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I can;t get it to work. When installed wordpress gives me an error…missing stylesheet.

Hi, it isn’t a Wordpress template, it is a html template.

Great Template. I am using it for my Church to display a Monthly Bulletin that can be printed and distributed as well as appended to the website. I bought it because of the print CSS feature. Great job!

Thank you so much for such a lovely comment.

Hi there,

I have purchased the theme and busy customising … and I’ve just noticed that there is a spelling error in the main logo!

It should say curriculum vitae (not curriculm vitae) ... how do we fix this?

Thanks and regards, Tessa

Blimey! Thanks for pointing this out. I will do an update today. That’s working in a hurry for you!

Also … do you have a YouTube social media icon to match the rest of them?

Thanks :)

P.s Loving the theme so far!

It will be in the update… I’ll post on the item details when it’s up.

Thank you! :)

It’s ready to download, I do apologise in regards to the typo. Many thanks for bringing it to my attention. Also, could you give my theme a rating if you like it? Many thanks, Jo.

Thanks for the update! I will definitely rate the theme …

One more question :)

I would like to add a ‘login’ landing page, so that my CV is private unless I give someone permission to view it.

Do you have a clean, basic HTML code for a login page? I’ve searched the web, but can’t find a decent one. I have found PSD ’s but have no idea how to implement that into the HTML .

Any ideas?


Hi, here’s a simple one that I have found whilst looking on the web:

Also – how does one activate the ‘download my resume’ function??

This is only a link to where you would add your own html. However, it is something that I was going to do on my next update. If you would like to email me through my profile page I can send you a resume.html file that you can alter to your needs.

Thank you! I’ve emailed you :)

Very excited to see the update … but not sure how to update it without having to re-do all my info?

Could you email me through my profile page please so I don’t have so many comments! Many thanks Jo

Hi, I was wondering if you know any way to get this in Word or PDF. I tried print to PDF, but it doesn’t include the background.

You don’ really want to have background in a pdf. If you do you can add it to the print.css