the if block which started with the following code

<?php if (isset($themebucket_resumi['section_skill_banner_title'])) { ?>

Thats it

I can’t seem to figure out how to add the experience counters as in the demo. I’m not seeing it anywhere. Also, none of my portfolio pieces are showing up. Any help?

Go to ResumeX settings -> Experience section, turn on “Display Counters” and add them from there

Hi there

How do I get rid of the user section and comments sections at the bottom of the pages?


Please open blog-home.php and remove from line number 103 to 133, I mean the if_single() block

Purchased this theme yesterday and I am absolutely dissatisfied with the quality of this product. I’ve spent hours managing and putting this thing together and it just reset itself all on its own. There go all those hours. Don’t purchase this product. Highly unreliable.

We always appreciate your feedback. Can you please tell me what did you actually mean by “it just reset itself all on its own”. Thanks

because there is no response, I repeat my question. sorry for inconvenience:

Hello I want to buy this template (ResumeX). however before buying I have some questions and will be grateful if you help me to have the answers: 1) I need my website to be in two languages. what is solution? especially that content and blog posts should be different. 2) one of languages I want to put is Right To Left. any problem? 3) Bucket Admin is included to my template, with the 40$ I pay for template. yes? 4) can I have a trial on admin? for example what options I have for landing page and different options for appearance? may you provide a trial period? thanks for your fast response.

Sorry for late reply and thank you for you interest. 1. its possible 2.There is no option currently for RTL. 3, 4. We are really sorry for this 2 proposal. we don’t have any provision for this.


when i click on ” download resume ” , the document is open in a new window , it’s not possible for the visitor to download directly on his computer ?


It depends on browser behaviour mainly. You can always right click on it and hit save as


How can I add a video item to the portfolio? I’m trying to add a “Demo Reel” and have only that appear for the portfolio.


If you’re using Essential grid, you can embed any youtube vide URL. Please import the dummy data and see how it’s done or check the essential grid manual which is included with the theme

I added the vimeo link, it doesn’t show up on the page though.

Hey -

Just bought the theme and really like it! I’d love to add an accordion shortcode to the experience section – but it doesn’t seem to be working. Is there something I need to change in the function.php file or elsewhere to make this work?


Update: it’s not just not working in the right-hand column, and I’m having a similar issue with a progress bar shortcode in the testimonials section.

My website at is displaying the following error at the bottom of the experience section: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/davidsta/public_html/wp-content/themes/resumex/sections/section-experience.php on line 116

Any chance you could take a look and let me know what is causing this issue and how I can resolve it? Thanks

I am unable to figure out how to make some changes to my theme at or you can see a screen shot of what I am talking about here

As seen on the above screen shot I am trying to use a Video & Parallax Background plugin to add a PNG photo in the space behind me.

I also want to make the Experiences timeline horizontal using the Content Timeline plugin but can’t figure out how. If you can assist me with those, thank you so much!

Thanks for your message. Those customise option is not available in our theme and we have no plan to add those option there. If you want that then you have to develop it by yourself.

If you have a tutorial on how we can implement visual composer with the posts that would be a huge help. I’m at a complete loss at how to fix it.

I am trying to change the size of the font in the ABOUT ME section, actually all the sections, because I think the fonts are too small. I didn’t find it. Could you please advise? Thank you


I purchased the ResumeX Theme today. I am on a ADSL2+ connection with excellent speed.

I tried to upload the theme and despite the high speed connection it took more than an hour to upload them them. I was shocked with the end result.

The message that popped up on the screen was

Security Alert

The file you are uploading was rejected by the server. It probably contents viruses or trojans that can damage your website

Do not attempt to upload it again as your IP address may be blocked.

Kindly help fix the issue.

Thanks in advance.

Ripul Anand

We think it is your server problem please setup this theme any other places and if same message is appear then please tell us. Can you please tell me which file your are uploading. Can you please tell us file name please? Thanks

Hello the file name is

I approached the server admin and now I am getting a wordpress failure notice :-( asking me to try again everytime i upload it.

Kindly help.

Kindly let know how do i send you the screenshots.

Thanks and Regards Ripul Anand

Please unzip that folder and go to theme folder you will get theme file there :)


I have several things which don’t work properly:

1. When you click on the company from the experience section, it leads you to the wrong URL: 2. There is a mistake in spelling here: 3. Again misleading from the social networks section either click or drag it goes here:

Could you let me know why is that and help to improve please?

Thanks, Aslan


Thanks for a wonderful theme and all the support you provide with quick response.

I am in the process of building my website and using the revolution slider. However, I am unable to figure out how to get that navigation button towards the bottom of the screen to enable navigation to the further content below.

I am expecting it to work the same way as it is in the theme preview. Full Screen slider with the middle bottom navigation button.

Kindly help.

Thanks and Regards Ripul Anand

Problem with the mail icon and resume is fixed. Just wondering if there is a way that the resume gets open in a new window rather than the on the same page as the current site.

The only thing left is that when I use the revolution slider, I don’t see the icon to click to move to the resume as it is there in the theme preview. I have turned it to the default header for now. Kindly help so that I can use the revolution slider.

Also is there a way to speed up the loading process for the slider it seems to be taking lot of time and never opened on my mobile.

am still awaiting response :-(. Kindly revert.

Hello I request you to kindly reply to the slider question above :-(.


Great theme! Thanks for putting this together. :) I am having a slight issue with my blog section. Please help!

Everytime I click on “View all posts” it takes me to the top of the page as opposed to all my blog posts. How can I fix this?


I am having an issue with the “Sort Sections” section within the “Global Management” area. Each time i reorder the sections and hit save, the order is reset to the default sort order. I have tried resorting with IE, Chrome and Firefox. I can see others in this forum have the same issue, what is the fix?

we checked and it is working perfectly at our end. however, if you change the section labels in the sorter it may create issue. so we suggest that pls dont change the section labels in the section sorter.

also, sometime resetting the section is helpful

Okay. I wouldnt say its “working perfectly” however if its easily possible to get it to a state where it doesnt work at all just by editing the section labels.

thanks. will be more careful in picking up words next time.

On the contact form, after a user sends an email, a message is displayed “Your message was sent successfully. Thanks.” however this message is by default inserted at the bottom of the popup div and is invisible to the user, this should either be inserted at the top of the div or the div should be made to scroll down so that the message is visible.

can you please share a screenshot, pls?