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Good Job Man! GLWS

Kind Regards Roman, appreciate your comment, thank you!

Another great email template ;-)
Good luck friend!

Thank you very much.

I liked the template. Good luck with sales.

Thank you very much for your kind comment.

Hi, can I also see the builder in preview?

Hi Dimoda, thanks a lot for your interest.

Mailchimp, one of the most used email marketing services, has a built in Template Builder IDE and it allows you to customize your templates without touching any HTML CODE. Just upload one of the Retinadore’s Mailchimp-ready templates to Mailchimp, and you’re ready to go.

Please contact with me via the form on my profile page, I can send you an example and you can see it yourself.

You can also refer to screenshots at Retinadore’s item details page.

Kind Regards,

How on earth have I overlooked your template. This is your best to date.



Thanks a lot Kevin, nice to hear from you.

Creating something unique in its own style and delivering bulletproof code each time to our fellow customers are really the most important things to us.

Wish you the very best, Kevin.

Kind Regards,

Hi Bedros

Just wanted to say thank you for all the support that you have provided since I purchased your template.

There are two factors that I am looking for with a template such as this – does it deliver what is promised and is there support if I have any questions.

The answer to the first question is a most definite yes and I have just issued the first email to our subscribers and had confirmation that it is responsive. I love the look of it and would be happy to support you by providing a copy of the newsletter if anyone would like to see it in action.

The answer to the second question is also a most definite yes and I have to congratulate you and thank you for the help that you gave me and also for the speed at which you replied.

Good luck with this template. It deserves to be successful and I will now be looking at your website templates!!


Thank you very much for taking your precious time to write all of this.
You made my day, Bruce!

Kind regards,


Thanks for putting together such a terrific theme. Your detailed documentation is extremely helpful and much appreciated.

I had a couple of questions related to HTML formatting:

1) I’m building the newsletter using the non-retina version and I’d like to add some text at the top to allow users to click on a link to view the page in a web browser. Do you have any suggestions in terms of the best way to set this up from a design standpoint and make sure it looks consistent across different email clients and screen sizes?

2) Can I use the width attribute in the html code instead of reformatting each image in PSD? For example, I have a library of images that are larger than 280px and would prefer not to reformat them for the newsletter. I added “width=280px” to some of the img tags and the pictures look great in my browser. However, I wanted to make sure this wouldn’t cause any problems on other devices or email clients.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Jon,

Thanks a lot for your interest.

1) I think the best way would be adding it to the Date Section.
( I mean , just remove the default Misty Mountain Issue text , keep the Date section short if you really need a Date Part, and add a View Online? phrase with any link, instead of the Misty Mountain Issue part.)
Anyway, you can have your text as long as you want , the layout will never break.

2) Jon , the best way is really sticking with the image PSD Dimensions , as instructed in the help files. Retinadore is tested on over 40 email clients , and one of the most critical parts that makes it consistent is the default image dimensions.
And please keep in mind that it is the best way to keep default values of the IMG HTML tags. (some of those has WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes , and some not , and all of this are totally on purpose. I know it sounds weird , but all made for a bulletproof email experience)
Just import any image to the PSD , save it as JPG , and you’re done.

Please never hesitate to contact with me from my email address apkarbedo[at]yahoo[dot]com , for any questions.
I’m here to help.

Kind Regards,

This is a great contributor. Great support, extremely fast response every time, very nice template! Thanks Bedros!!

Thanks a lot, Rochelle. :)

Hola, necesitaria Que me ayudaséis, ¿como enviar la newsletter a Través de gmail?. Paso a paso. Gracias.

Hi Enigmacn, thanks a lot for your interest.

Retinadore renders perfectly in GMail, but It is not a good practice to send newsletters from GMail.

You should use a service which specializes in sending html newsletters. Help Files include step by step instructions for one of the mostly used services, Mailchimp , which also has a Free option.

Thank you very much !!!

You’re welcome, thank you.
And please ask for help whenever you need.

Kind Regards,

Glad to announce a new Responsive Email Template, Flatroway, inspired by Metro and Flat design trends..:

Bedros, I am interested in purchasing the template, but I am a total newbie! Is this a template that someone like myself can handle easily?

Hi, thanks a lot for your interest.

I’m sure you can handle it , A very descriptive help file included with the purchase , and Retinadore also comes with versions totally customizable via Mailchimp’s Template builder IDE , that means you have the chance to update your templates without touching any HTML code.

Please never hesitate to ask questions,
You can also contact me from my email,

Kind Regards,

In Vertical Response I keep getting an error message saying the HTML character count exceeds the limit.

Hi VortexValves,
Thanks a lot for your purchase and interest.

Please contact me from my email address , apkarbedo[at]yahoo[dot]com

Kind Regards,

Great template. Easy to use and modify. The developer quickly responded to a recent issue I had and worked out the kinks. Thanks Bedros!!

Thanks Eric :)

Kind Regards,

i need to make the logo about 315px but having difficulty facilitating. do you have any quick fixes?

Hi , Thanks a lot for your interest and purchase.
Very easy , Just send me the template you wish to use.
I can arrange it for you.

Kind Regards,

I followed your instructions… i uploaded a non-retina (disappointment by the way – why not retina?) to mailchimp. I tried both the embedded and inline layout 8 (all modules).

When I click on edit in mailchimp – there is NO EDITOR! It just shows the template but no fields are editable, and there is no “link” adding type toolbar, as depicted in your PDF, to allow for edits.

I feel I am doing something wrong. I need to get this template out TODAY and am disappointed… please advise asap.


Hi , Maxipayne444
Thanks a lot for your interest and purchase. :)

No need to be dissapointed , you can’t see the editor because you just basically uploaded the wrong template to Mailchimp.

You should upload a Mailchimp Ready Template to Mailchimp if you want to use Mailchimp’s template builder editor without touching any HTML code , which located in the folder named MailchimpReadyFiles.

You can also send Retina Ready Plain HTML Files with Mailchimp or any other EmailMarketing Service. Just in this case , I mean with Retina Ready Templates , you should customize your template within a text / code editor instead of Mailchimp’s template builder , because Mailchimp’s template builder unfortunately doesn’t respect the Retina image sizes. This point also was stated at the Retinadore’s Item Details Page , at top , at Please Note Section. After updating your Retina Ready template with necessary content , just ZIP it with its images folder , and upload ZIP file to Mailchimp to send it to your list. All described step by step in the corresponding help files.

This is a very easy to use, user friendly Email Template.

Please never hesitate to get in contact with me from my email address if you have any further questions. I am here to help you , and I always respond very fast.


Kind Regards,

I’ve never seen such great support from any developer, of any kind! If you are new to email templates, like I was, you can’t go wrong with this one! Explained everything I needed to know via email, and was very helpful in explaining how to change colors, what works in certain email clients and senders, etc. Really, a great purchase.

Thanks a lot, Brad!

Kind Regards,

Amazing theme, Amazing support! Thanks for helping me send out my first [dynoramic] newsletter! 5 stars!

You’re Welcome , Dave :)

I can not edit the template on mailchimp, I am so upset. I don’t know how to do. I just bought it!

Hi and thanks for your message,
Did you read the help file ,
named UsingMailchimpReadyTemplates.PDF ?
It has step by step instructions , from zero to hero :)

Anyway , you can always contact with me from my email address above.

Kind Regards,

Bedros, some files works, but some doesn’t, perhaps you should test every single file, my friend.

Hi ,
This file has sold over 300 , and I can assure you that every single one of them works perfectly as it should be. All tested thoroughly.

Please just contact me from my email and I will be pleased to help you :)

Kind Regards,

Hi, when I open the newsletter in Outlook 2010 the images stop being align with text, as if it weren’t enough space in the row for both columns, the image and the text. Can you check it?

Thanks! Sandra

Hi Sandra , thanks a lot for your purchase and interest :)
Please contact me from my email address , and I will help you with my best , I am here to help you.


And when you do , please let me know..:

a) How did you send the email?
b) You sure you used Inline version?

I am sure it has a very easy solution , all of our templates are tested thoroughly with patience , and not only with Litmus , with our own Outlook versions on our desktop.

Kind Regards,

Glad to announce RESPONSIVEUR – Responsive Email Template.

Handcrafted with love
Tested with patience.
You are in safe hands