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Oh I am sooo relieved to hear the wp will be on sale next week as I am dying here waiting for it now. I purchased the website template and then tried to work out how to make it into a website but alas it is too much for a self taught learner like myself to manage – downloaded trial of dreamweaver (can’t afford to buy that app) and tried and still failed. So wanted both – one for one site and wp for my main site…...I can work wp and will ultimately get to the other. But this template is everything I have been looking for for sooo long.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful – more designs like this and you will be sorted. I am a musician/songwriter so wanted something that had colour, beauty and creativity – all the music ones are soo dull in comparison.

Thank you :-)

Thank you! No much time left for the WP version: it will be released on next week…!

I have released the WORDPRESS version of this template. You can find it in my Portfolio. Best regards.

Wonderful template. I had a question about the blog section. Would that be easy to convert into another static “about me” -like section? I don’t need the blog function and like everything else about the template. Great job.

Thank you. It’s only depends on how good you are with html and some javascript languages. I think you just need a medium knowledge of both. Best regards, P.V.

Can’t seem to open any of the .psd files. Photoshop says “could not complete your request because it is not a valid photoshop document”. What gives?

Please, try to download it again.

I have released the WORDPRESS version of this template. You can find it in my Portfolio. Best regards.

Hi paco.. have been waiting and just checking if the WP version has done? When can I buy that? Thank you :)

Tomorrow it will be in the hands of the reviewers. Few days yet!

Very well done theme, very happy with the product and the support from its author. Definitely recommend. Thanks.

Thank you!

Hi! I downloaded the other version stupidly the day before the wordpress version came out. Since I have NO knowledge of how to convert it, could I get a credit from the one I already have? I’ll be buying the wordpress version if I can receive a credit.

I’m really sorry but I’m not authorized to refund on Themeforest. I’m just an author. Thank you anyway. best regards, P.V.

My question is if I purchase this template how do I use it or edit it, or what type of service do I need to host and use this template? I have wordpress but I only need the single page option version of this template. Would you mind giving me the steps i need to take to make use of this template?

This is a Wordpress theme. You can install it in your wordpress if you already have one. Then you’ll have to configure it. Furthermore, with the theme there’s a documentation file explaining how to configure it. Best regards.

Hello. Great work on the template!

I followed your instructions on setting up the contactform.php

I have checked and double checked everything. I am unable to receive any of the test messages sent the email address I put on line 26 ( I have checked in the spam folder as well).

Any ideas? What version of php are you running?

I suppose it could be a problem with your hosting service, because no one complained about this. Try it on another hosting and if you still have problems, let me know. Thanks, P.V.

OK, this is getting very frustrating. I switched my hosting to Dreamhost, followed you instructions perfectly (replacing my email on line 26) but none of the messages are coming through. I’m stumped. Have you tested this contact form with Dreamhost? I would think it would work since it’s Envato’s recommended hosting service.

Here is the response I received from Dreamhost support regarding your contactform.php. Will you please help translate this into something that I can understand:

Hi, sorry for the trouble. If you can, add an envelope sender address to your mail() call as the fifth argument, where “” is an email address at your domain name.

PHP code: mail($first, $second, $third, $fourth, “”);

This is a special procedure to deal with our anti-spam security measures.

As a side note, I also recommend the author of the code above look into the topic of PHP mail header injection, as I believe his code makes your site vulnerable to that kind of attack. If someone is exploiting this, it can consume your 200/hr quota and cause your mail to stop functioning for long periods of time.

Hi, when I click on the links at the header, and the area scrolls up it does not line up with the header. Part of the [section’s header] is covered by the main header.

Do you notice difference between the demo and your theme? How big is the area covered by the header? Please, send us a screenshot.

Hi thanks for replying, but I redownloaded the files and it worked.


When I load post.html page… this is how it looks:

When I start to scroll… this is what happen:

Hello, we have fixed it. Now you can download again the template from Themeforest or, if you provide me your email address, I’ll give you only the fixed file. Best regards, P.V.

I have bough the web site version and I am new to web site building. can you tell me what program I can use with mac OS and how to make it work? Thanks in Advance!

Hello, I’m afraid your question is too generic. It depends on what you need and what you want to do with the website. If you don’t know nothing about html I think you should buy a CMS like Wordpress. Best regards, P.V.

Hello I’m currently interested in buying your theme, which by the way I really think is fantastic.

However I have some questions.

My main line of work is high end retouch I would like to know if I can make something like befor after with the photo galleries

I really don’t know much about HTML but I know basic stuff

Another thing is about the portfolio section. How many rows can I have?


And Great Work!

Hello, if you don’t know how to handle html, I suggest you to buy the wordpress version. It’s much more easier. unfortunately, or both there’s no slider for the lightbox if that’s what you want to mean… only the main page slider you can see in the demo. But in the portfolio you can have as may rows as you want. Cheers!

Thanks I will Check out the wordpress versión.

However I was thinking  more something like a roll over action for presenting the before and after.

is it posible with the lightbox?

Sorry, not at the moment. Cheers!

Okay so I am going to sound like such a novice here! But I have purchased and downloaded the website template. How do I edit and then place onto my moonfruit website?

Please help! Thanks :)

Is there a way to have images and videos in the same fancybox gallery? I seem to be getting a blank video when I do this. Can I score some help? I know this is quite easy to do with prettyPhoto but I don’t want the two plugins to butt heads and to bloat my page down. :(

The same I told you about the wp version… I’m sorry, there’s no gallery for the fancybox. This means you can’t put more than one image in the lightbox that pops-up. Cheers!

I’m not trying to be rude but yes there is…

$(“a.fancybox”).attr(‘rel’, ‘gallery’).fancybox();

I just am not for sure if you can add videos… I’m assuming you can’t bummer. :( prettyPhoto does this but, your script.js relies on fancybox and will make it a headache to switch.

What I mean Is that I didn’t provide any gallery by default in the template. Then, if you want a gallery you should add it by yourself customizing fancybox lightbox. Regards, P.V.

Hi Pacovitiello1 Can you please tell me where I can find instructions on how to use the template and use it on my website? I’m a complete novice at this but LOVE the design, and have purchased it now so would really like to get it up and running. Please get back to me!

There’s a Help folder in the package you have downloaded. Cheers!

I have looked for the help folder in the download, but can’t find it. Where is it?

There’s a Help folder in the .zip package you have downloaded.