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FINALLY !!... THANK YOU SO MUCH !! Well Done! :)

Love it! Great work!


Very nice !!

well done!

would love to see ist responsive. and quite high, always have to scroll with resolutions smaller 1080px height. and maybe colors?

Ottimo. Ma sei italiano? Visto che in questo sito sono molto rari :)

Si. Grazie per l’apprezzamento!

Very nice theme!

I really hope i would need once for a projet!



nice work! good luck

Thank you everybody!

Hello, nice theme.

Is it possible to add other pages that are not into the main sections? For the sections title, is it possible to change the name easily? (PSD file?)

Thank you Giuze

I found a little bug, in Retro\images\symbols image 9 and 10 are the same, then 11 should be 10, etc…

Thanks for reporting, I’ll release an update to fix these little bugs as soon as i can. Best regards, P.V.

The issues of your last comments were fixed in version 1.2, that you can download on TF. Thanks!

WOW !!!! Awesome WORK !

One question: Is ÜÄÖ in this typography possible???

Best Ben

Thank you Ben, but I’m still trying to understand what you wrote… eheheh! What’s ÜÄÖ? Cheers!

Ok, not all font styles can create this letters, and in my language (german) it`s necessary to use this kind of letters.

For example: Über Österreich ärgert sich die Welt :))) Means: The world is angry about austria :)) best Ben

Sorry, the font “Bazar” doesn’t support this kind of characters. Anyway you can replace the font editing css files. Cheers!

very very nice, simple and easy and at the same time so rich of nice details, complimenti !

Muchisimas gracias, amigo!

Top Job! Greate Work and a greate WP Theme. Good Luck and many $ :-)

Thank you!

Love this theme. How hard would it be to add a simple “shop” to sell shirts and such?

Eheh! For the moment is a “little bit” hard… maybe in the future, who knows?


I’m having a problem with the font in Opera 11.61. See this image:

What can be the problem? In IE en FF all looks fine…

Kind regards,


Thank you !! :)

Thank you !! :)

You can now download a new version from your download page. Thank you!

Thank you :) Maybe you can also take a look at quote popup? It’s a very small column in Opera browser. See

Kind regards, Nine

Really cool man. Nice work!

Complimenti bellissimo tema, un design davvero curato.. Fa piacere vedere italiani su themeforest!

hi! nice theme! actually waited until you made it wordpress-ready ;) just a short question. i tested it on my ipad 2 and there is a little issue: when you click on an item in the nav (portfolio for example) it scrolls down as it should. but when you then tap on another item in the menu, it doesn’t work. you have to scroll up/down the main page a little bit to make the nav menu “available” and functionable again. it’s not a big deal for everything is working fine! maybe just a little bug to be fixed… i’m going to purchase it anyway because i like it ;) keep up the good work!

Thank you. For the moment I don’t have the chance to check the issue. I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible. Best regards, P.V.

About time someone did a retro theme!! Will buy soon. Cosi Bello! Brava pacovitiello1!

x from us down here (Australia)