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Very neat. Bookmarking now.

Thank you TS

There are fewer themes than before that actually are responsive in the true sense (ThemeForest editorial is sort of lax on that I presume), and this one is. It renders beautifully on Windows 8 phone. I hope that new buyers get that aspect right and this theme sells well.

Too kind sir!

Congratulations nice work. Good luck dude!

Thanks Vicky

What’s different between this and Neighborhood?

Hi mriexinger

Quite a lot actually. It’s built on the Obox Framework, has different features, layout, effects, settings, mobile rendering, fonts etc.

Neighborhood is a great theme, however with Retail Therapy we tried to do our own thing – the Obox way :)

Do you like it?

~ Dave

Yeah I do like it, and I wasn’t trying to say that in a bad way because that one is an obvious success too and I was looking to find out what else there could be that it doesn’t have. I wish you came out with this yesterday, I bought a theme for $55 and this always happens to me lol.

:) all good mriexinger, wasn’t offended by your question at all – I totally understand. Bummer that you bought a theme yesterday ;) Retail Therapy would’ve done well for you!

Hi. Very pretty the theme. Is it possible to modify the menu?. Is it possible to work ok with WooCommerce’s cloud zoom?.

sorry my English is not good.

  Thank you.

Hi diegobp

No problem :)

Yes it is possible to use a regular menu. There is a setting for this in the control panel.

Yes it will work with WooCommerce’s cloud zoom as well.

~ Dave

Great great great store! I wish you many sales!

Thank you

Hello, nice theme. I’m considering to buy it, but i have a question. Does it support a drag’n drop plugin like visual composer? Thank you for your answer in advance.

Hi Hewittig

We haven’t tested it with any drag and drop plugins, however I dont see a reason why it shouldnt work.

Our themes use widgets for their ‘drag and drop’ functionality. It gives you a huge amount of flexibility on your home page and when created sub pages.

Hope that helps, if you have any other questions please let me know.

~ Dave

Just started integrating and customizing your theme for a new job. Ran into one issue thus far… How do I change the order of the widgets displayed on the homepage?

The default setup is as such: Slider Homepage Homepage – Side by side

How do I change the order to display as follows on the frontend: Slider Homepage – Side by side Homepage

Any advise would be great, because I’m pretty stumped.

Ah – found it… /functions/widget-home.php :P

Hi Presale question: Can i disable the e-commerce functionality? I want to use it as a photographer’s profile website.

Hi aspenextreme

Yes absolutely, you do not need to have eCommerce active for Retail Therapy to work :)

~ Dave


Great theme and considering to buy it. Could you tell me if it contains B2B and B2C eCommerce capabilities?

Hi Tastetank

I am not 100% clear on what you mean? Would you mind elaborating more?

Retail Therapy uses the eCommerce plugin called WooCommerce, you can view more features here: http://www.woothemes.com/woocommerce/

Hope that helps, if you have any other questions please let me know.

~ Dave

Hi Dave, thanks for the swift response. The prices that show in the shop can be the public prices, B2B customers would have to use a login to access the same catalogue, but with different conditions, unique this segment of customers.

I would like to use  different conditions for B2B as for B2C.

Hope that is a bit more clear.

I believe I will need to look for the answer @woocommerce.


Hi, can you have a small gallery of pictures for each shop item? I don’t want only one picture to show.


I bought the theme but I cant find the demo content. The link in the documentation isn’t working. I find it much easier to work with demo content as I am a noob :)

Hi katiewatkinson

Sure thing, if you could post your request in our forum then Vail (Head of Obox Support) will be able to send you the demo content.

You can register via this page on Obox: http://www.obox-design.com/register.cfm

Once you are registered you will be redirected to your profile where you will need to enter your Purchase Code.

To get your purchase code you need to login to ThemeForest and go to the “Downloads” tab, you will see a ‘Download’ button next to the theme you purchased. Click this button and a drop-down will appear with a link to your “License Certificate”. The .txt file in that download contains your “Item Purchase Code” which you can then use to login to the Obox forums.

~ Dave

Hi I put in my support request to the forum. Hoping to hear back soon :)

Hi, I like the theme alot, quick question

I want to have main categories and then sub categories of products and maybe even sub-sub categories for certain product lines.

Is this possible?

ALSO, am I able to have a dropdown of all these categories in the right column or is that only for main parent categories?

Thank You.

Hi OrlandoInsurance

This is 100% possible. There are no limits to the amount of categories and sub categories that you can list.

Also, you can place as many categories as you like in the menu :)

Hope that helps, if you have any other questions please let me know.

~ Dave

Nice looking theme!

Shortcodes? Slider on portfolio pages? A way to display posts by category? (on homepage) How many portfolio items can be shown on homepage

Thanks in advance!

Regards Fredrik

Perfect thanks!

Quick ones: 1. What options does the widget for ‘Our Stories’ – is it possible to only show per category (post category)?

2. Possible to use shortcodes on portfolio pages?

ps. would be nice to check which shortcodes you have in store for us :)

regards Fredrik

Hi Fredrik

1) Yes you can show a product per category 2) Yep, and here is a demo of the shortcodes in action: http://demo.oboxsites.com/retail-therapy/editor-styles/


Hi, very nice theme, I am considering to buy it. I have to migrate from another theme which makes use of custom fields and custom taxonomies. Is it possible to show them in a widget on post/page basis (maybe using some extended text widget plug-in)? Best, Andrea

Hi duepunti

Unfortunately with our themes there is no data transfer from your existing post types. This is something we should consider exploring though, so thank you for asking. Sorry we cannot help in that department!

~ Dave

Hi, I really like your theme, but in looking at it on my iPhone it doesn’t show up the way you have on http://www.obox-design.com/theme.cfm/theme/retail-therapy under mobile friendly? On my phone in the shop, viewing a selected product the image doesn’t fill the width. And the drop down menu in the top right corner is very small and when selected it fills the page but all the text is very small. All of the page templates also read as ordinary web pages do, meaning you have to pinch and zoom to read the text. I tried this on both your demo and the theme forest demo and got the same result? Is this an error due to the nature of the demo presentation? I have viewed other themes this way and they usually work. I was strongly considering your theme but for my work/shop I really need the full mobile responsive effect as the majority of customers view my site on their phones.

Hi Paper Elephant

The reason that is happening is due to the iFrame surrounding the theme demo. If you view the demo via the link below then you will see it renders very well on small screens:


Hope that helps, if you have any other questions please let me know.

~ Dave

Yay, thank you Dave! I was hoping you would say that. It looks perfect now.

Thank you Dave. This leads me to ask you some more questions though: 1. is it possible anyway to create new custom post types? 2. does your theme support custom fields and custom taxonomies? 3. can I use third parties plug-ins and widgets? Sorry for being lenghty but I am inexperienced about commercial themes.

Hi Duepunit

1) You will only have access to the custom post types in our theme, anything more will require a plugin. We recommend using http://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-post-type-ui/

2) As above :)

3) Yep, you can use 3rd party plugins with our themes

Hope that helps!


great, this fits my needs thank you!

Does your theme support multiple images for one product (displayed as thumbnails by the main image). On all single product pages I see just one image.

Hi Chodor

Yes absolutely. You can add multiple images to a product and the relevant thumbnails will display below the featured product image.

~ Dave


Love your theme!! I’d like to use it to showcase photos and art combining both the portfolio and shop options. Is is possible to disable the “add to cart”/price/reviews in the shop? Also, the dimensions of my images will vary considerably from one to the next. Will that be an issue?

I know you’ve mentioned this in the comments a couple of times, but it would be really helpful to see an example of how multiple images display on a single product page.

Many thanks! Michael

Hi Michael

I am not 100% sure if WooCommerce allows you to hide the add/price/review items. Maybe the best option would be to use the Portfolio post type section instead?

Here’s a demo of a portfolio home page and the portfolio list page:

http://demo.oboxsites.com/retail-therapy/home-portfolio-example/ http://demo.oboxsites.com/retail-therapy/portfolio-three-column/

Hope that helps, if you have any other questions please let me know.


Hi guys, I purchased the theme but wanted to make a few modifications that have me stumped. But I can’t seem to put a query up on the support forum. I can see everyone else’s issues and could respond on one of theirs but in neither Safari nor Firefox can I see a form for starting a new query. I’d happily ask here but I will wait for you to point out Im a dummy first.

Really really looking forward to hearing how so I can get this sorted and live asap.


Hi Nykke

You should see a green “Post New Message” link at the top of the forum list page?


Via http://www.obox-design.com/forum.cfm/forum/retail_therapy


Hi Dave, Thank you for the direct link, but I can’t find my way there without it. It doesn’t seem to be recognising my TF licence key as it says I have 0 themes, and I’ve entered it twice. I can’t go beyond http://www.obox-design.com/forum_list.cfm

Hi Paperelephant

When you register with us you won’t see your themes listed as there is no way we can detect it from Themeforest.

Could you please email me your registration details along with your themeforest code and I will test your account?

My mail address is: david[at]obox.co.za


hey love the theme!!! is there a way to show product variation on the site like on the product page ??

Hi rcharlesink

Are you referring to the home page? I am not 100% clear of your question :)

Would love to help!

~ Dave


click on the link over head^ you see on that page there are different image of that one product….show the front and back…can this theme do that adding more than one image of a product to show diff views????

Hi rcharlesink

Yes most definitely, you can add as many images as you like to a product. Once you’ve added them you will see them display as thumbnails below the featured image.

Hope that helps, if you have any other questions please let me know.