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How do I set the horizontal scrolling ? I want 3 menu points which swipe left&right when clicking like here:

Okay. I just read the documentation, I know created a main page with “Home” as template. After that 2 other pages (about & services), for which I set “Home” as the parent page. I also set “Home” as the main page in wordpress settings. When I open the page now It shows the “Get startet” button, which should lead to #about. But nothing happens, when I click it. The URL in Browser now shows #about, but no page opened. What is wrong with my setup ? How do I set the labels of subpages correctly ?

Well I just deleted all pages and set it up new – works now, whatever reason it had.

Glad to hear it sorted now.

Is there any shop-plugin which works nicely with the Reversal theme ?

Hi, There is no e-commerce support in Reversal.

Hello, I changed the background-color of the main container. Now on mobile devices it only shows me the last of my 3 pages? Pls check that!

Hi, If you go to your Advanced tab in the theme options page and set CSS compression to “Enabled” or “On” whichever is applicable. See if this fixes the issue.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work neither :/ Maybe I changed some internal CSS, I can’t remember exactly which. Can you or the authors tell me which CSS are responsible for the responsiveness ?

Hi, there is a responsive.css file in the styles folder in the theme root which controls the responsiveness (once css compression is disabled). When CSS compression is enabled, the whole theme uses one minified css file found in “root>theme>compressed>theme.min.css”.

Once you have removed any custom CSS from the Custom CSS field in the theme options panel and you have set the CSS compression to enabled, then unless you have manually edited the minified css file or you have deleted some files, things should work as they did once you installed the theme. If you have made manual changes which you can't recover, you could unzip the original theme again and manual copy over all the css files to your live theme.

Hi, when I click “toogle map” on contact page appears this message: “Google Maps does not Has Been loaded PROPERLY . For technical details , see the JavaScript console.” How can I fix it? Thanks

Hi, Please open a new thread in our support forum for this theme. You can find it here:

Make sure to include a link to your website in your thread, so we can take a look at the js console errors/notifications

Hello, can you please tell me how I make the whole section from the “home” page clickable, not just the “Get Started” button ?

Hi, can you tell my where I would have to customize that ?

Hi, Unfortunately its not as easy as that. I wouldn’t be able to give instructions on how to do it without doing it first. Furthermore, its a customization, which is outside the scope of support.

Well I managed it. For your records, maybe some other client is interested in this feature: Go to Editor and open the “headlines.php”. Open the “a href” with your destination URL in the 6th line before the FIRST “section id….” and close it at the bottom after the last line of code.

Hi, how can I change the general (body) font-color? When I change the style.css nothing happens. When I look in the developer-tools in Chrome it shows me a css?ver=12434312… a version of the css. How does this happen and how can I change it? I don’t have any caching plugins neither have I activated CSS caching in the theme settings. The website is

The theme uses compressed css, so either disable css compression under Appearance>Theme Opitons>Advanced to see any changes to your main css stylesheet or alternatively paste custom css snippets into the custom css field found at Appearance>Theme Options>General.

I read in older posts the theme haven’t been tested with WPML, any change on this recently? still not tested or any feedback of other costumers that had used WPML with the theme?

Hi, No support for WPML here in this theme. We have no plane to add it either. Adding WPML support to themes in the past caused a tonne of support problems, the plugin wasn’t up to the job especially with some of the more complex themes. So we decided to drop support for it. As WPML was not advertised as supported in this theme, none of our support forum threads on this theme mention it. We don’t offer support for non-supported features which customers decide to add themselves.

Hi, Which is last version ? Months ago portfolio slider is not working and only the first image is shown, maybe I need to update the theme. Thanks

Hi, The issue is that the same image is repeated 3 times in the source code. For instance you can see it on this projet Please notice that the site is running PHP 7 Thanks

Hi, Unfortunately our themes do not support PHP7. You’ll need to install PHP5 on your present hosting space, or change host.


I did the downgrade to PHP 5.3 but the bug remains. I did some changes in the code, for instance in PHP you cannot use ”=&” only ”=”, and other slight differences. I will do the downgrade again with the original theme without these minor fixes.


Hi there, when you plan to update the theme? Is it still full compatible?

Yes all of our themes are compatible with the latest version of WP! As each new version comes out we re-test everything and release any compatibility updates if required.

Thank you, I need Visual Composer, will this work on it?

Unfortunately not.

can I update to wordpress 4.7?


yes, the theme should work on the latest WordPress version.


Before I buy this theme, I’d like to know if it allows me to set a background image that has a (1920·Y)x1080 resolution, where “Y” represents the number of options in the menu.

In my case, I want a Main Page with a single background image, and another single background image in a menu with Bio, Skills, Portfolio, Blog and Contact (Y=5). The idea is to set an image that feels like moving when i scroll the site left or right.

Thank you.

Hi, While you can set a background image for each page individually and these images could be sections of one very wide image, I don’t think the image scrolling effect will work out as you imagine it. Depending on the screen resolutions (widths) the images may not stitch together corrently, furthermore the jumping from one page to the next is fast and if a user jumps to non-adjacent pages the effect may not be noticeable. Additionally hi-res bg images will slow down loading and with this theme, all sections must be loaded fully before the site opens, which could be frustrating for you users.

Thanks for your reply, I didn’t think about the jumping between non-adjacent pages. Anyway, I think your work fits perfectly to my needs, so it will be my next buy. I’m sure I’ll have more questions in the future ;).

Thank you!

Greetings, Just tried updating to PHP 7 and the theme broke. Any chance for an update? Here is the error after update:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘new’ (T_NEW) in …/wp-content/themes/reversal/framework/php/boot.php on line 35

Thanks geoffrey

Hi, Indeed our theme are not PHP7 compatible. We are not planning on adding compatibility because this would mean rebuilding our entire framework from scratch. We recommend that you downgrade again.

I really wanted the much faster php7, and I really didn’t want a new theme because I have done a lot of customization to your theme. So I did a little research, and just in case someone else reading this is having this issue, I just fixed the code in 4 theme files where ”=& new” I changed to ”= new” If you change the site to PHP7 and then follow each of the errors, it took about 5 minutes and now the site is running great in PHP7.

@bitfade, it might be worth the effort, was really very simple.


RadCon Purchased

Thank you very much, SolarGadgetGuy!

@bitfade, can’t you update this theme, knowing what SolarGadgetGuy wrote above?

PHP7 is really much faster than 5.6, the difference is impressive. It’s worth updating your themes and your framework.

Best regards, Florence.


RadCon Purchased

I applied the same and I confirm everything is working fine after that, except the contact form. The files where I have replaced ”=& new” with ”= new” are these ones:

I hope it helps?

Best regards, Florence.

Hi, i bought this theme but unfortunately the index page does not work as expected, even with sample content.

Basically, as soon as other pages are set to have the Home page as Parent, the site breaks: I get an empty content on grey background plus the menu bar on top of the website. I have to make the pages independent with no parent to get the proper Homepage design, however I lose immediately the horizontal scroll as other pages are not loaded (obviously, because they are not children of Home anymore).

Some info: WordPress 4.8, PHP 5.6, no content on the website except the Sample from Reversal theme, and yes I did follow the documentation (full installation three times to confim the issue).

Hi, Please share your website url with us so we can take a look. Thanks.

Hi, I used this theme for a site always updating with the few plugins I’ve used but lately I have big vulnerability issues. Hosting tells me that the problem might be the theme. Can you give me information about courtesy? Il sito in questione è

“The problem might be the theme” is a bit generic. You should ask them more technical details and then head to our forum.

Hi, is it possible to put a video in home’s background ? Thanks in advance

Hi, Unfortunately not, that’s not supported.

Hi, I have issue with the map in the contact page. I’ve made like in the doc with long/lat but that display nothing and when I click the button it say “little problem… An error has occurred” Thanks in advance for your answer.

Hi, please see this thread from our support forums for the solution, its caused by Google Maps API changes.

Hello, thanks for your reply it worked. How could I do not use the template home as homepage but keep the scroll horizontal so I can customize my homepage.

In advance thank you for your reply

Hi, Unfortunately you can’t, the theme requires that homepage to be used, because its the master page.