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1 – please, I would like to know if it is expected to be used on this theme Ad-block (advertising block) to use in home page.

2 – Also your theme is tested for the last 4.5 Wordpress platform version?

3 – In the features is write responsive, is it true?

From mobile I see all in mobile version, but if I resize the browser the theme seems not responsive.


Andrea Fumagalli

Hi Andrea,

1. There are lots of free plugins that allows you to add advertising anywhere on a website.

2. You can always check compatibility in the right sidebar on product description page. As you can see, it is compatible with WordPress 4.4.2, WordPress 4.4.1 and WordPress 4.4 versions at the moment. Support of latest version will be added in next update. It requires some time to add compatibility after a new Wordpress version released.

3. Yes, it is responsive. Do you really think we would lie?

I believe what you call “responsive” is the fluid width, when website scales with the width of the browser. It is not possible in this theme, because of heavy graphics. Our theme changes width on checkpoints (mobiles and tablets width), like any other theme but without scaling/stretching.


I want to add another section to the home with products from the store, is that possible?

someone help me?

some guidance ?


Hi martinezjs21,

Yes, it is possible.

Please post a topic with more details on our help forum and our staff will be glad to assist you. http://help.olegnax.com/

hiya, can you let me know how i change the responsive site width breakpoint as i want to apply the mobile menu to stop the menu going on to 2 lines? thanks

Hi digitalcarrot,

Please post a topic on our help forum and our staff will be glad to assist you. http://help.olegnax.com/


Schenso Purchased

Hiyaa! I hope you can help me..

I bought this theme a while ago. And i love the “insert teaser” in the text editor! But is it possible to use it on my other website aswell? Is there a code for it i can use?

Hope to hear from you! And it’s a very nice theme! Thank you.

Hello Schenso,

This custom feature is specific to our theme. It will require customization to transfer it to other theme.


I just wanted to know if has this already been translated into French and are the .po / .mo files available ?

Hi nigao,

Yes, french translation also included in our theme.


vltn80 Purchased


i just bought this nice theme but i want to remove the Privacy Policy • Terms of Use link on the footer, can you tell me how ? tq


vltn80 Purchased

i already find it ….. naver mind tq

Hello vltn80,

Glad you’ve found the solution. For further assistance please, use our help forum if you have some troubles or need clarification: http://help.olegnax.com/categories/retro-premium-vintage-wordpress-theme

Kind Regards

Having trouble signing into your support forum. It says my saved password and username do not exist, but apparently my purchase code is already in use!

Care to answer?

My problem is my site is not fully responsive. Main product images don’t resize properly on the single product page.

Hello ziaassociates,

Sorry for the delay. Please, send your purchase code to stan@olegnax.com, so we will be able to check the issue with authentication.


Hello. I have emailed Stan. Hoping for a prompt response.

Hi there,


Do you have a demo that i could maybe login to?

I would like to see how much of the theme you can actually change as i would like as much movement on the design as possible – thanks.

Hi Creatives4 ,

No, we don’t have a sandbox.

You can check features on our preview:

http://retro.olegnax.com/features/integrated-shortcodes/ http://retro.olegnax.com/features/skins/ http://retro.olegnax.com/features/menu-options/ http://retro.olegnax.com/features/background-patterns/

and so on

However screenshots in preview a bit outdated, so here are some of the latest:




Our theme uses a lot of graphics so you can’t move too much from the original design, like in “clean” themes.

You can ask any questions in presale section of our help forum http://help.olegnax.com/categories/presale-questions

is your ‘support’ only available from your forum? if so its not really support as i left a question nearly a week ago which is still un answered. not very helpful at all

Hi waynerpol,

Please provide a link to your topic, because I don’t see unanswered posts on our help forum.

HI .I am using your theme for my site and want to install a second òanguage with POLYLANG plugin ( multilanguage plugin ) . Is it compatible. I am trying to add languages flags on header top riright following the isntrutions fo the plugn doc it do not display nothing . Can you help me individuate where to insert the code line where on lour dem your the login and shopping icons . Thanks

Hi interacom75,

Our theme comes with the support of WPML plugin for multilanguage. Using other plugins may require customizations.

For further assistance please use our help forum http://help.olegnax.com/

Crashic Purchased

I want to buy this topic. Interested question: admin’s part translated into Russian?

Hello Crashic,

No, the admin part is not translated into Russian. The only frontend.

Kind Regards

Hy, the demo doesn’t work … ?!!!


We don’t see any problems, what exactly doesn’t work?

now it has been fixed – i couldn’t start the preview of your theme

Hi, I want put the icon of instragra in social shares . What Can I do?

Hi smiranda8,

If you need icon, then you can add it using our “insert social link” shortcode: http://retro.olegnax.com/shortcodes/social-icons/ If you need instagram button, then follow instructions on their website http://blog.instagram.com/post/36222022872/introducing-instagram-badges For further assistance, please, use our help forum http://help.olegnax.com/

Please upgrade to 4.5.3 and the plugin Revolution Slider. Or you can install separately if he is? ????? ????????, ??? ??????? JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 1.4.1 load-scripts.php?c=0&load[]=jquery-core,jquery-migrate,utils,jquery-ui-core,jquery-ui-widget,jquery…:2 Uncaught Error: no such method ‘instance’ for menu widget instance load-scripts.php:246 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘hasClass’ of undefined

Hi Crashic,

We’ll release an update but can’t say an ETA yet. Do not upgrade your plugins on the live store before you make sure that they are supported by the theme. For further assistance, please, use our help forum http://help.olegnax.com/

ad66gr Purchased

Any plans to update for woocommerce 2.6.2?

Hi ad66gr,

Yes, it will be released in a next few days.