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After hours trying, I’m unable to properly edit the title banner in Photoshop. I open your psd, see the layers, but when I change the text in one layer, the old “Retro” mask is always there and I can not remove or replace it. So the text is unreadable.

Can you please give some instructions about how to make the double colour effect for the shadow in the banner title in Photoshop?

Many thanks!

Oh, so bad! :( Could you recommend some others published elsewhere that match a bit your design? I could tweak them with colours and fonts…

I am sorry, I have no idea :(


Ok, I’ll keep searching…

Hi, I would like to turn off the automatic capitalization of letters. What is the best way to disable automatic capitalization? I would like to set the css ‘text-transform: none’ property to most of the texts on the website. This would allow me to see capitals for letters that I myself have made capitals when typing the words.

Please advise.


Hi there,

Go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Styling; in CSS Code field you can paste any CSS code to apply to the theme. For instance, if you want to remove uppercase for portfolio titles, paste the following:

portfolio_listing ul li p {

text-transform: none; }

Cheers, -P


I have three questions:

1) I couldn’t find any documentation on how to change the pages around. For example, I want to replace the portfolio and blog with static pages, and add more total pages. Where do I do this?

2) My pages don’t scroll transition, they just jump. Under navigation, my scrolling speed is set to low-ish, and easing to Expo. What am I missing?

3) I hope this is, in fact, the correct place to ask for support. I went to your support site at, but it wouldn’t accept my Themeforest purchase code.

Thanks very much!

Hi there,

1) Retro main structure is fixed, you can’t change or replace the existing sections with new ones.

2) Please try with the default settings and see if it works; if not open a ticket on our support forum.

3) I am sorry for the inconvenience. Please, send me an email ( or a message from our profile page. I need to know your email for manually creating an account and, later, I have to give you the forum password.

Regards, -P

Hi! I can`t download your theme! why?

Please click on Themeforest’s “Downloads” tab. There you should find all the items that you have purchased on Envato.

Hope it helps, -P

Hi, I need help with the Portfolio please. I’m trying to organize the Filter Tags and Format. There are only 3 options in ‘Format’ – icons Standard, Quote and Audio. On your sample pages there’s also a ‘link’ icon. I can’t find it anywhere so have to use ‘Quote’ icon in Format. Hope I’ve explained it ok as I’m not very techy. Please can you help? Thanks in advance

Use the “Standard” option and type the URL into the “Content Url” field.

Cheers, -P

Much appreciated, thank you :)

Hi, I’m returning to editing this theme after a while and I love it! I would like to be able to site-link the images/icons on the ‘About Us’ section to other websites I have. Is there a way of doing it please? Thanks in advance!

Here is an example:

<a href=""> <img src="<?php echo ( get_theme_option('about_col_1_icon_custom') ? esc_url( get_theme_option('about_col_1_icon_custom') ) : get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/images/symbols/ico_' . get_theme_option('about_col_1_icon') . '.png' ); ?>" alt="" /> </a>

Hope it helps, -P

I did it! (and now I know how to do it with other areas too) Thank you so much for your time and help I really appreciate it.

Glad you’re happy with the theme!


I am having trouble with the slider. No images are showing up in it, even when they are selected through the slider tab. I have the latest installation (just downloaded today.) The slider just stopped showing images several months ago. I can get it to show the captions and the more button, but no images. Please help. Thanks!

WEll, nevermind, I seemed to have figured it out. I had to re-upload all of them, as just selecting them from the already uploaded ones in my WP media library didn’t work. Strange quark, but if anyone else is having trouble, that is a work around.


First of all thanks a lot for the theme! You guys are great!!

However, I do have 1 question. My blog section shows the full posts and I don’t see any excerpt option. I figured.. before looking for a plugin, I should ask you first if there is something you recommend. I would love to get my blog look like the demo.

Regards, Diana

Thanks a lot!!


I love this theme.

But can’t figure out how to use PDFs as part of my portfolio. Any advice? Thanks!

Hi there,

Unfortunately PDF format is not allowed.

Regards, -P

No worries, thanks for replying so quickly.


Thank you for the fantastic theme. I just have a short issue to figure out. As other people here, I would like to change the colours of my theme. I have already modified them on the source file home.psd but this does not seem to have any effect on my website. I am obviously missing some steps here and I would really appreciate if you could point me on the right direction.

What’s the next step once you have changed the colours of the theme on Photoshop? What do I do with that file? Am I supposed to upload it to my server? In what location?

Thank you in advanced : )

Hi there,

The PSD file is the original design project, it has nothing to do with the theme.

Unfortunately this customization requires a considerable number of modifications and we are unable to provide this kind of support. But it is quite easy for someone with some basic CSS skills. In case you don’t know someone who can help, you can hire someone on or try with, etc.

Hope it helps, -P

Thanks for the advice, but fortunately I’ve already figured out how to change the theme colours. In fact, I don’t think is that difficult. I will explain it here in case anyone else has the same issue.

You just need to modify the PNG / JPG images contained in the folder Retro/images (structure, symbols…)and then upload them to your server and replace the originals with the old colours. That’s it. Hope it helps.

Hello, I do not know if this has been answered before, but here it goes: when i go to the retro portfolio and then blog and I want to change posts pagination numbers, its locked, in my case i meant to put 5 posts and is locked to 3, I’ve tried change in reading settings but it did not result, I have version 2.3. if this is solved with an update, i will like to know what code do I have to change once I’ve done lots of modifications in various pages php and css, thanks and best regards

Would you please provide me your login credentials via email so that I can take a look into your WP? My email is

Cheers, -P


I am afraid that you are using a really old Retro WP version. I suggest you to update to the latest version (3.7). Please keep in mind that every change that you’ve made inside the “Retro” folder will be lost.

Cheers, -P

Is it possible to omit the Blog and Portfolio page sections and menu links? I just need a simple site with about and contact info.

Hi there,

That’s not really easy; this customization requires a considerable number of modifications and we are unable to provide this kind of support.

Cheers, -P

Hi, I would buy the theme if it supported mobiles and tablets. Are there any plans on adding this functionality soon?


Hi, maybe in a future version ;)



I have an issue with the blog. My posts are kind of long and I would like them to show as it’s shown in the demo: short intro, featured image and a ‘more’ tag you can click in case you want to continue reading. Instead of that now I’m getting the whole post on the main page. Is there anything I cn do to fix this? Thanks in advanced

Does theme supports more than 4 pages? in menu.

No, I am sorry.

Cheers, -P

when i post 2 items under portfolio under on filter option , but when i click one filterable option all the portfolio posts overlap on each other. Please give me a solution to this problem

Please provide me your URL.


I’ve lost the graphic project’s PSDs somehow. There are missing images on the header (the round logo and the big name below it). Please can you help? Many thanks, Alison

You can download the PSD from here.


Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to remove the audio player from the portfolio section but keep the overall entry? I am using the wordpress embedding code and therefore do not need the player. Thanks you!

Thanks you so much for the fast response. The problem I am having using the standard format is that there is that there is only a URL format to that, and the embedding code needs to be put into a text window.

I deleted that code from the folder and nothing happened.

Also, I entered the CSS code above and although it removed the “quote” icon from the gallery posts, I cannot seem to locate the “camera” icon.

I apologize for my lack of knowledge in all of this, it’s my first website.

Thanks again.

Sorry, I forgot to say that you can try using the Audio Format again (not the Standard Format); then, removing that code from loop-portfolio.php should do the trick. If you’re using some cache plugin, remember to empty the cache.

My bad…! Delete the CSS code that I’ve provided you from the “CSS code” field, then open the style.css file and at line 501 replace background:url(images/symbols/th_icon_text.png) 0px 0px no-repeat; with background:url(images/symbols/th_icon_camera.png) 0px 0px no-repeat;

In case you’re still having problems, please provide me your credentials via email ( and I’ll take a look into it.

Cheers, -P

Got it all set, thanks much for your help!

Guys! come out with a retina update! you can do it!!! :)

Sorry, posted on wrong theme page.

Also, I tried to sign up for your support forums, but it says my item purchase code is invalid?

According to Envato, you’ve never purchased a theme of ours with this account. In case, please contact Envato support.

Happy new year, -P