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Hi, I’m currently very interested in buying your theme, which by the way I think is awesome!

However I have some questions.

1) Would it be possible adding more sections in the home page? (in addition to HOME , ABOUT,PORTFOLIO…) 2) Would it be possible to make the main image (the one in the white rectangle) bigger and static? (without the sliding effect of different pictures?). I’d like just to have only a particular picture in the middle of the homepage, but bigger. 3) Would it be possible to change the colors of the background?

Thanks and compliments for your work!


Hi, I bought and it’s great, am adapting it well to what we need, the only thing is i really need the link button on the nivo slider to go to the contact form, i put the # link in and yes that jumps there but how do i make it so it does the nice scroll there rather than jump. I’m a designer not a coder as you can probably tell from my question. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated, thank you. And thanks for a great template too!

To jakie? gówno! Nie polecam! Nie mo?na tego w ?aden sposób zmodyfikowa?. Te pieprzone DIVy s? nie do skonfigurowania!

Na dodatek autor ma wszystkich w dupie, bo nie raczy odpowiadac!

Can you answer my question soon please. I need the buttons on the nivo slider to scroll the site to various sections the class = “scroll” doesn’t work in the a href so it just jumps – can you please let me know how to fix this.

thank you.



I’m sorry, but we can’t provide support for this kind of customizations.


When I upload all the files to web hosting, it say hyperlink isn’t done properly. Can you help me with this?

I have problem related to my hosting server. The images isn’t show on the web site. I did not move any folder from original template. Please help!

Can you answer me please!! I bought this template and it doesn’t work on web hosting. Can I get the refund or can you give me some advice?

hi Retro Portfolio – One Page Vintage Template NOT FOUND

Sorry, we have fixed it now! Cheers!

Hello Opendept, I have a question about the blog page of this template.

You wrote in general description that to use this template as a blogger theme we need to purchase the wordpress vesion, but… you include a blog section in this html template, so… What is the diference? I don’t understand very well.

I know that I need to construct the html templates manually, but the blog section in this html template don’t works? Don’t have RSS ?

Can you explain me it, please? Because I don’t understand. (I like to customize themes: CSS , html, ...)


Hello there,

The HTML version needs to have a back-end side to manage posts, or you’ll have to edit the HTML of the blog to add and remove posts.

The WordPress version is a theme for the WordPress platform, which lets you manage all sides of your website through an interface, which is simpler, faster and dynamic.

Hi again. Yes, I know about wordpress platform because I use it. What I would like to have is just the opposite, for this reason I ask you for your html template, but only about the blog section. So… if I did not understand bad, to manage the blog I need to have a back-end side or to manage manually vía html. Excuse me, I’m from spain and sometimes I don’t understand english language very well: is a back-end side an admin panel or sistem to manage the blog? To have it there is some plugin or I have to create it manually?

Thanks a lot!

Yep, exactly. It’s a HTML template, so what you get is the HTML files, the CSS structure and the images to support them. No back-end to dynamically manage the contents. You’ll have to do it manually.

Ciao, complimenti per il template, è bellissimo!!!

Ti scrivo perchè ho notato che ci sono alcuni problemi con la visualizzazione dei commenti di twitter.

Sai da cosa possano dipendere?

Ad ogni modo grazie mille.

A presto.


I bought this site, and contact page does not work, why? the error message is Warning: mail () [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 450 4.7.1 <* * REPLACE_SMTP>: Sender address rejected: Access denied in O: \ Root \ \ contactform.php on line 29

Can you add some responsive features? I would buy.

Hi – I think there are some real issues with this theme and Wordpress 3.5. Since updating I have had problems with the Portfolio, the Slider, the Navigation scrolling and other annoying small malfunctions. I have spent a long time with a completely fresh install of both Wordpress and the Retro theme and these same problems are there again. I’ve logged a support request and would really appreciate some clarification as soon as possible. Thank you

Sorry – just noticed this is the html version Comments – will repost.

Where’s the documentation? I purchased another Themeforest theme that i uploaded using an FTP server and it worked fine. Now I can’t find the wp-content folder for themes and when I try to upload through Wordpress (as zip) file, it doesn’t work. When I try to use the unzipped fold on the FTP server, it moves the folder over, but Wordpress doesn’t recognize it (probably because I can’t seem to find the content folder I put the last theme in. What do I try next?


Please be sure to install the “” file, not the package downloaded from ThemeForest. The “wp-content” folder is located in your WordPress installation folder.


Hi i love this html template n wish to buy it just before buying i have a question.

The blog section in this html page has some posts connected to other html pages…. Would current blog html pages be included in the sale? In other terms would i get everything as i can see in preview of this html template.

Your help will be much appreciated.

Kind regards.


Yes, all included.


Hi How can i get slider to move slowly . its changing slides too quickly. I wish to change slides after 6 secs not 1 sec.

Your help will be much appreciated.

Kind regards.

Hello Sir,

You can change this option Appearance – Retro Portfolio – Home – Pause Time.


I bought a HTML templete not wordpress theme.

Can you guide me….

Kind regards, Syed

Oh, sorry.

You can edit the main file, named “index.html” on line 20. You can visit this page for more informations about the plugin itself.

I bought this theme and have tried to install via wordpress. It says that the stylesheet ‘style.css’ is missing when it tries to unpack and so can’t upload the theme. I have tried downloading again and still the same issue. I notice in another post you say not to upload the package from themeforest but to upload the but I can’t see that folder in my package. Any help much appreciated as I love the theme and want to get cracking.

Scratch my previous comment, I just realised I bought the HTML version by mistake rather than the wordpress version. I’m an idiot.

The font doesn’t degrade gracefully for browsers that don’t support @font-face.

This is easily fixed by changing font-family: ‘BazarMedium’ to font-family: ‘BazarMedium’, Impact;.

Absolutely beautiful design though!


On which browser are you experiencing this issue? Thank you.


Both Firefox and Chrome when scripts are turned off. But it’s not really an issue, because you can just make it fall back to Impact and then it’s fine.