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And also, is there any way you could change it so that the sidebar menu links only expand the submenu if you hover for 2 seconds or so? Kind of annoying that every single submenu expands when you move your mouse down the sidebar. Other than that, the template is great! Gave it five stars!

Sure you can just add a delay to the jQuery, if you email my support from my profile I can share the code. Thanks

How do you connect the Dashboard to database information?

I would like to use this as a user dashboard for people to see their personal information. Can this be done?

Great design!


I’m glad you like it!

Sure this could be done – do you have php knowledge as this is an html/css template, you could work it into whatever you liked.

Hey leegrant,

we love your plugin. But… Why do you put a link to your website on the login page of wordpress?
Seems you have forgotten to remove it after testing ;) Please remove it in future updates. We have removed it manually now.

Otherwise nice stuff you made there! Keep it going!
The only other thing is that wordpress now comes with a drag n drop uploader by default. Maybe you could restore the original one – the custom one lacks features (media gallery browsing and remote upload).


Hi Bebel,

Thanks! I’m happy you like it!

Oops I’ll get that taken out for the next update that’s coming, enjoy :)

Hi, good design! I detect two problems: 1)Pie chart in iPad is not showed well, only a part of the pie chart 2)When you insert values too high (i.e 1.250.000) in box not show well.

Please can you fix these? I send some emails with problems but no response yet….


Hi Andara,

Sorry for the late reply, my support email got used for spam and blocked. I’ll respond now.


how hard is to change the color? and customise a little bit?


As its a HTML template its. To particularly hard, as long as you have some HTML/CSS knowledge you should find it a breeze, colour changes can be as simple as find and replace.


Hi there, I have purchased this them to use it for my wordpress site, but it does seams that this theme is for wordpress.

can someone help me with?

I want to use it for my admin and I dont know how to


Thanks for getting in touch,

It looks as though you may have purchased the wrong template, as the retina dashboard and all other admin templates within this section are for users who wish to use the template to build their own system.

I think the product you may have been looking for is Retina Press, which is a plugin for reskinning the Wordpress admin which can be found here http://codecanyon.net/item/retina-press-wordpress-admin-theme/4872562

Hi, yeah I found the retina press the last night, it was my bad. but never mind, I purchased the retina press last night I for sure will use this one for one of my projects.

thanks a lot :)

Sorry for misunderstanding with them!

Hope you find a good use ;) and enjoy,

If you have any questions just give me a shout

Would this work for wordpress and will this work for all my users after they register and create an account, will this one work because we have tried few that only works for admin

Hi there,

This one doesn’t work for Wordpress, but I do have a plugin that will with a very similar design which you can find here http://codecanyon.net/item/retina-press-wordpress-admin-theme/4872562

Hope this helps,


Hello, will this dashboard be able to work with all of my users? We have ticket sales website where we only allow our users to add events and check their sales, and we need a admin theme that gives it some spunk, will this do the job for my users? Cause I have purchased a theme but it only worked for me and when we tested it, it wouldnt allow the users to use the dashboard, it was only for me (The master admin), so please tell me if it works and I will pay right away!

So it will work for me (master admin) and all of my users (Aurthers) correct?

Also will we be able to customize it for our authors as far as having only the items on there that they need without any interruption?

Hi, yep it’ll work for all users – which kind of customisations do you mean? Thanks


Interested in purchasing this dashboard. Can you give me some idea of how the email (in the top menu) works? Is it inclusive/part of the theme, or is it being pulled from a mail server of some sort?



Sorry which email part as there isn’t one in the header.


Hi there,

First of all I want to say that it is a fantastic CMS layout.

But I’m having some trouble… I’m getting the following error: Uncaught Error: Invalid dimensions for plot, width = null, height = null Line 753 from flot.js.

This causes the website to scroll to top once i’ve scrolled down below header when <nav> is getting positioned fixed. So scrolling becomes impossible.

Do you have any idea?

And because of what function you have 2 different jquery versions? (1.6.1 and 1.8);

Beside this great, great design! Thank you!

Chrome version: 31.0.1650.57 m Windows 7

Hi Tim,

Thank you for your comments, I’ll have a look at the issue for you – could you email support@klevermedia.co.uk so I have your email to contact you.

Thank you

Hi , please

how database this will work ? mysql ?


This is an HTML template so isn’t database driven, however you could build upon this.

Many thanks


I am really interested in your theme but I have a few questions and I am hoping you can help me.

If I want to make the most of the reporting can I change what the dashboard reports so instead of website visits and revenue I would want to track how many people attend an event how often that person attends an event (frequency) and utilization if event takes 100 people and 80 attend etc

Is it possible duplicate calendar entries and edit one or 2 things in there like location?

Finally can I sign up different companies and let them only see the tabs Id like them to see?


Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch,

As this is just a HTML template you’re able to continue and build this into any application you’d like.

Page elements can be duplicated, edited etc.

Many thanks

Does this still work?

Hi there,

The plugin is still functional yes.


Hello is there a way to fix the submenu bar? Thank You

Hi there,

Could you post a ticket on the support forums with any screenshots of your issue please, https://klevermedia.ticksy.com/

Thank you