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I would like my blog comment form to look like the homepage contact me form. Any ideas where to get started?

Hi Glenn,

I am not sure to understand what you mean. Please open a ticket on and please be more specific. Cheers!

On the home page, there is a form to Contact the webmaster. It has a different css style than the form used to leave comments on blog posts. I would like to have the same style form on my blog posts. The homepage contact form looks much nicer than the basic comment form.

Nevermind. I figured it out. I copied the contact section from the homepage and pasted it at the bottom of view-article.php. Then I moved the blog post comment form into that section, replacing the original contact form code.

You can see what I was trying to achieve on this page:

I liked that form style much better than the default comment form on blog posts.

Hi Opendept. Please, how can I add more than 32 items in my portfolio ? I want to display at least, 50 items. Thanks.


I guess you mean in a “portfolio section”. Well, In that case max items number is 32, then you can place a link to the portfolio page as showed on our demo. Cheers, P.


Is this theme compatible with WooCommerce?

Thanks, Victoria

And another question, I see that no plugins are included, is it also compatible with Visual Composer? If it’s not compatible, which page builder plugins are?


No, theme is not compatible with any of the mentioned plugins, I am sorry. There are many themes that don’t support builder plugins, in most of cases you don’t really them for creating a site with WordPress.



I can’t work out why you chose to block the navigation menu from showing when in mobile mode (responsive screen width less than 739px).

Can you please release an update which allows the choice of a reduced size menu (not a hamburger menu) in the theme optons that is responsive.