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I have a pre sale question:

There are no posibilities to have a mobile menu?

Thank you


I am sorry but we have no plans to add a mobile menu soon.

Regards, P.

Ok. Thank you

What a shame!

Goodmorning, I’m trying to add a new slider in a slider section but the “insert image” button is not working. So I can’t add slides. How to fix it? I’ve the last version of your theme installed and the last version of wordpress.


Yep you’re right, there’s a compatibility issue that we have just fixed in v.4.8.5. You should be able to download it from ThemeForest in the next 24-48 hours.

Regards, P.

Thanks, now it’s working!


Love the look and homepage customization options!

I need help centering my logo in the middle of my menu – wasn’t able to find instructions for it here in comments or the support forum.

Also the icons I’ve selected for the About sections on my homepage show as letters versus the proper pictures. It’s a brand new installation, so not sure why it’s not working.

Thanks for your help! Sharon


Your issue is related to your hosting or to .htaccess configuration, not with the theme. If you take a look at Chrome console, you can it raises an error: Font from origin ‘' has been blocked from loading by Cross-Origin Resource Sharing policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Origin ‘' is therefore not allowed access.

You can find some useful informations about that error on Google (e.g. ).



I am getting the “Please, fill all required fields correctly.” error. This was working perfectly for months and just broke. I have WP-Mail-SMTP installed as that’s what fixed the issue when I set up this site months ago. It stopped working. I noticed the captcha isn’t changing from 2 + 3. I turned on debug mode but nothing changed. I’m not sure what to do.

Please try disabling all plugins in order to verify if there’s any conflict

I have tried disabling all plugins, and nothing happened.

I have checked out the theme and it works as it should. Just to be sure, I recommend you to download a fresh copy of the theme from ThemeForest and replace your own. In case that doesn’t fix it please open a ticket on our support forum and leave your WP credentials.

Cheers, P.

The menu button doesn’t seem to work any more – I have updated to the latest version but it still doesn’t work. It only seems to be affected on a phone….making the screen smaller on a desktop and clicking works okay.

Is this a known issue?

Hi, that menu button doesn’t come with the plugin (you’re probably using a plugin) so I am afraid I am unable to provide support, I am sorry.

Regards, P.

Ah okay, didn’t realise as it is a friend’s website. Cheers for the quick reply!

Where do I change the color of the menus at the top (next to the logo)?

Never mind, I found where I could change it.

I would like to add “Telephone” to the contact form, how do I go about doing this?


There’s no option to add new fields to the form, I am sorry. You may want to look at Envato Studio (, they can help you to customise the theme!

Cheers, P.

Hi, the “homepage” menu in the admin section has just disappeared on my website. I have disabled all plugins and even uploaded all the theme files again but its still not returned. Any ideas?


Go to “Pages” -> “Homepage” -> Edit , and make sure that the “Homepage Template” has been assigned to the page (in the Page Attributes box).


I have some pre-sale comments.

1. Is this template compatible with any testimonial plugin? 2. Is it possible to add any kind of footer? 3. Is the icon in the navigation bar, the one in black with the white JD editable? Can I add my initials there or an image? 3. Is it possible to edit the icons that say Movies, Music, Clothes, Food?

Thank you! Victoria


1. Never checked, I am sorry

2. There’s no option for that, you may need to customize the theme

3. That icon (or better, the logo) comes in PSD format so you can edit it in Photoshop

4. Here are the icons available:



Thank you for the reply. Two more questions:

1. Although you haven’t tried any testimonial plugin, since you’ve created the template, do you think there’s any possibility of using one? 2. Is the font of “RETRO” in Home created specially for the theme or is it a font available online?

Thank you.

Hi again,

1) Unfortunately we are unable to provide compatibility with third party plugins so I can’t say that, I am sorry.

2) Font is called Seaside Resort, it’s available for free:


I am so lost. I’ve spent HOURS trying to set up my website using Retro 4. I’ve read the documentation but I’m still confused. I am new to this and mistakenly thought this was something I could handle. I continue to have difficulty finding any type of support.


I guess you’re having troubles with WordPress, because Retro is one of the most simple themes you can find on ThemeForest. In that case I recommend to search for a tutorial (there are tons) that shows you how to get started with WordPress. E.g.:

For any other question related to the theme you can reach our support system at


Amazing… I’ve been looking for a theme like this during weeks. Before purchasing it, I’ve only a question… Is it possible to add FB, Twitter, etc, share-buttons on every post entry?


There are many free plugins for that but to be honest we’ve never tried them.

Cheers, P.

Salve, è possibile mantenere il logo fisso facendolo rientrare nella sezione del menu senza che esca fuori nella parte slider?

Risolto, grazie :-)

Hi! How to add seo setting for sections? I am using premium seo pack? :)

Hi there,

There’s no built-in option for that because a theme should only manage the display, layout, and presentation of content. You can use a plugin for that (e.g. Yoast SEO or any other at your choice) but we are unable to provide support on third-party plugins, I am sorry.

Btw, in Retro theme a “section” is every coloured part of the front page (e.g., in other words what you call sections is just “page content”. So what do you exactly mean with “SEO settings for sections”?

Thank you for answer, what i mean is on pages and post i get alot of seo settings in the bottom of the page, but these settings dont appear on your sections pages. Understand that this might be a plugin problem.

Hello. In my portfolio section there are large gaps between the portfolio items. For example there are four squares/items in the first row. Then in the second row there are three gaps followed by one portfolio item. Then the third proceeds as normal with three squares/portfolio items. Any idea why this is happening or how to fix it?


That probably happens because featured images are not the same size. I’d recommend that you resize and add them again, that should fix that.

That worked, thank you.

Hello, I love this theme but now I can´t see right my web on mobile or ipad. Why? If i need buy other upgrade tell me please! thanks

Hi again,

Unfortunately that issue has nothing to do with the theme but some third-party plugin you’re currently using. I’d recommend that you try to deactivate al plugins and activate them again one at time to find out which one’s causing the issue. Hope that helps!

Thank you so much!!! I am very grateful for your help and quick answers

No problems, I hope you are enjoying Retro!

Hi there!

Is it possible to use this as a multi-page as well? I see that the home page is a one-page, but the portfolio items can link to other pages. Is it possible to do something similar with other pages?

Also, do you plan to add a mobile navigation menu? One-page’s can become very hard to navigate on mobile if they get very long.



I am not sure to understand your first question. About the mobile navigation menu, we’ll keep in mind your request on our next major update.


Hi there!

You advertise the theme as a one-page and the menu navigates through different parts of the home page. I just want to confirm that should we decide to use your theme as a multi-page setup (where each menu item links to a different page), it is designed to work that way as well without complications.

However, now that I think about it, without having a menu on mobile, it would be impossible for a user to navigate to other pages since the menu options wouldn’t be there…so I guess that answers my question haha.

Well, you can add both “scrolling” links and links pointing to other pages in menus. I see your point and I agree with you: if users want to add only links pointing to other page, they would need a mobile menu as well in order to navigate through the website. That’s a feature we should definitely consider to add but – to be honest – I can’t really say when we’ll be able to do that. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

I’m having trouble changing the logo on Retro 4. I followed your instructions in your documentation. That didn’t work. I even took the drastic step of overwriting the logo.png files in my cPanel – still get the old “JD” logo. What’s going on here?Please help.

Hi, are you using any caching plugin or a CDN? In that case you may need to purge the cache. For any other request please open a support ticket:

That’s what I thought too, but I’m running a clean install of WP and the Retro 4 theme. After commenting here, the problem seems to have fixed itself. I still have no idea how. Hopefully I can revisit it some time to see if I can solve the mystery. Thank you for the quick reply. Now that I found my purchase code, I’ll submit a support ticket in the future if need be. Thanks again.