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Love the theme!

Is it possible to make it so the mobile version does not have a sticky menu while the desktop version does?

Thank you!

Hi there,

Definitely, but it’ll require a customization of the theme. Please feel free to open a ticket on our support site so we can provide more detailed instructions.


If you have a responsieve version. If so, i buy it…

Hi, wher do i find the documentation for this theme? I would like to remove the blog section from the menu and the complete page is this possible?


Great! You can edit the theme’s file named “section-blog.php” in Appearance – Editor to change its content.

Great thanks. Is it this line that i change to display one of my custom pages: <?php if ( get_theme_option(‘blog_paged’) ) : ?>

You’ll have to replace pretty much all content to display something else.


is there a way to edit the Body fonts section. I only have consolas listed in the options and the drop down doesnt work.

Its not listed in the CSS but must be somewhere.

Thanks in advance


Hi Adam,

In Appearance – Theme Options – Styling – Font Family you’ll find a bunch of options.

If you’re experiencing issues with the theme’s Options Panel, please make sure to install the theme correctly. If you’re using a recent version of WordPress, be sure to use a recent version of the theme as well.

A bad plugin can also affect your WordPress Dashboard, so try to disable any activated plugin.



I would like to only display one category of the blog in the home page.

Can you please let’s me know how I can do this.

Thanks !


I am not sure where to add the name of the category. With the documentation, I found out I have to insert ’ is_category( ‘blog-article’ ) ’ but I cannot find out how to add it into “section-blog.php” .

Thanks for your help

I really hope you can help me soon with this :)


You need to modify the default query made by the theme adding a category parameter so that only posts from the category you specify will be displayed. You might want to hire someone in case you have problems making this customisation :)


We bought the template and we like it, but we would like to have the .psd files of the four icons so that we can change their colors. Is that possible?


Unfortunately not all of them are there. Please read my first message.

You’re lucky ;) I’ve found the original files. You can download theme at this link:

Cheers, -P

Ok thanks. You should think of including them into the whole package :)

How can I change the text ‘Filter’ and the name of the category ‘ALL’ in the portfolio ?

Thank you :)

Hi there!

You must edit the theme’s file named “section-portfolio.php” in Appearance – Editor. The string is located on line 70 – or search “all” to find it :)


Thanks ! And for the ‘Filter by’ text, I just removed the line <?php echo retro_filter( get_theme_option(‘portfolio_filter_label’) ); ?>

Thanks :)

Is anyone else having problems with the Slides not showing up when you go to the live site? I can’t get anything to work for the slides..its just a big white box. Please HELP!

also it doesn’t allow to me to increase the number of items past 12 in the portfolio section.. It won’t let me move the slider bar. I am using Google Chrome and also have IE 7 and the Dashboard does not function properly. (for example with the Slides page.. usually when you make an edit the “save settings” button at the top shows a red cirle with the number of changes you made, on the Slides page it doesn’t do that at all).


Please, make sure to install the theme properly and to use a recent version of WordPress. A plugin may also stop the theme from functioning, so try to disable all active plugins and see if it helps.


Also.. if i change the theme to one of the others provided will it wipe out all my settings/photos and text that i already have in the Retro Theme?


No, switching or deleting the theme does not delete any content or option.


Hi, do you have a email i can reach you on?

Hi, i have a modified responsive version of this theme

If you need support, please use our support forum.

Cheers, -P

Hello, I want to know if I can install the plugin “easy restaurant menu manager” or another compatible. It’s an excellent theme! Thanks

Hi there,

unfortunately we cannot guarantee full compatibility with all the existing WP plugins. In your case, I guess that this plugin would need some other important changes to the layout of Retro theme.

Cheers, -P

What is the best practice to upgrade? I am on version 1.3 and have made some changes to the icons and dont want to lose them.


Hi there,

if you never made changes inside the “Retro” theme’s folder, you can simply download the new release from Themeforest, uncompress the package and replace the current “Retro” folder (inside wp-content/themes) with the new one. In any case I strongly recommend to make a local copy of the old theme folder.

If you have edited some files inside that folder, I guess that you need to be careful because if you replace the folder, you’ll also lose all the changes that you’ve made. In that case, I suggest you to take a look at the changelog: in the theme’s folder you can find a file named “changelog.txt” that includes a list of all files affected by every release of the theme.

Hope it helps, -P

Hi, I’m a newbie in translating themes and I like to use Dutch in this theme. In the helpsection I read that I need to edit the Po files. So I found out that in the Languages folder there is 1 po file which is called Default. But I can’t find the words I want to translate, like Newer posts and Older posts. Am I missing something???

Hi there,

“Newer posts” is at the line 721; “Older posts” is at the line 27.

For any other question, please use our support forum:

Cheers, -P

Is that in a css doc?

It is the default.po file contained in the languages folder.

Hi, I have a pretty old version installed: 2.3. I made some custom changes in the past and I don’t want to upgrade the whole theme.

For some reason the slider has stopped working (see ).

Could you help me to upgrade only slider files? I’ve already tried to switch to the latest version and the slider works there.

This seems to be an issue related to an incompatibility with the latest version of jQuery, which is loaded automatically from Google Servers. Please make sure to head over Appearance -> Retro Portfolio -> Extras and enable the option “Load jQuery Locally”, so that a stable version (related to our theme) will be loaded. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Oh thanks, it works now.

Is there a Youtube and Instagram icon for social media? Is there a way we can get them in .psd or .ai format?

Thanks, Yacine

No, I am sorry. But I can give you the PSD of a Youtube icon you can use for creating your custom icons ;)

Cheers, -P

OK cool thanks :) One more thing to add to this amazing template in the future update :)

Pre – Sale Q!

Can you change the letters in the circle at the top. It says JD right now, but can you change it to whatever you want? Same Q for the Retro word. Is that a specific font that you created for this theme?

Is the Audio Player integrated? Would an audio player plug in work? Same Q for the video player – would a video player plug in work?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

In the package that you will download there are some PSD files and one of these is the circle badge. You can edit it in Photoshop and replace the original image.

There’s no audio/video integrated player. You can instead embed videos from Youtube/Vimeo.

Cheers, -P

Hi, I recently bought the retro portfolio template. All is well but I have a few questions.

1. I am able to embed single youtube videos, but playlists don’t embed. The youtube window shows up but has no content. I see people all over showing how to do it but I’m wondering if this template has a problem with it, as it doesn’t work. You can only seem to have them play in a separate window. I need them embedded.

2. Is there some way to have the icons on the “About Me” section, trigger a URL hyperlink? Everyone is going to click them and I’d like something to happen if they do.

3. Can the over-all size of the media icons be reduced or changed globally?

4. Is it possible to change any of the site colors?

Thanks very much! JonoGrant

Hi JonoGrant,

1. It is not possible embedding playlists inside the modal window.

2. It would be possible adding some anchor tags inside a PHP file.

3. Sure it is. You should make the images smaller and then change some lines of CSS.

4. Backgrounds are PNG images; for changing the colours you should edit that files or creating new ones respecting their dimensions.

For any other question, please use our support forum:

Cheers, -P

Thanks for the reply. Why is there an embedded playlist in this support post:

The second video down is a playlist working fine in a wordpress site in some sort of modal window, is it not? It’s a very important function for me. Thanks JG>

Hi, i bought this theme but where do i find the Item purchase Code? Dont have an email or anything with this information anymore.

Thank you for your help.

Hello, maybe someone can help me here. I dont find the items retro_img.png (RETRO on the front page) and logo.png (logo in the middle of the menu bar) in the structure on my file manager. In wich folder is it supposed to be?

Thank you!

Hi there,

All the images should stay in wp-content/themes/Retro/images/structure/

If files are not there anymore, maybe you are still seeing them on the page because of the browser cache or some WP cache plugin, if you’re using one.

Hope it helps, -P

Hi ..

Will this theme work with the newest version of WordPress ??

Thanks, Bill


Cheers, -P

Thanks, Any way to import the sample layout?

No, I am sorry, for this theme there’s no XML to import but configuring the theme is really easy. Help files are included into the package.

Cheers, -P