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Another request for the Wordpress version!! I am eagerly waiting, Would like be notified, when it will start, or be finished. How many requests do you need!? :crying::D

We will consider releasing WordPress version. We have two themes in production we will be working on REVEAL after the releases.

WordPress Theme Available

REVEAL WP version is now available, developed by ShineTheme:

Hi designova, having trawled through several themes yours stood out as being different from the normal sameish themes that people do. I am looking to create an extremely simple site for a Client. I would like to use your template as a base, the majority of the site is straight forward as I will be using the ‘single page’ but what I want to do for the home page is use the single page and get rid of the main text box and replace with three slide-up service boxes. Will I mess up the responsiveness across desktop, tablet and mobile if I simply swap these elements over?

Thanks Hanniel

Hi, thanks for your kind words. If you swap any elements present in this template there will not be any issue about responsiveness. But if you are creating any new element (heavy customization we mean) then you have to optimize it for mobile devices, this can be done based on our responsive stylesheet rules (you can extend it without much issues). You can customize any of our templates without complex issues, because we use Bootstrap framework to power the layout.

Just a few moments ago I fell for this theme. As mentioned in my other question I am not all too familiar with designing but am a fast learner, built my own website 14 years ago with notepad and HTML4 and wanted to use wordpress (not my cup of tea I like to do things myself). Now I’m learning to work with Dreamweaver and searching for a great theme to work with. OK Long story for a short question. Can I use this theme with Dreamweaver, I never heard of Bootstrap and is it hard to do?? I now a little about Dreamweaver now, know a lot about HTML and CSS looks like heaven and so does this theme.

Hi, you can use Dreamweaver to edit this template. Since you are familiar with HTML5 and CSS it will be pretty easy for you. Bootstrap is actually the framework used – a collection of HTML markup with associated CSS & JS codes. You can simply edit the template and Bootstrap will make it easy for you. Please refer for more info about Bootstrap:

OK. Bootstrap. New queste :) will purchase this great theme now!!!! THANK YOU!!!

WordPress Theme Available

REVEAL WP version is now available, developed by ShineTheme:

Quick question! When a portfolio thumbnail is clicked for more info and expands into a text box (the “Project Info View”), can a larger image be included in that project info box? It’s a little odd to not to be able to view a larger image of a project. Just wondering!

Hi there. Currently the image displayed is sized according to the layout which is basically a boxed type of layout with fixed width. The solutions will be to hook any lightbox plugin on this image and to display a larger image on click. We will consider this in next update.

WordPress Theme Available

REVEAL WP version is now available, developed by ShineTheme:

Hello! Great theme! how exactly are blog archive’s displayed? I mean, if you have hundreds of posts, how do you view the oder ones? It appears as is only recent posts are visible form the demo….

Hi, thanks for your kind words. This HTML5 template is just a static web template with Blog layout only. Instead you may need to check WordPress version which is featuring a fully working Blog system.

Quick question…. on the video background, is this a youtube video? what is the minimum size and resolution needed. Can you discuss size of video to make loading faster. this is my only question before purchase. thanks

Hi, this is a Youtube video background. You can use any dimension of video that is uploaded on youtube. We always recommend HD when considering the quality of video, but in other cases it should be 480p.

ie8 not support?

IE8 is deprecated and hence the support for that browser is optional as per themeforest guidelines.


I have wordpress 3.8.2 I try to install your theme Reveal and there is an error. My wordpress is in spanish so I translate de error:

“Could not decompress the package. The theme doesn’t have the style sheet style.css .”

Can you give me a solution?


Hi, sorry to see that you have mistaken this template as WordPress theme, but it is not. This is a standard HTML5 web template which is not a WordPress theme.

If you are interested, WordPress version is sold by ShineTheme:

I’m alexnava again. Please see the previous message.

I just want to add that in Wordpress in Appearance/Themes appears this message: “The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.”

I was triying to install from wordpress uploading the .zip file, but give me the error I show you in the previous message. Then I upload the folder “reveal v1.0 – template” to wordpress/wp-content/themes/ but give me the same error: “Could not decompress the package. The theme doesn’t have the style sheet style.css”

What you have purchased is actually an HTML Template which is not compatible with WordPress. You can purchase WordPress version here


For what is html Template? to work with Dreamweaver? I look in the folder but I don’t see the files for each section. I think is to much complicate for me… Can I have my money back to buy the wordpress version?

You may discuss this with Envato support who handles all activities related to purchase and sales of products here.


really appreciate if you provide 404 page in the html version Thanks

Yes we will add it on next update.


on an iPad4 the navigation covers the content… what can I do?

regards, cd

Hi we will check it in detail and let you know.

I quote from the Designova email d.d. 30-10-2013

..... Moreover, we are updating REVEAL template with some additional mediaquery and it will be improved on mobile devices including the new iOS 7. This will be released as a major update on themeforest next week. You will get notifications from Envato as it is available for free download for all buyers…...

Where is it?

Hi, the features we discussed earlier was already implemented within a WordPress version:

well that is of no use to me, since I purchased the HTML version

The HTML version on tablets ( I use Galaxy Tab and Ipad4 ) have a big issue about the responsive design: The menu buttons are cover the content so I suppose there is an error on CSS. The WP version looks okay: Plase fix the HTML version or tell us how to correct this problem.

Thank you

Hi, please open a support ticket, we will update about this for sure.

Hi This is a pre-sale query. I need right click “disabled” so as to discourage visitor’s from downloading the images as I will display larger images.

I am not a coder but can follow instructions if you promise to help.


Hi, it is possible via adding the following JS code:
$('img').bind('contextmenu', function(e) {
    return false;
For more info, you can follow this JSFiddle demo here:

Happy Holidays.

Love this theme. Q: I’ve changed the order of my navigation but when I enter the URL, it still goes to my main opening page. How do I change the first page/filter the should appear? What am I missing?

Thanks, N

Hi, please open a support ticket, we will check for sure


Is this version compatible for the new version of WordPress?

I downloaded this, assuming this is compatible for the new version since there is no software compatibility info only to find out, that this is not gonna work for the future versions of wp.

Hi, this is HTML template, not WordPress theme. If you purchased by mistake please contact Envato for possible refund via

Hi – Where is the Wordpress version?

Hi, WP version is discontinued by it’s author. If you have more queries please contact them

Hi – Where is the Wordpress version? I cannot find it anywhere.

i, WP version is discontinued by it’s author. If you have more queries please contact them

Hi. I like this template, but prior to purchase, I wonder if you will be updating it to Bootstrap 3+ please?

Hi, such an update will need more time to develop, we will consider it once our developers get free.