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Can I use SVG ’s with this template?

And is the layout responsive, or at least fully compatible with mobiles/tablets?

Thanks in advance!

Attempting to change icons on “About” page by selecting icon from those provided in theme. Problem – Column 1 icon always reverts back to default (filmstrip) icon, regardless of which icon I select and save. All other columns (2, 3, 4) work fine. Suggestions?

Please, send us a private message from our profile page with your wp login data and your URL .

Regards, OpenDept Team.

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Your Vintage template is incredibly inspiring! Although I liked the Worpress version too, I chose the html version and really love it!... Fantastic work!

I would like to see if it is possible to create sub-categories within the portfolio categories. i.e. (category)”PICTURES” > (sub-categories)Travel, Events, Family, etc., and still allow it to work with the Jquery Quicksand code for the sub-category selections? Would this be too difficult to do?

Appreciate your help. ~BuenaVidaPros

I’m sorry, what you need is not possible.

Best regards, The Open Dept. Team

Are the reader’s Comments automatically updated in the pages whenever someone leaves a Comment or do I edit/update this manually in html?

Also, is it my understanding through your documentation that the SEARCH feature on the Blog does not function? Should I remove it entirely or can we get it to function online?

Hey there,

This is a HTML template, the “engine” that will make it work must be built/added by you. Or you can get our acclaimed WordPress version that will do exactly what you need.

Thanks for responding. I’m studying html5 and jquery so maybe I can figure out how-to get these areas to function properly… going on my list of things-to-do.


Prima di tutto complimenti per il template, veramente ben fatto, e fa sempre piacere vedere connazionali che fanno un ottimo lavoro dal successo internazionale ;)

Ho solo notato un problemino… nella versione HTML il menu non è centrato con il resto dei contenuti, mentre nella versione wordpress è perfetto. Volevo sapere, hai qualche suggerimento/metodo per renderlo centrato correttamente come quello del template wordpress?
Grazie in anticipo!

Hi, first of all thank you for the awesome theme! I just found one little issue, in the HTML version of the template the main menu is not centered with the rest of the contents, in the wordpress version it’s correct instead. Can you suggest a quick way to fix it, and center it correctly in the html version?
Thanks in advance!
Best regards.

if I want to change the Bazar font for another? how do i do? i can’t find it


In the “Styling” tab of the theme’s Control Panel you can switch to an alternative font.

If you wish to use a completely different font you’ll have to edit the theme’s files.

in wich folder should i put the font that i want to use… Because i want to use Metropolis font so i changed it in dreamweavers page properties but it doesn’t works…

is obvious that is a stupid question… thank you for understanding me


If you wish to receive support you need to purchase our theme. There’s no “Purchased” badge or your comment (and you seem to have never purchased any theme) so we can’t verify if you did or not.

hello, i wanna ask, why the font is not appear in my friend’s browser? she uses firefox 4. do you have a personal email? thanks :)


That’s weird. Just tested in Firefox again and it works seamlessly.

If you need help, feel free to open a ticket on our Support Forum.

Pre-sales question…

Can I change the background colors in the back end WP panel?


No, you’ll have to use the included PSD files to do so.

What is actually the difference between HTML version and Wordpress in terms of editing the files?

With the html template you should edit the existing html pages, create new ones for the blog posts, you have no options for customizing the template itself. Furthermore, you should know some basic html.

The Wordpress version is easier to handle, you don’t really need to know about html, you have more options for customizing the theme according to your theme. Today, Wordpress is one of the best CMS .

Regards, The Open Dept. Team

Hi, beautiful template! In the Portfolio, is it possible to resize the window so as to get rid of the extra spacing caused by a uneven number of pics in the filters when you select the filter tabs? ex.: if there is 20 pics in filter 1 and 60 pics in filter 2, then you will have a huge space between the last pic in filter 1 and the following page.


I’m sorry, but I’m not really sure about what you mean. May I see the issue personally?

You can open a ticket on our Support Forum if you wish to keep it more private.

Hi, I accidentally bought the html-version instead of the Wordpress-version. Is there any way I can buy the WP-version and get a 12$ discount?

Regards Johan

Hey Johan,

I suggest you to contact the Envato Support. We can’t handle this kind of problems, I’m sorry.

I did installed the theme correctly. I just added the folder Retro Portfolio Template to my themes directory in my wordpress installation HELP !

This is a HTML template, not a WordPress theme.

Awesome template, Thanks!

Quick question: The nav links scroll to the perfect place on the page. When I place internal links on the page using the same href that is found in the nav, the page scrolls but is off by about hundred pixels or so. Any ideas?

Again, great work! Love this one!

I added a contactform2.php file for another page and I want to print additional content in the subjects as the mail is sent so I know which form was used.

Could you tell me how to do this? I tried this, but not sure how… $subject = “HOME FORM SUBJECT :” && $_REQUEST[‘subject’] ;

Fixed it: $subject = “HOME FORM SUBJECT :” . $_REQUEST[‘subject’] ;

Now if I can just figure out why the scrolling is off. Thanks!

Getting spammed like crazy through the form. The “submit” que is in the script.js correct? Trying to integrate recaptcha. Any tips?

The contact form date are stored into the file called “contact form.php”. Cheers!

In the portfolio section, I want to know if you can navigate more than one picture in the preview of the work?

Using template ver 1.6. Is there an update? If so, how do I download?

Hey there,

The latest version of the theme is 2.3. To obtain it all you have to do is re-download it from your “Downloads” page.


I am getting n error message when the form is submitted: Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in /home/content/45/9298045/html/contactform.php on line 12. It is delivering the message, but still displaying that message. Thanks!