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Awesome work! Good luck ;)

Thanks :)

Nice work Rob but I am not happy.

Very nice theme. Good luck :)


Ilove this theme

Could you please confirm that the theme has : - a footer where I can put an additional menu and other stuffs (widgetized footer) - drop down menu - some shortcodes includings lastest posts



This theme does not have a footer/widgetized footer, drop menu or a latest posts shortcode simply because the original HTML template had none of those.

Too bad, are you planning to do any of those ?

If the original HTML author modifies his design to include some of those, then we would likely add then in a future update, but currently there are no specific plans to add those functions.

In responsive mode, Can i disable the 1page mode?

I would like to have a few different pages when click on the menu.

Hi, Unfortunately not, once the device resolution becomes smaller then tablet size the scrolling component reverts to stacking the sections.

Love this. Is it possible to use Layer Slider on the home page?

Hi, Out of the box no, that wouldn’t be possible. It would require heavy modification of the theme and possibly the plugin also.

clean work.. great job!

Hello! Beautiful Theme

Before Purchase wanted to know if it was possible or how hard it would be to change the portfolio template page so the copy under the page title changed to the category description of the portfolio category selected? We want to modify it and possibly use it for services? Thanks!

Hi @ryansmithsd,

it would not be hard at all, we can help you with that on our support forums if you decide to purchase.

Awesome theme! I just have two questions, on my website the map isn’t showing up automatically in the contact section and also when I insert social links for youtube, vimeo or instagram no icons pop up. Thanks for a great theme!

Great, thank you! I tried to register but it says I need the “Item Purchase Code”. On my themforest downloads tab all I see is “Regular license” with no numbers.


check this screenshot, it should help

You are all incredible, the support forum just fixed for me. 5 stars!! =D

Great work :)

Now this is Elegant. Congrats!
Wish you the best with sales.

Kind Regards,

Wow! Fantastic work!

Another great work, F.

Thanks J


Nice theme.

But if I create new services only the icons are showing. No text… :crying: Any idea why this is?




please create a new thread in our support forum, staff will help as soon as possible


I’m interested in purchasing the theme but I have a couple questions first. Is it possible to have more than one portfolio? For example, I need to feature graphic design and photography as separate portfolios so it’ll be easy for potential clients to only view examples of the services they’re interested in instead of having to sort or filter through everything at once. I’ve purchased 4 themes from Themeforest and all had multiple portfolio options except the last one. I’m trying not to make that mistake again.


Hello, you can have multiple portfolios with different project but they need to go into separate pages (like the blog which is not in the same scrolling page as other sections).

That’s because current js code can only handle a single portfolio in the same page.


This is a beautiful theme. Congrats.


1. Are we able to do full width or full width colored sections?

thanks much. Andy


that’s not a standard theme feature so you would need to customize template files and css.


Nice theme!

Is it possible to skip the intro page?



the intro is required for the one page mode, some trivial js could be added to auto jump on first section on page load but the section would still need to be there.