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Left a message here a couple weeks ago regarding any plans you have for making this theme responsive. No reply. So I tried to find the answer on my own via the support page, however unless I make a purchase, I am not allowed to see replies there either.

Can only guess that a non-answer is the answer? Hopefully that is not the case. These seems like such a great theme otherwise.

Hello there,

Currently we are very busy and I am unable to say when we will release a responsive version. I can’t say more, I am sorry.


Great theme. Here is what I built with it for anyone that is interested:

Very fast and easy to customize.

Seems I’m having trouble finding out how to show the “more” button on blog posts instead of having the whole blog post visible. Help please?

So…. I edited loop.php and changed line 26 to get_exceprt(); and added my own code for the “read more” link. I would still like to know how to do this the correct way though. Thx.

Hi there,

You can use the WordPress <!-more-> tag to split your content (

Cheers, -P

Have been trying to make a purchase for 2 days. No response from Envato. Would really like this theme. How can I pay you direct through paypal?

No, I am sorry, we are not authorised to sell the theme outside Envato.

Cheers, -P


3oR Purchased

I’m trying to add some HTML elements into a blank page, using this script: It works, but whatever I add, it brakes the website:

Note the logo is out of place as well as one of the main menu links (KONTAKT).

I don’t understand why this is happening. I have limited HTML knowledge and thats why this script is perfect for me. Please help me fix this.

Hello there,

I am sorry but we are unable to provide support for customisations and third-party scripts.

For any other question regarding the theme’s functions, please use our support forum (

Regards, -P

hi there! i have wordpress website . if i will change my template whit this… all contents.. posts, etc will be lost? thanks nicola

Ciao Nicola,

Se cambi tema non c’è timore di perdere i tuoi contenuti, perché quelli sono salvati sul database, che non ha nulla a che vedere con il tema che utilizzi. Potresti però aver bisogno di dover fare alcune modifiche ai contenuti già inseriti.

Saluti, -P

grazie! perfetto. ciao nicola

Hi, I’ve read your previous answer regarding Gravatars not showing up, but I’ve tried everything in the provided links and I still can’t see Gravatars. My comments section looks exactly like the one in the site preview here:

Sample Retro Portfolio post

(I confirm I’ve activated Avatars from Settings/Discussion in my Wordpress dashboard and that I’ve deactivated all plugins except for Jetpack, deleting files for inactive plugins. I’ve also tried this in more than one browser.)

Can you please help?

(My website is here: )

Hello there,

Unfortunately Retro theme does not support avatars on comments. For adding them you need to add some lines of code inside comments.php ( and maybe some other lines of CSS to style the avatar.

Hope it helps, -P

Hello I am wondering the same as Paketo 23 day ago: Will this theme be responsive?

If it was I would buy it right away!

Is it possible for You to reconsider and prioritize making this theme responsive?? So wonderful with the slides-theme too!!!

Best regards Monica Hopeful from Norway!

Hello there,

At the moment we are really busy on other projects so I can’t say when we will start working on that update. We will let you know about that. Thanks for your patience.


This is a good theme but has major, major problems with the slider and uploading a new image. It’s virtually impossible to make it work properly. Right now it leaves gaps for the MORE button even if you have requested that it does not do that (there seems to be no ready fix).

Do you give a money back or an upgrade to a responsive theme? No way in hell am I going through every post I’ve ever done and resizing my pictures. My fault I suppose for assuming a premium theme would be responsive. Any suggestions? If not… I just wasted 35 bucks.

Unfortunately we are not authorised to refund. You can ask to Envato support for that


Hello. I have this theme installed in my website but my slider isn’t working. It keeps loading but doesn’t show any image.

Can you help me, please?

Please write me a message from the account you used to purchase the theme ;)

P.S. Also, provide an URL.


Hi, I’ve been using retro for a while, and we recently realized lots of message send through the contact form where actually not sent… Any idea or help ? Thanks a lot.

Hello there,

This kind of issue has nothing to do with the theme but with WordPress itself. The only chance to avoid spam is adding a captcha plugin, but – I am sorry – we are unable to provide support on 3rd party plugins.

Regards, -P

Hi There, Purchased this theme and love it! Thank you.

One Question: All of a sudden one of the 4 About columns has shifted, displaying below rather than inline horizonatally. I’ve searched extensively and can’t figure out why it’s doing this. I’ve tried to hide different columns, and workaround, but one column is always pushed below the others.

Can you advise?

That’s pretty weird. Are you using HTML tags inside “Content” fields?

P.S. If you send me an email with your WP credentials ( I can take a look into your installation.


Hello, I payed fair money for this account ,but when I enter my purchase code to enter the support area, I get the message that my code is not valid.

Can someone comment/ send me an email and fix this? Muchly appreciated. Email:

I see that you’ve successfully signed up on the forum ;)


Hi Guys. I have what I am sure is a small problem. I had a logo in the menu bar where you had the JD, no its gone. Can you tell me how you would get this back.


Sorted, thanks anyway. Its a great theme


Hi ! I’m wondering to purchase a theme but is there any option to use more than 4 words in menu?

Hello there,

Unfortunately that’s not possible with this theme version. Maybe we will add that feature in a next update.

Cheers, -P

Hi there,

Great theme but just a quick styling question. The minimum the font size for the ‘label font size’ can go is 70px. However, I need to make it smaller as I’m using slightly more text and it’s flowing all wrong.

It’s the heading that currently say ‘Movies’ ‘Music’ ‘Text’ & ‘Photo’. Is there a CSS code I can paste in for ease?

Thanks, Mark

Hello there,

For applying custom CSS rules, use Chrome inspector to detect a selector (, then go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Styling -> CSS Code and type there your custom CSS rule.

Here’s how to give a font-size of 20px to ‘Movies’ ‘Music’ ‘Text’ & ‘Photo’ labels:

#home_about_listing ul li h2 { font-size: 20px; }

Hope it helps, -P

That works perfectly! Thanks for your quick and effective reply! :)

Hi Guys Me again. Love everything except how the images are displayed in the portfolio. If I bought the CSS for a better gallery display, which I have done. Is there away that I can change your for theirs.



Hello. I have asked these questions on the support page but no answer yet. Could you help me?

I would like to change all the background colors (About Me, Blog, Portfolio,…). Is it possible?

Second question: I would like to add some links to the 4 icons in the “About Me” section. I mean: there are 4 logos; I would like to link each logo to some other sites. Thanks for your answer.

I am going to answer on the support forum.

Cheers, -P

Dear opendept, First, i am very glad and thankful because of your Retro Portfolio I have set up and use it. It really good. However, it has only one erro when I insert images into slide Can you help me to fix this? I am lookinh forward to hear from you. Many thanks

Hi… what font do you use in this template?

Hello there,

We used Bazar, Oswald and Roboto Slab.

Cheers, -P