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hi there,

awesome theme! One question, can I swipe horizontally (instead of clicking on the menu points “about”, “services” and so on) through the pages? Is this feature in the backend?

best regards!

there are no options for that but each section has unique id which can be used to set a custom background (color/image) using css.

hi there, what about share/like buttons, when I place them on every site/page or section how you call it, do they function normally, so that the page/section about, services, portfolio and so on is shared as a unique page best regards


We don’t know as we haven’t tested them. However all scrolling sections are regarded as all being on the one page, so share buttons would need to take this into account.


i like this theme. a few questions. Can i put the address/phone number and social media buttons on the home page? is it SEO friendly?



there’s not an option for that, you would need to customize home page layout to add those elements. About SEO, all content is defined in the markup so fully indexable.


Is it possible to switch the direction of the slide animation? My site would be in hebrew (RTL), so I’d like the horizontal sliding to be done from left to right instead of as it currently is, right to left.


original template doesn’t currently have such feature, if added in a future update, we’ll include in the theme as well.

Thanks for the quick response. Would it be difficult to fix with minimal JS knowledge?

Not an easy change because it could potentially lead to side effects and require additional tweaking.

Hi, in your help file there is this on the use of icons: 13.3 SHORTCODE – ICON Use this shortcode to display a single icon. You can choose from the large lists of icons.

But, where is the long list of icons i can choose from ?


you just need to use the shortcode builder: when editing the post, click the blue SC icon, then select “icon” from the dropdown


I mean the small icons. The ones in services im ok with.

Answer in your prev comment

hi, ive purchased this theme, installed on wordpress. is there a manual/instructions or a link?


wait, i have to pay for it???

i can’t even ask a basic question unless i pay $30? is it the intention?

sorry, i think i misunderstood. i created a thread. thanks

I’m trying to change the page order. After clicking “get started” i want the first page to be “services.” I have successfully changed the order in the navigation but still cannot get the “get started” click to go to the page i want.


you can change sections order from “Pages -> All Pages” admin area, click on “quick edit” link and you’ll find “Order” field.

Lower number goes first, so use “1” for first section, “2” for second and so on, make sure you reload the page to check the new ordering.

Thanks! And what about changing the repeat options for the background on the home page? How can I edit the main index page?

For that, please head to our support forum and create a new thread there, staff will answer as soon as possible (mon-fri)


I’m interested in creating 1 seamless background which will then be cut into sections and used on each page using unique IDs in the css. Doesn’t look like it’ll be an issue, except that when you click on Blog, the page doesn’t slide like when you click to any other page. I’m assuming this is because each page or section is placed via way points, and the blog is deep linked.

is there any way to slide into the blog opposed to traditionally linking?

thank you!


not at the moment: blog requires a separate page (outside the one page structure) for technical reasons related to wordpress.

In my portfolio page I have two issues, one is that I cannot for the life of me find where in the code I can change the word “All” to its equivalent in hebrew. The other is that whenever I click on one of the tags, I get thrown back into the front page for some reason. I’ve assigned projects to the appropriate tags. I’d love a hand.

Another question, figured I’d ask seperately, I’d like my google map to be in hebrew rather than the current english. Could you point me to where I change the URL of the call to GMAPS to its hebrew version?

Also, it seems like my map is not shown by default when entering the page like in the demo.

Hello bitfade,

Nice theme.

I have one pre-sale question. On the theme description it’s written:

Slider/Image/Video formats supported for Posts and Projects

Does it mean I can’t embed a video in “About us” page for example?

Best regards,
Florence RaDiance Conseil à Chamonix


there’s a also a video shortcode which can be used in pages (like about us)

Thank you very much.

hi there,

Is it possible to enlage the pictures in Gallery when we click ? Because I will want to do a project by gallery, and I want people can enlarge pictures they want.

Sorry for my bad english, I’m french.



There is already a lightbox in this theme. It can be seen if you click on the project image (once its shown in the expanded preview area). You can use this to show your project image in a larger scale.

Without custom modifications to the theme, this lightbox cannot currently be used directly from the portfolio grid.


about to buy but want to know:

Can you out the navigation bar on the home page?

And can you upload a image background?



Thanks for reply, would you be able to tell me what to do once i buy it?


Hi ben,

customizations are not included in the free support, you’d have to hire a freelancer for that.


Please could you help, all i would need is those two things and if so i WILL buy the theme and a few others of yours i like for other sites.



Absolutely great theme, thank you! So easy!

Quick question, is it possible to keep the first accordion on the Services page, closed? It is always open by default. Is it possible to have it start closed?



please create a thread in our support forum, staff will answer as soon as possible (mon-fri)

Hey! I love this theme, but would like to know, would it require alot of css modification to have the menu display to centre and have the menu be full with center aligned underneath?

Just a query, as your site operates awesome. let me know.


it should not be that hard but can’t guarantee without doing it. Unfortunately we cannot provide detailed instuctions because item customization are outside the scope of free support.

Hello I cant view this theme on my ipad, is it not responsive? noting shows up- wanted to buy but im always using my ipad so need it to work there too- any chance of this in the future? Best wishes Katja

No issues with ipad/iphone here, make sure you don’t have private browsing turned on because that doesn’t play well with js based themes.

Hi, my contact page and portfolio page redirect to my home page. works fine but just shows my landing page. I’ve tried everything to fix it but don’t know how. anything I’m overlooking?


please create a new thread in our support forum, staff will help as soon as possible


love the template! i just have one question. what are the dimensions of the logo on the pages. I have read the instruction files, and have gone back and forth all day to try and match the size, but nothing im doing is getting the logo right. Do you have those dimensions?


Its 124×24px. You can use the element inspector (in most browsers) to get this kind of info easily. Right Click over the element > Inspect Element

this is a great theme – im a videographer and it does some pretty cool stuff for my portfolio – only thing is all my youtube videos are distorted when they open in the slide gallery – not the video itself, just the preview Youtube thumbnail -is there a fix?

Hi, Head on over to our Support Forums, check if your issue has already been answered for another user. If not, open a thread about it in the appropriate sub forum for your purchased item. A member of our support team will reply to you asap.

Hi! Awesome theme!, but i have a question. This theme have mutiple language support? Thanks in advance!

You’d have to use a 3rd party plugin for that, like WPML